11 Things That Raise Your Vibration

Posted on: May 16, 2016 Category: Self Mastery


Do you know what raises your vibration on a daily basis?

Simply, when we are happy and energetically vibrating on a natural high – we become magnets for day to day miracles, serendipity, manifestations, and so much more!

Confession: I’ve got a running mental list of things that lift my vibration.

And anytime I feel like I’m in a funk, or needing a little boost, I refer to this list.

Knowledge is power, right? 

I know exactly what I require to pull myself out of a funk, which has also helped me develop even more awareness on what sustains my energy levels.

Here’s my list, and this weekend I encourage you to put together a list of 11 (or 22!) things that lift your vibe… and take action on experiencing or scheduling at least ONE right now!

11 Things That Raise Your Vibration

+ Time with my favourite people. I recently finished the book ‘The 5 Love Languages’It really hit home. I’m bilingual, with Quality Time being one of my primary love languages – so of course time spent with people I love raises my energy. You can take this quiz to find out what your love language is, and I also highly recommend reading the book for more depth!

+ Mama Nature. Hanging out with dogs, being in nature, speaking of which … check out this sky from last week’s sunset! #nofilter

+ Travel. I’ve always loved flying (I remember flying itself being such an enjoyable experience growing up)! Being able to explore new places with the curiosity and wonder of a child, expanding my mind, is always the icing on the already delicious cake (gluten free, of course)!

+ Making a difference. As simple as ironing my man’s shirts, to volunteering my time, to supporting someone achieve their goals. When I make a positive difference in someone’s life, I am immediately in the vortex!

+ Good food that’s good for you. With a university degree in Nutrition, this has always been a big part of my philosophy! One of my favourite weekends things to do is wholesome brunches in chic cafes. Follow me here on Instagram to see more!

+ Affirmations. Part of my everyday morning routine for a reason. ;-)

+ Waking up early. This is a new one that I’ve been intending to incorporate, and this month it has been a success! I’ve never thought of myself as a ‘morning person’ but reading THIS book has changed my perspective and I’ve been getting up naturally (no alarms anymore!) before 6:30am. <3

+ Shopping. Shopping has been one of the things that I’ve expanded on this year! I’ve found that allowing myself to have the shopping experience has helped me define my own style, desires, and refine my own brand. Choosing quality over quantity is one that I’ve stepped into many years ago, and I’m always excited to expand my “shopping abilities”! ;-)


+ Celebrating. I’ve written a blog post, ’10 Ways To Celebrate Your Wins & Create More ‘WIN’-Worthy Moments In Business!’, which talks about this. Click here to read it!

+ Self-care. Including baths, massages, making space for reflective periods, making my home a tidy and beautiful space to live and work in etc. Aligning my actions to be self-nurturing and self-loving.

+ Reading & Learning. It always amazes me how much there is out there that we can learn, implement, and better our lives! I know I’ll always be learning, and every time I sign up for a new program/course/pick up a new book – my soul is filled with joy that there’s a new piece I can learn that will improve who I am and what I can share with my clients, and YOU!

Taking it to the next level, I’ve also incorporate MANY of these pieces into my lifestyle.

Almost like a preventative measure – putting care and pouring intention upfront – so that I am always feeling like I have a ‘FULL’ tank on a daily basis. <3

In the comments below, let me know what’s YOUR favourite to lift your vibration!

Have a high-vibin’ week!

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  1. Rhonda Swan says:

    These are great things to focus your energy on. Keep up the great work here and live unstoppable!