My 3 Biggest Take-Aways from The Abraham-Hicks Sydney Workshop You Must Know On Creating Your Reality

Posted on: March 21, 2013 Category: Self Mastery


I had the absolutely JOY and FUN of watching Abraham-Hicks live in Sydney last weekend!!!

To be honest, their teachings have resonated with the core of my being ever since I discovered them last year and I have been a die-hard fan. Heehee!

3 Biggest Take-Aways from The Abraham-Hicks Sydney Workshop On Creating Your Reality

1. Vibrational reality preceeds physical reality.

Everything is vibration. Physical reality is something that follows vibrational reality.

What does that mean? That means whatever we believe and hold in our vibration for long enough – will inevitably manifest physically. Our thoughts shape what happens to us. What is happening to us NOW is what we have been holding in our energetic field / vibration in the past.

Want to change or tweak what’s happening in the NOW? Then you’ve gotta change what you keep thinking and believing. Remember, a belief is just a thought you keep thinking.

You can reprogram your subconscious just by changing what you keep thinking through introducing a new thought repeatedly.

2. Timing doesn’t matter because the time will be right and perfect.

Ah! The topic of FAITH! Vegie Head (Adele) and I talked about it in this awesome video here.

If you knew that something was coming FOR SURE (like really for sure – 100%), you wouldn’t question the timing.

For example, after you’ve placed an order and paid online for goods + services, you KNOW it’s coming. You don’t question it every second of the day. You know it’s coming in the next few days/weeks.

This is the same for your desires and everything in life. Once you’ve placed your order, hold the faith and know that it’s already done.

A course in miracles says, “Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait, and wait without anxiety.”

Faith and Timing

The juicy part of this life experience is the journey of watching your manifestations come into reality. Patience is natural to those who trust.

3. Nobody is doing anything to you.

When I heard this – I was like … “WHAT? ARE YOU SURE?” I mean, seriously? So my mom/neighbour/friend/stranger standing there isn’t really stopping me (psychic-ly, energetic-ly, verbal-ly) from manifesting success and being infinite?

With this understanding comes a HUGE responsibility.

I’ve always been pushing this Truth #3 away. You know, just staying in victim mode and saying “Yeah, I can’t be successful/amazing/beautiful/rich because X and Y don’t really support/believe in me.” is so much easier than saying “Nobody is doing anything to me. I am 100% responsible for every life experience I have. I know I am a powerful creator of life, and I can be / do / have anything I want”.

Action Step: Ditch the victim mindset. Doesn’t serve anyone (not you, and definitely not the mass consciousness or humanity) any good.

BONUS: It is never done / finished.

We’re all expansive – forever more.

It can never be done! And that’s SO good and so much fun! Don’t you think so?

There will always be a new desire, a new goal, a new *something* that we want to manifest in our reality. I know that there’s a HUGE belief that it’s (bad) to keep wanting more – but we are all expansive beings.

And our purpose is to always expand. Squashing and pushing back the desires you have is un-natural.

Action Step: OWN all your desires (be proud!), and then live in the joy of watching them manifest!

Don’t make your desires wrong. Having desires just means you are a infinitely expansive being. 

Above all, have fun living your life out and remember to keep on consciously creating your life experience.

In love and fun,
Jia Ni x

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