3 Powerful Questions to Help You Be Authentic & Live Your Purpose

Posted on: February 5, 2013 Category: Self Mastery

Holler homies!

Today I wanted to write a post to address one of the most frequently asked questions I get.

Who am I? 

What defines me? 

What do I believe in? 

Where am I going?

I feel lost – what am I supposed to do?

Oh dearest – my heart goes out to you so much.

I know I seem like I’ve got life all figured out and all under control.

But you know what?

Not too long ago, I was where you are now – asking myself ‘Who am I? Am I on my life’s purpose right now?’ (I felt like Zoolander questioning his identity.)


Firstly, I want to honour you for asking these questions.

Often, the start of these questions are the catalyst to massive change and lead to miracles.

Between a breakdown and a breakthrough is a space – where what’s known as an identity crisis occurs.

Hopefully that will perk you up a little, knowing that a breakthrough is at the edge of the space you currently find yourself in.

What the identity crisis is is the hatching out from one’s old shell, shedding of old skin, and then re-emerging in a whole new, spectacular vision of beauty. There occurs a period where you feel naked, vulnerable, doubtful.

But if you turn within during this period – you’ll find that this is a wonderful opportunity to get to know yourself better.

Many readers and clients come to me with the questions above – frustrated, lost, and uncertain. It’s wonderful to see that most of them regain their pace and get back into the flow in a matter of weeks.

However, this isn’t the case for most people – especially if you don’t have a supportive environment, a community who understands this milestone of the soul’s journey, or a mentor.

Eventhough I’m blessed to have a community and mentors that I work with today, I had to go through a huge ‘identity crisis’ alone two years ago.

And I know how it feels.

You try to put up a brave front, act like nothing bad is happening, and you truly want to believe that it all becomes better soon. But when that soon never seems to come, you are suddenly flooded by doubt, anxiety, and uncertainty again. It’s painful. And it feels wrecking to doubt yourself like this.

And I want to help all of you today if you ever feel (or felt) this way – whether you’re experiencing this for moments, days, months, or years.

I also wholeheartedly believe that it’s so powerful to give you the right questions, instead of the right answers.

I’ve got these three powerful questions to share with you today, because they’ve guided me through thick and thin – and I even have them plastered all over my planner and on my laptop. Here are 3 Powerful Questions to Help You Be Authentic & Live Your Purpose.

1. If Life is indeed conspiring in your favour, what would you do this week?


If you knew (even if you have a tinge of doubt), that this whole orchestra of Life, the Universe, is conspiring to make everything happen FOR you – what would you do?

Would you quit your current job, move across oceans, start backpacking, say YES to that scary thing, sign up to learn something you’re fully passionate about?

Seriously, what would you do?

For me, it was to stop taking only the choices that guaranteed a 99% success rate. It was starting my own business, it was saying YES to investing in myself and my life – it was committing to living in accordance to my heart – even if it seemed so scary to take a leap of faith.

I know there are heaps more bridges for me to cross, and more leaps of faith waiting to be taken, but I’ve survived so many of them.

Let me tell you, that leap of faith is always worth it. It’s so damn worth it.

Every. frickin’. time.

2. Who does this belong to? Is this mine?


This one is crucial – it’s even one that I ask myself daily. Who does this thought/feeling/emotion belong to?

We’re all connected, in one way or another – and so often we can pick up energies, thoughts, and vibrations that aren’t ours. So many of us – especially you lovelies here – pick up on other people’s energies so easily.

For instance, when you’re in a room surrounded by a whole mob of angry people – even if you entered the room in a Zen state, you’re likely to feel annoyed at first, and then absorb their energy and start throwing out some nasty remarks if you’re not aware that the energy that you’re surrounded by isn’t yours!

If you’re surrounded by peeps who doubt they’re on their life purpose, then you may feel the same way too. 

How do you stay true to yourself and be authentic?

How do you make sure that every thing you do is created by you and only your spirit? 

Ask the question: ‘Who does this belong to? Is this mine?’

If it’s not, it’ll fade away, returned to the abyss where it came from.

If it is, then you’ll know that this is something you can clear and melt away. And when you clear these blocked emotions, more abundance can flow into your life.

Many people are so afraid of looking at negative feelings – I know I was once one of them.

Guess what?

Ignoring them doesn’t go away, it gives them more power than they actually do have, and make your problems look bigger than they actually are.

When you shine light and love where darkness and hurt is – you realize that your fear was just an illusion.

3. Am I willing to live from my heart? Am I willing to destroy and uncreate everything that stands in the way of this?


Are you willing to destroy and let go of anything that may stop you?

Are you willing to let go of the victim self, the I’m-not-good-enough self talk, all of those self-destructive patterns that have been acting as the perfect excuse for you to live in your comfort zone and NOT step up?

Are you?

Is it a Yes? Is it a YES? Is it a ‘YES!’? Is it a ‘HOLLY-SHIT-HELLZYEAH!’?

Are you ready to truly let go of everything you’ve been clinging onto as an excuse? 

And are you willing to take full responsibility for everything that happens from now onwards?

All it takes is a silent ‘Yes’ and one deep breath for a whole new world to open up.

This means stepping up into your own power, claiming it as yours, and running with it – creating magic, joy, and miracles everywhere you go.

This is a process of energy clearing and subconscious clearing is one I work with often – and I invite you to start clearing all these heavy mucky energies so you can start to rise up effortlessly into the greatness that is waiting for you.

Alright, so are you ready to live your life purpose in a genuine way?

Grab a sticky note, scribble the following or one of the three down and stick it where you can see it. Answer them.

3 Powerful Questions to Help You Be Authentic & Live Your Purpose

1. If Life is indeed conspiring in my favour, what would I do this week?

2. Who does this belong to? Is this mine?

3. Am I willing to live from my heart? Am I willing to destroy and uncreate everything that stands in the way of this?


What would you do now, if you knew life was conspiring for you?


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Big love,
Jia Ni x

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