3 Ways to Increase Your Financial Frequency

Posted on: July 31, 2013 Category: Self Mastery


Hello, beautiful you!

I am so overjoyed this week from the magic and beauty women have experiencing from The Enchantress Free Training Call Series!

This is truly, I believe with every cell of my being, the ultimate way to be and live in your heart-centered business. Shining my Light from my Heart and working with my divine right clients to help them receive more prosperity doing what they love without self-sacrificing other areas of life that are important to them is what light me up!

YES – you can have it all.

FIRST THING’S FIRST – you’ve GOT to increase your financial frequency and BE in abundance in order to experience all the magic that life has to offer you.

Here are 3 ways to Increase Your Financial Frequency right away:

1. Grow your wealth consciousness

If you’re living in lack and conform to the norm of ‘there’s not enough, everything is limited’ – then you’ve got the short end of the stick. You feel constricted, constrained, and you’re living in fear that you won’t have what you desire because someone else has it. Or you feel guilty for having too much because you’re pinching off from ‘the pool of Abundance’. Actually, the pool is neverending. Everyone can have more of it – including you. The more you live in abundance, the more you’ll inspire others to do the same, and the more abundant we will become – globally!

ACTION STEP: Reprogram your belief systems and increase your wealth consciousness by reading Think and Grow Rich. Saturate your mind with Abundance and remember how powerful you actually ARE!

2. Get out of the Seesaw Syndrome

Do you find that when one area of your life starts to work – another area gets pinched off or stops working? Perhaps you’ve got your business soaring and clients are flowing in with ease and elegance, and then you find you’ve let go of your health and fitness and your physical body is suffering as a result.

ACTION STEP: Choose to be a woman who has it ALL. What do you REALLY desire if there are no limitations? And then … Well, there aren’t any limitations. 

3. Make a decision … and follow through!

You’ve got to make a decision and then follow through. If you have decided that struggling in your business or in your life is no longer an option for you – then make a decision to STOP being available for it and then follow through.

ACTION STEP: Hire a coach or mentor to help you create a plan for you to receive more prosperity AND stay accountable to your goals and intentions so you can continue to increase your frequency without self-sabotaging or self-sacrificing!

With love,

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