3 Ways to Take Charge of Your Life and Create Your Own Reality

Posted on: March 6, 2013 Category: Self Mastery

Energy = Everything

Everything is energy.

Thoughts are energy, and thoughts are things.

Thoughts become physical ‘things’ when we dwell on them long enough.

For example, if you’re always thinking about sickness and lack – it is certain that your life is filled with lack, insufficiency, and undesired circumstances.

So, what circumstances and situations are you creating?

To answer that simpy – Look around you.

You’ll see how you have used your thoughts to serve or sabotage your desires.

Next big question: What thoughts do you think daily?

Are they self-harming, such as “I hate my thighs. I really dislike the cellulite on my butt. I hate my poor skin.” 

Are they self-depreciating, “I can’t afford it. I’m not good enough. I don’t deserve it.”

Or perhaps, “I’m so lost. I don’t know what my purpose is. I feel like I will never get it this lifetime.”

The more we give our energy to thoughts like the above, the more we empower them.

We then create situations that prove those thoughts right.

Our thoughts become our beliefs. When we believe it to be true, we get stuck in a loop that re-creates it again and again.

Most people don’t wake up from that, merely believing that “this is the best it can be”.

That life is meant to be hard work, or cruel, or you have to fight for your rights. Bla bla bla.

But if you’re here – then you’re ready to be awakened.

Afterall, when the student is ready, the teacher appears. And vice versa.

Think about it – A belief is only a thought you keep thinking.

A belief is only a thought you keep thinking.

Therefore, in order to change our beliefs, we just need to pivot and change the thoughts we think!

This is so powerful.

Our beliefs govern how we live our lives – what we think is possible for us, and ultimately, the life we manifest is based on what we believe can be true for us.

 Your thoughts create your reality

3 Ways to Take Charge and Create Your Own Reality

1. Be conscious of your thoughts

Start being the observer of your thinking mind. We all have 3 minds – the conscious/thinking; the subconscious; and the superconscious. You are not your thoughts! You are way greater, more powerful, and bigger. When you start being conscious and taking note of what kind of thoughts you think, you start realizing the how and why everything is as it is in your life right now. Your thoughts have created your reality, and when you know what your thoughts are, you can start consciously creating your reality!

2. Reprogram your consciousness

About 80% of our thoughts are re-cycled. That means – they were thoughts that were created not at this moment, but through the programming of our mind throughout our life. If your thoughts don’t serve you, it is essential to reprogram them using consciousness tools and books. For example, when I started reprogramming my wealth consciousness, I was able to manifest even more abundance and money into my life effortlessly. Reprogram your consciousness and watch your life quantum leap and upward spiral!

3. Use affirmations to deliberately think thoughts that serve you

This is another powerful tool that I use daily. I have post-it notes everywhere, as well as alarms throughout the day, to remind me of affirmations and what I’m creating right now. There is also an art to writing affirmations that work (which is pretty lengthy and great for another post!) – just keep in mind to write it in the present, specific, and stating it in terms of what you want (not what you don’t want). Bonus points for reciting affirmations out loud, and really feel it with emotions to raise the vibrations of the affirmation!

Remember, folks.

Your focus determines your reality.

Love & Wellness,
Jia Ni x

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