5 Ways to Find Balance in Life

Posted on: October 9, 2012 Category: Self Mastery

Let’s talk BALANCE.

This is one thing I constantly struggle with. It’s probably the one thing that throws me out of alignment a lot, and one thing I am always eager to grow and improve on. :)

As a multi-passionate, totally ambitious, extremely eager, overachieving person, I’ve struggled with this throughout my life. As a go-getter yourself, I’m sure you can relate too.

It seems to be the norm that to be constantly in a hurry is acceptable.

It seems to be the norm that a busy hectic schedule and life means we are truly living.

But in the midst of all this chaos, how do you find balance? Do you find balance?


Do you keep moving this bicycle by paddling slowly and appreciating the breeze in your face and hair, the fresh air in your lungs, the glorious scenery around you – or do you paddle furiously and whiz by, totally oblivious of your surroundings?

Do you find time to appreciate the beauty around you? Or do you go go go go next next next next so much that you have forgotten all the amazing opportunities and people around you? Is your mind peaceful, is your mind calm, are you consciously breathing?

Do you say “No time for this; No time for that; I’m on the go!” Is your heart racing, blood pressure rising, are you causing stress to yourself? Where are you going, where are you hurrying to? You do know that if you don’t stop and slow down – you will not truly have lived, right? And before you know it – stress will lead you straight to your deathbed?


Balance means taking extra time to work some days if means getting shizzle done. It means hustling when you have to.

But is also means that some days you get to be selfish, and just kick back and relax, do things for YOU.

Balance means dedicating time to the priorities and tasks at hand even if it may seem cumbersome and insignificant like… cleaning, or laundry.

Balance means choosing to stay home when you know your body needs rest.

Balance means you get to choose when you want to do those things.

Balance means doing things that MATTER to you.


I’ve had so many people tell me that balance means drinking alcohol in moderation – but that doesn’t feel right to me and I don’t enjoy it. I’m not that you need to eliminate alcohol, I’m saying that to me – alcohol doesn’t find a place in my life.

I’ve had people tell me that eating unhealthy food is part of balance. Honestly, it amuses me to see people tell me that eating processed, refined food is part of a healthy lifestyle. To this, I laugh light-heartedly. We have strayed so far from the natural, healthful way of eating.

Then again, everything in moderation. Do what works for you. If you are feeling depressed without your treats, then PLEASE have them. What’s the point to life if you’re not feeling happy?

I’ve also had so many people tell me that partying till wee-hours on a weekly basis is part of a balanced life. And yes, due to my non-conformity I’ve also been ostracized and teased about it. But hey… my body tells me otherwise. It tells me it’s “Lighs out baby!” at 10pm.

5 Ways to Find Balance in Life

1. Be Aware of Imbalance

I know when I’m out of balance. It’s when I start feeling frustrated, like I’m pushing against and forcing things to happen (instead of allowing them to happen for me). I know I’m out of balance when I start finding fault in everyone and everything around me. I start complaining, and going into ‘poor me’ state of mind.

It’s when I feel out of sync – it’s when.. I’m out of alignment.

2. Know Balance as Your Friend

Know how it feels like when you are in balance. To me, I know that I’m balanced when I am just thrilled and excited about life and it’s possibilities. I’m glad to say that today, this is most of the time. I look around me, and I see beauty everywhere. I look at my friends, and I see how fortunate I am to truly adore and love them with all my heart. I see the best in everything. I look at my life, and I am so grateful for everything I have. I look at my work, and I feel proud for being able to share my message. I look into the mirror, and smile at my reflection.

Balance feels like exhilaration,alignment, guidance, support, love, happiness, joy, hope, grace, gratitude. It feels… right.

3. Know Your Priorities

In an ideal world, every day would be sectioned off like a pie-chart and we’d have certain % dedicated to yoga, meditation, work, eating, sleeping, socializing etc. Well, that would be pretty boring and that won’t be in the name of spontaneity and fun!

Life is fluid, changing, and we get to set and change our priorities. Right now, I’m setting aside more time for uni because assignments are due, and exams are approaching. After that, I’ll be setting aside more time for my sister and her exams, and then I’ll be dedicating my attention to coaching and other projects that I want commit to.

What are your goals (short term, medium term, long term)? Know your goals, and then ask yourself: What are your priorities right now, in a month, in a year? 

4. Time Out

Take a break. Lately I’ve found myself loving my afternoon naps – even if they’re just 30 minutes. This has helped me be more productive at night. If you feel tired, then get some Zs. Snooze, relax, or just chill out. Drink green juice – stay away from borrowed energy like caffeine and sugar.

We all know what happens when we go on credit.. Debt happens. Don’t let your body get into energy debt. It’s one hard cycle to get out of.

5. Find More Time

  • Meditate. I swear by this. Every morning I meditate, even if it’s just 10 minutes, I feel like I’m able to stretch time a little more. Sometimes it feels like 3 hours have gone past when only 1 hour in real time has gone by. Meditation increases mindfulness, boosts productivity.. And I swear it gives you superpowers.
  • Prioritize (See Tip 1). Putting some things on hold (for now) can sometimes be the best decision. Procrastination may mean that now isn’t the right time to do something – perhaps you don’t have enough substance or material for it. Let it grow and then do it later. What’s meant for you won’t slip you by. Consult Self, prioritize, find time to do things that need to be done first.
  • Do stuff that matters. There was a time when I found myself stuck in a vortex of unproductivity. I was trolling the internet without much thought of what I want to accomplish, and that has been a huge time waster.  Time here is limited. Do stuff that is going to matter.
  • No more negative self-talk. Negative self-talk is a huge time waster. The biggest lie we tell ourselves is “I’m not worthy”. Catch yourself in moments like this, and remember that if it was not based in love, then it’s not real. Only love is real in this Universe. Fear is an illusion. Stop wasting your precious time with negative thoughts and mad ideas that don’t even exist.
Think Less Do More


Don’t let anyone tell you what a BALANCED life is. In fact, don’t let me tell you what you should do. Listen with an open mind, and then find out what works for you – what makes you happy.

Balance is fluid, it’s flexible. Your definition of it changes, constantly.

Balance is not an equation involving a certain ratio of time dedicated to meditation, yoga, work, family, friends… Balance is what works for you.

Balance is what you can deal with in life – and still feel a sense of peace, fulfilment and happiness.

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