A Letter to All Sensitive Souls

Posted on: February 13, 2013 Category: Self Mastery

This is for you if :

You’re that person who’s described by your peers as sensitive.

Even emotional.

You’re the one who’ll go on walks and stop for moments to marvel at the beauty of nature and life (tears *may* be involved).

You often get so easily moved to tears through gratitude when you suddenly realizing how blessed you are.

(Often this happens during meditation or after)



You’re the person who will pause in the middle of a conversation – just to take in the brilliance of the person in front of you.

Or soak in the positive vibes and atmosphere in the moment that is Now.

(Soaking it in with smiles n’ all – you know the drill! :)

It’s you who lights up like a light bulb when something inspires you, moves you, makes you fist pump.

And you don’t just light up, you go frickin’ kaaa-chingggg.

Then you feel light headed – and wonder if you’re actually floating in space.

Like Wow is this real?!


Here’s the deal –

You’re the one who often knows intuitively how things are going to unfold.

You can feel/sense emotions of others, easily pick up on energies and feel it as if it were yours.

(Let’s face it, most often it ain’t even yours!)

You feel vibrations and energies around you – low and high frequency, you see/feel/know/experienced them in some way or another.

You’ve experienced a world that cannot be explained in this physical language we commonly use.

How can you describe something that isn’t physical using the physical world?


I’ve written this letter for you because it can often feel like life sucks.

Like, why are you the only one who just KNOWS what needs to be said + done (without being told)?

And WHY-oh-why is it that when you don’t listen to your intuition (that nudge, voice, gut feeling), bad things happen?

You know when to hold space and listen to others – and when to stop them and cut in with words to shift. (Yet you don’t get the same treatment most of the time. It all seems really unfair.)

And perhaps you feel alone too, because you don’t even dare tell others about all these things you’re experiencing.


Above all –

You’re afraid to open up and be vulnerable because you know you feel everything more deeply and intensely – including hurt and sadness.

You’re afraid you’ll be alone if you keep on going this way.

What if you’ll never feel connected, supported, like you belong?

(Which all happen to be some of the most important things to you!)

Is it just you? Is it just in your mind? Is it even real?


I’ve written this because I understand how tough it can be.

And I know how often it is that it is just EASIER to numb out these experiences. (whether with food, drama, alcohol, drugs, anything that takes us away from experiencing what is).

We turn to stuffing ourselves with food just so we don’t feel overwhelmed. In return, we feel tired, sick, and heavy.

We start drinking to stop feeling what we feel and yet when the whole experience has gone past, we feel worse than before.

We want to deny everything, wake up from this dream, and just want it all to go away.


I just want to tell you this ONE thing.

I understand, I’ve been through this, and still experience it.

And you know what? I used to think I was alone, but now I know I ain’t alone.

And you’re not alone – no matter what you think.


And guess what?

In your sensitivity lies not your weakness – but your greatest strength.

It is not a burden to feel things many do not – but a gift that will heal the masses.

You are NOT alone, and there are so many like you who are with you and have gone through this.

Most now live in peace, fulfillment, abundance, utter bliss, health, and happiness.


Find your tribe where you feel that you can be exactly who you are and shine your brightest light.

Your vulnerability and willingness to always speak your authentic truth and live from your heart? 

This will be your North star that will guide you through life and direct you to exactly where you need to go and be.


To all the amazing sensitive souls in the world, 

You deserve nothing less in this lifetime but to live the most beautiful perfect life you’ve always dreamed of.

And you deserve nothing short of living that amazing life while healing the world and changing the world – just by being you.

All you need to do is choose to accept this gift of yours with an open-heart and a willingness to try.

The adjective ‘sensitive’ is no longer one for you to cringe at, but one that translates into – intuitive, wise, knowing, mystical, and even psychic. 


Are you willing to say ‘YES’ and un-create the past experiences, thoughts, beliefs, and patterns that have served nothing but hold you back?


I said ‘Yes’ once, and it was the best act of liberation, strength, and courage I’ve done for myself so far. 


It’s your time now.


Love & Light,
Jia Ni x

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(Image Credit: Katie Daisy)

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