Posted on: November 22, 2013



You’re here and you’ve got a big vision for you.
You’re a practical dreamer, a creator, a visionary.
I see you – and I want to help you bring your vision to life.


Hello there! I’m Jia Ni.

I’m a life and business coach and I help creative, driven, visionary women
create the life and business they envision and love.

I run an international boutique coaching business, guiding clients all over the world to make their business and lifestyle visions a reality. I believe in the power of declaring your dreams, goals, aspirations, grand vision – and I believe that in this exciting day and age we can all consciously design and curate our own lives. Truly, life on our own terms. 

Jianiteo.com is a space where you can expect to receive high-vibin’ inspiration, wisdom-filled guidance, and loving support as you walk fiercely towards the beautiful life (and business) that you’re committed to creating for yourself. This is a place where you can declare your big, wild visions and be fully, completely supported.

My Philosophy

I believe in taking a stand for our wildest dreams and truest desires. In saying ‘yes’ to them and devoting our lives to making our dreams a reality. In devoting ourselves to living a life fully expressed.

I believe we’re all here to live a magnificent life – to not settle or sacrifice, and to take a stand for our version of ‘having it all’.

I believe Life is in the right here and now. That Heaven is right here on Earth.

I believe in tuning into ‘what’s right for me?’ and listening to our own intuition.

I take a stand for non-conformity and celebrate the fact that we’re all unique. I believe that there isn’t a one-size-fits all right way to do life.

I believe in peeling back the layers. In the transformative power of self-awareness coupled with a dedication to continually grow.

I believe in seeing the beauty in everything. In celebrating the beauty in all things. In the joy of true alignment.

I take a stand for moments where intention + inspired action align with the courage to take a leap of faith. I believe that what awaits us beyond that point is what we’re all here for – expansion, expression, evolution.

I believe in BIG dreams, in diving deep, and in going ALL IN this lifetime to create a life full of moments we’re proud of.


How I Got Here (The Byte-sized Version)

Prior to diving deep with my love for business and life coaching: I was studying at a top Australian university to (someday) be a veterinary surgeon/doctor. Until I realized conventional medicine wasn’t me – and so it seemed, neither was the conventional path. I made the leap into the unknown and instead completed my degree in nutrition (which has greatly assisted me in both my life and work as a coach), while completing my training as a certified coach.

Fast forward to today: I work with high end private coaching clients I love throughout the year – seriously, these women dream big and make it happen (grateful doesn’t even cut it). I’ve also been able to travel widely with my business – including to LA and Paris twice within the year, fulfilling one of my wildest dreams of international travel.

Up Close & Personal

+ I had my first experience of coaching many years ago – and was in awe at how much my life changed as a result. Swapping my self-sabotaging patterns and limiting beliefs for a new state of empowerment, self-awareness, and a solid connection with my Truth … I knew that there was more to this.

+ I met my soul mate in Perth – and after seemingly countless 6-hour flights between Perth and Brisbane, we both took a leap to move interstate to Sydney, where we now call home. On that note: I see a black and white French bulldog named Hugo in our future.

+ I’m a bit of a closet geek and I appreciate all things tech-y and cutting edge. A true Gemini!

+ I believe in going for quality over quantity. All the time.

+ Some of my closest and dearest friends live on the other sideof the globe, which translates to many global destination meet ups (and Skype calls over raw chocolate and tea)!

+ I enjoy staying active, and my current favourite ways to move my body is through Vinyasa yoga and ice skating. I also enjoyed my days of competitive cheerleading (which remains one of my favourite memories from high school)!


Looking for more?

Over the past three years, I’ve worked with purpose-fuelled women who’ve made their big dreams and (not so) secret desires a reality.

From cheering clients on as they left jobs that didn’t align fully for a passion-fuelled life that got them rolling out of bed every morning to helping clients design high-end offerings, raise their rates to reflect their value, and create sold out coaching schedules in their boutique coaching businesses … I’ve witnessed clients raise their wealth consciousness, empower themselves in their personal lives, and show up more powerfully in the world than ever before.

As a trained coach, I offer a blend of transformational and business coaching. I’ve also mentored under the best, including Gina DeVee, Leonie Dawson, Amanda Moxley, Tara Marino and Glenn Sisk. I weave both the masculine (structural) elements and feminine (spiritual) pieces in every coaching session, so that each session is deeply supportive, nourishing, and creates forward movement in the most joyful of ways.

I would love to support you in your journey of making the business (and life) you envision a reality. You can find out more about working with me here, or schedule in a complimentary call to explore if coaching with me is a good fit using this link here.

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