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Welcome to the Enchantress blog series!

My intention is for you to re-discover your Enchantress and Her Magic. It is my intention for you to get into alignment with Her, so that you can start living as an Enchantress and experience the magic that comes from you fully harnessing her powers – living your dream life, attracting the clients, wealth, love, and abundance that you deserve (to name a few). 

First Up: My Journey with The Enchantress

As you know, I work primarily with my clients in getting them ‘energetic alignment with their desires and Receiving’. Alignment has always been a HUGE piece of my formula, along with other essential energetic pieces.

When my clients experience alignment, I always see & experience them stepping into a high frequency way of being – I call this The Enchantress.

Since then, I have been working with and embodying my Enchantress. As a result, I have experienced so much magic, alignment, and miracles in my life & business (and seen so many women receive from living as Enchantresses)! I am so passionate about  helping women tap into their Enchantresses so that they can experience magic and alignment in their life & biz!


Who/What is The Enchantress?

The Enchantress – A Goddess Archetype

The Enchantress is a goddess archetype and representation of a women’s Highest Self. The Enchantress is the sacred energy a woman steps into when she is experiencing full and complete alignment with her Highest Truth. I have witnessed magic, miracles, and massive healing occur when a woman fully embodies her Enchantress – and I’m so happy to say that this is possible for you too.


Are You An Enchantress – The Six Traits of The Enchantress

1. Intuition, Oneness, and Heart-centeredness

The Enchantress is the goddess archetype for many heart-centered and soulful women. Women who are Enchantresses are deeply fuelled by their soul’s purpose, by Oneness and by their Heart.  Throughout my work with my clients, I have discovered that the women who are attracted to my work are Enchantresses. So, if you are here and you are resonating with my words, then you will want to be on my upcoming Enchantress Training Series!

2. Wisdom, Intelligence, Knowing

  • Are you highly intelligent and wise?
  • Have you always had an innate knowing about the Truth of All That Exists, energy, & frequency since you were young? 
  • Do you enjoy investing in your growth and your expansion?
  • Are you sensitive to your alignment (and misalignment)? 

The Enchantress is deeply connected to age-old wisdom and is highly intelligent. She knows. Women who are Enchantresses can often forget about the importance of our physical world & manifestations as they are so tuned into their inner world! Your Enchantress is the part of you that remains calm and centred even when the mind/Ego creates drama in your life. She knows that God is within, & that magic is real, useful, practical — and very fun!

3. Powerful Magic, Highly Conscious, Spiritual

The Enchantress magic is extremely powerful. Most women fear the intensity of this power and tend to reject or hide her Enchantress for fear of being seen, recognized, and not being able to handle her true powers. However, what I have seen is that when a woman trusts and unleashes her Enchantress, her life starts to flow again and her dream life starts to manifest.

Your Enchantress will help you summon and attract the love, the wealth, health, and the opportunities that you are desiring when you connect with Her Magic. Remember: Your Enchantress desires to step in and help you – but you must allow yourself to be in alignment to receive her!


4. Divinely Feminine & Sensuality

One of my golden key to unlocking Heaven on Earth is allowing myself to be divinely feminine and embracing all seven of my senses. The Enchantress is divinely feminine and highly sensual. She relaxes and receives with elegance, grace and ease. She summons the magic and miracles for me in my business and in my life.

5. Holds Love for All Life

Your Enchantress is deeply connected to nature, animals, and Consciousness. She is unconditionally loving and holds no judgement towards others. When you start your Enchantress journey, you will experience a shift and you will  truly love every person you meet. You will see every person the way your Enchantress sees them – perfect and divine. You will accept and love everybody no matter who they are, what they choose to do. You will truly love them all and experience true love!

6. Fun, Wild, & Starry-Eyed

I love love love this part – and I know many of you will enjoy it too. Your Enchantress is not just deeply spiritual, wise, and magical – she is a lot of FUN. She is a ton of fun to be around, she enjoys being silly, dancing and rocking out to music and teeny boy bands. Let her loose and watch your Enchantress thrive and exude happiness!

Coming up in next part of The Enchantress series: I share the gifts, veils, and how stepping into your Enchantress in your business will help you manifest more joy, more money, and more love!

The Enchantress Training Call Series

Stepping into living and showing up as an Enchantress has changed my life forever. I am genuinely honoured to be sharing this powerful, high frequency, divinely feminine sacred body of work with you on my upcoming two-part no-cost Enchantress Training Call Series. You can register by clicking the button below!


I know that you have experienced being an Enchantress in your life at some point (whether you have stepped into it consciously or unconsciously!). Experiencing your Enchantress is elating and exhilarating. Living as an Enchantress is the experience of FULL & COMPLETE ALIGNMENT. (And Remember: Alignment is the key to creating your Life on your terms.)

If you are ready to step into that magic and harness that power from your Enchantress – then I am ready to give you all that you require! Sign up for the training call series by clicking the button above or this link, now.

Love & Light,
Jia Ni 

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