The Art of Inspiration + 4 Tips On How To Get Inspired

Posted on: July 31, 2012 Category: Self Mastery

Inspiration is made up of the words “in” and “spirit”.

Before you think I’m going to go all woo-woo on you, no, I’m not! Stay with me. Goodies ahead, I promise. ;)

I’m sure you have felt inspired before – that feeling of excitement bubbling up, of pure joy, of feeling so positively overwhelmed by the infinite possibilities and experiences that await you. It’s the feeling of great expectation, even in the uncertainty that exists!

This week I read Tara’s Bliss List, where she mentioned that Wayne Dyer says he doesn’t write – words just flow through him and onto the page. He says his spirit guides him to write. Gabrielle Bernstein doesn’t give talks and inspires millions, she allows her guardian angels to guide her through all the things she does. She prays that they guide her through everything, everyday and she says that she is just a vessel of God.

I’ve heard both of them say this before through watching their videos, but yesterday it suddenly ‘clicked’.

It suddenly made sense. And a lot of things have been revealing and unfolding around me in the past few weeks.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

The teacher is always there. But when the student (in this situation, me) was ready, I suddenly found a whole new understanding and deeper level of meaning in the same information.

I was ready to receive the guidance, and all the signs were evident. All the synchronicities started happening. Tara and I talked about synchronicity and finding messages last week, too. And I could talk all about the topic of “What are synchronicities and coincidences but miracles?” – but let’s leave that one for another day!

4 Tips On How To Get Inspired

1. Meditate

The answer is within. It has always been. Go deeper within. Meditate in silence, alone, wherever you feel comfortable (in nature, at home, anywhere, everywhere). Turn your breath and attention inwards. Notice the stillness and silence that is within you. Be an observer of your thoughts.

I feel inspired every time I set aside time to sit in silence. Be it for 1 second, 10 seconds, or 1 minute. That moment of silence will put you in a place to allow inspiration and divine guidance.

2. Breathe

Inspire = to breathe in. The next time you breathe in (which should be… now), shift your attention to your breath, feel the great power of the Universe and the world moving into your lungs. (Breathe out now, and then breathe in again! :)

Feel gratitude, happiness and the energy of the Universe that loves you unconditionally and always provides abundance for you move within you. Do you feel that? That is the presence of the greater awareness and consciousness within you.

 3. Be in a state of allowing

Allow it to happen. If you have any limiting beliefs or resistance, then instead of putting up a wall against it – just let it be. Just allow it to unfold however it may. Be in a state of no-control.

This is one that I work on every living moment. Releasing resistance is always fun to do. Feel your way, slowly, to remove resistance.

You do not have to control the outcome. In fact, you can’t. The only way to guarantee success is this: Plant the seed of whatever you want to do or achieve from a place of love, care, and kindness. Always come from a place of helping others, and not just serving yourself. Always work for the greater good and to make a positive difference in our world, for that is what we are all here for.

 4. Speak your authentic truth

I truly believe that we all have our own truths. A deeper meaning that is the reason for what we are all placed in this place for. Our truth is our magic. If you’ve seen little children, I think you’ll understand what I mean. Children are always living their truth – they say and do what they mean, and they believe that anything is possible. And that belief is the magic within them. And it is still within us.

Wayne Dyer once talked about how we are only limited by our minds. He gives looking at a child learning how to swim as an example.

Visualize this with me: A child is hanging onto the edges of the swimming pool, afraid to venture into the center (deeper area) where there is no physical support he can cling onto. The child lets go of the edge, but then quickly clings onto it again. This goes on for several times. I’m sure you have seen this happen before, right? (Unless you’ve never been to a pool, then in that case I think you should stop reading here and go for a swim at the nearby pool now! But remember to come back at a later time. :P)

This goes on for a few minutes, until AT LAST – the child takes a deep breath and then lets go of the edge and flings himself into the middle of the pool. He starts swimming and paddling with his legs, he stays afloat.

The child is swimming.

What happened between the second before he was clinging onto the edge, and after he let go and plunged into the middle? Nothing. The child did not learn how to swim in that split second. All he did was he believed he could swim.

His belief and courage overpowered and REMOVED his limiting beliefs. He didn’t have to learn how to swim, because he always KNEW how to swim. He just had to remove the belief of “I don’t know how to swim because I’ve never tried it before”. And then it was possible.

This also applies to people learning new skills like cycling, cartwheeling, and the list could go on forever.

Lots of people tell me “I don’t know how to cook/I can’t cook”! I then ask them, have you ever tried cooking? And they go, “Hm, not really, but I don’t have the talent or skill, you know?”

Well… I don’t know. Of course they don’t know how to cook because they’ve never tried it. Or they’ve only tried it once, and they let THAT one incident dictate their whole cooking destiny. And they only failed that once because they had huge resistance and limiting beliefs at that time. Do things with NO limiting beliefs, with the absolute certainty that you will succeed, and you’ll be so surprised at how WELL you do!

Remove your limiting beliefs and let your spirit/soul/higher Self/God within you guide you. That part of you is ALL knowing, let that part of you shine. Allow yourself to shine and step into the light!

You came into this world with a great piece of symphony waiting to be played, so don’t leave with the music still within you.

 5. Act on inspiration

Whenever you are meditating or when you suddenly feel inspired, whether it is via a thought, or you notice ‘signs’ and ‘messages’ (synchronicities). Then you have to ACT ON IT. Sitting on your bum meditating and praying all day is of no use if you don’t do anything when you have received inspiration.

BONUS TIP: Do things that make you feel happy

When you do things that make you feel happy, you are instantly in a state of allowing. You are definitely speaking your truth, in a form of meditation, and doing exactly everything I have just talked about! That is the fastest, sure-fire way to inspiration.

So, right now (I mean after you have left a comment below) – Listen to music that makes you feel happy; be around the people that uplift you; do activities and go to places that ignite your passion and fire.

In the comments below, tell me – When do you feel most inspired? What inspires you?

I am most inspired when I’m out in nature. I am inspired by people – my friends, my family, and if you’re reading this, you inspire me.

Your turn!

P/S: If you were inspired by this post, and would like to inspire others to their greatness – feel free to share/tweet/like this post! :)

Jia Ni x

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  1. Heather says:

    This post inspires me! Nature, Children, Color, Creating,, looking through the lens at life many times inspires me, reading, learning.

    Great post!

  2. Woah! Lady beetle! You got your feist on in this one- you’re literally shining.

    Deep curtsy. Hat dip. High five. *I’m so PROUD.

    Bloody brilliant post. What inspires me? Right now it’s a deep dwelling, totally authentic and encompassing belief that I’m actually going to achieve greatness. I can’t not. I can see my future up in lights- and I believe it with all my heart. I’ve never been this confident (although scrambled and kind of overwhelmed) in all my life.

    Also, the ocean – I can’t wait to get back there- and that magic you experience when you dip your foot back in meditation after stepping away from a few days. It reminds me ‘oh yeah. This is why I meditate. This is some cool shit.’


    • Jia Ni says:

      I feel everything you’re saying! That feeling after/during meditating after not doing for a few days is the most amazing thing ever. I am so excited to see the magic + greatness you are bringing into this world grow and unfold. So proud of you and so happy for the abundance rolling your way with every breath you take!

      & thank you sweetheart, YOU inspire me. x

  3. I think I’m just getting this – I have moments of inspiration when I’m out doing things I love to do – I just need to remember to write them down! Great post, thank you,

    • Jia Ni says:

      So happy for you, Cindy! And hahaha talking about writing them down – you’ll laugh at me when I show you how many pieces of napkins, receipts, and take-out menus that have doodles of writing all over them because I had to write things down!

      Even if you don’t manage to write them down, remember this: “Nothing good ever gets away”. :) x

  4. Great post! I’ve been feeling a bit lacking in inspiration lately, so I decided to put down the fiction that I usually spend my commute and my time on breaks at work reading, and picked up some new diet/health books! I started by re-reading Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr, which is pretty much my favorite “diet” book ever, then grabbed Kristen Suzanne’s Raw Awakening, and I just started on Deepak Chopra’s Perfect Health today! I can’t wait to learn more in depth about Ayurveda from Mr. Chopra!

    I’m also inspired by my wonderful blog friends (you!), and by the beauty of nature. I love getting outside, especially to the beach. If you ever get a chance to visit the US Pacific Northwest, seize it!

    • Jia Ni says:

      You’re a sweetie! Kris Carr is the bomb diggity! LOVE her work, she is stunning! And Deepak Chopra? Wow – you’re speaking my book language. Aryurveda is amazing and I am so excited to learn more about it through holistic health coaching! I have to check out Kristen Suzanne! :) I am a huge fan of travelling – would LOVE to travel there one day. I’ll hit you up and we’ll meet up when I do! :) xoxo

  5. Sheila says:

    Wow, Jia Ni, this is an awesome example of letting the words flow through. The power of expectation is indeed one of THE determining factors in what we get in life. I feel most inspired when I am meditating, reading inspiring books (loving The Optimist Creed right now), and when I’m at the beach.

  6. Jess says:

    I came across your blog from The Wellness Warrior, very much loving your inspirational words! I started a hula hooping course last night, I had so much fun! I put it off for a few years but no more procastinating! I’ve started to do alot more yoga and I meditate every morning, I feel a sense of balance and joy, it’s awesome!

  7. Woah! Amaze-ballz! This post is exactly what I needed today. I was clinging to a bit of fear, trying to will things to happen from a very fearful place. But I was literally taking deep breaths while reading your post. Ahhhh! Now I feel much better! Thanks for the great post…I’ll be sharing!

  8. Love this!! I walk every morning – even when i don’t feel like it. Deep breathing and quieting my mind, followed by prayer gratitude, and finish with intention for the day with a little more mental silence and observation of nature – starts even the most tired of mornings inspired (for the most part)!! I love what you said about acting on it – it’s easy to get caught in the hustle and bustle and let those fabulous moments go to waste!

  9. Tamara says:

    This is so great! I feel most inspired when I’m moving, or meditating, or cooking, or reading, or talking with friends, or or or. So many sources of it!!

    What you said about self limiting beliefs and fears is so true. For years that was me about cooking. And then, rather abruptly sometime in the last year, I transformed myself into someone who cooks almost all my own meals. I still eat out or get convenience foods on occasion, but it’s more of a treat than a norm. I just had to want it enough, and commit to making it happen. In the end, it really wasn’t as difficult as I was making it out to be, in my head.

  10. I’m inspired by everyday people doing everyday things in service of their dreams and passions. :-)

    LOVE reading this – love the little meditator (want to put him in my pocket and take him home with me!)

  11. SO much inspires me, but here’s just the tip of the iceberg:

    Walking barefoot in my beautiful backyard
    My uber talented boyfriend and all of the blessings in his acting career
    My ridiculously gorgeous clients & their openness for the universe to shine gifts on them
    The support of every person I meet who shines their love back so freely

    And YOU! You inspire me Jia Ni! Thank you for such a beautifully written – and DIVINELY guided – post!

  12. Liz says:

    What inspires me is seeing people like yourself who are really living on the path that makes their soul sing :) I love seeing people excel at what they were born to do!

  13. My lovely lovely lady. WOW. You blow me away with the words you speak from your soul. I adore this post and everything you said!

    What inspires me?? My incredible husband who is my rock, my soul mate, my best friend and my EVERYTHING. I am all for keeping people off the pedestal but I would be lying if I didn’t sing his praises and tell the world that he is the best thing to have ever happened in my life. I thank God every day for the blessing that is his existence and I am truly blessed to have this man in my life with his strength and the courage to live every day as if it is his last, ever since his diagnosis.

    Thank you too Jia Ni for being such an incredible friend and inspiring me to live my truth. Love you lots. xxx

    • Jia Ni says:

      Candice, thank you for being so honest and sharing this with me. The truth is you and Curtis share such an intense and magical connection which lights up the whole room. The unconditional love you both have for each other inspires me all the time! I definitely look forward to the one day when I will be lucky enough to be blessed with someone I am so deeply and madly in love with, with whom I can share unconditional love with – just like both you and your husband share with each other. :)

      Sending you and Curtis all my love.

      MWA! xx

  14. Loved this post, Jia :) Movies, tv shows and music are usually what inspires me. Oh, and reading NON-fiction books ;) Also enjoyed the 4 tips you listed. I’ve been meaning to try meditation but haven’t gotten around to it. The book I’m currently reading right now (as previous books on my book list) have all highly suggested to meditate everyday as it will do wonders for you. I’ll have to give it a go soon!

    • Jia Ni says:

      Love your list, and YES – reading inspire me all the time too! Hope you get to add meditation into your daily routine and let me know how it goes for you. :) x

  15. shye lu says:

    Hi Jia Ni, I stumbled upon your blog and everything you said is true. In search of solitude, Your words inspire me to start a blog myself. I hope it is ok that I cited you in my first post. Thank you so much for the inspiration. =)