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Posted on: July 3, 2012 Category: Self Mastery

I wanted to talk about dreams in this space today. Let’s talk about awakening your dreamer, and courageously dreaming the dream that eventuates to reality!

I was writing an article this week about dreams – following them, living them, and why (sadly) so many people have buried them. It breaks my heart to see a place where so many people have given up on their dreams, put them on or dismissing them as something that-was-once.

I believe, and I know, that our dreams are a window or a message for us to understand our unique gifts. It is a glimpse of a possible future. And if we are talking about the dream state, it is a state where the ego is absent, and it is a state of consciousness. It is a preview of where we are headed, in the midst of the other infinite possible futures.

What is your dream?
How do you know if you should follow them?
Are you pursuing your dream; living your dream; or have you given up on your dream?

This week, Rachel from In Spaces Between and Tara from Such Different Skies published beautifully written articles on dreams. Inspiring, amazing, and definitely a much needed reminder for me to keep me in track of my dreams! :)

When and how do you know if you should follow your dream?

I think this is the place where most of us get stuck in. Should I pursue my dream? What if it doesn’t end well? What if I’m just being silly? How do I know if this is what I’m supposed to do?

Follow your intuition, or whatever you want to call it. Your intuition/heart/soul/spirit/guide/God/the universe. And the soul communicates to us through our emotions. Thus, our emotions are essentially our inner GPS.

Do you feel expansive or contracted when thinking about your dream? When you feel expansive, you feel joy, happiness, excitement, your shoulders open up. You may feel nervous, but you light up with the thought, and you feel weightless and blissful. When you are in a contracted state, you feel fear, anxiety and your body is contracted and you may feel stiff, discomfort or dis-ease.

By feeling the state you are in with any thought you have,  you can find out if you should follow and proceed with your thoughts.

“You are never given a dream without also being given the ability to manifest it.”

-Deepak Chopra

Remember, if you were given the dream, then you were also given the ability to make it come true. If not, it wouldn’t be given to you.

In the comments below, let me know – what are your dreams, and what is holding you back, or how you are taking action towards your dreams! I’d love to hear from you… :)

And if you’ve found it useful, please share it with a loved one, or someone who might need this reminder!

Keep on dreaming,
Jia Ni x

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  1. So glad to see you put your own spin on it! Keep up the good work sweet heart and I’m happy that you found value in my post xx

  2. Aah… I’m a dreamer & silly heart (or so I’ve been told:), and I like it that way. My best work comes when I’ve taken a nap & find the solutions to problems my mind cannot think through. And on a bigger scale, it was my outrageous dreams that brought me to this place of traveling & house sitting for the past year. Something that was truly a dream several years ago. Great post!

    • Jia Ni says:

      Hey Loralee, thanks for sharing your heartfelt story!! Keep on dreaming you dreamer! It’s great to see that your outrageous dreams have brought you so much happiness and joy! xoxo

  3. My dream is creating a lean business that I can work from anywhere I want and that is profitable enough to afford me to live an on-the-road life with my boyfriend. That is the life I want to have. I am working on it
    But sometimes it is not about if I know what my dream is. The next step of my life is how to make a dream come true. Of course we all have dreams, all have abilities but how many of us can be successful. I am not discouraging myself. I just simply think that “Down to Earth. Walk Small Steps. Make a try”
    And thanks for an inspiring post!

    • Jia Ni says:

      What an amazing dream!! I KNOW you can do it and that it will come true, now that you’ve declared it to the universe. Have faith and know that the action you take towards that dream (no matter how big or small) IS moving you forward. And small steps have ripple effects and will lead to huge leaps forward in no time! :) xxx