The Beauty of Devotion (To Your Vision)

Posted on: March 9, 2015 Category: Self Mastery

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The word ‘devotion’ has really landed in my heart lately.

The ability to continually experience more depth, more expansion, more enjoyable surprises, more love and enthusiasm for a specific something or someone.

Just the thought of that lights my heart on fire!

Backstory: I used to think I had a deep-seeded pattern and condition that prevented me from committing and dedicating loving energy and continued enthusiasm towards someone/something. There was a ton of self-shaming involved, including the fearful belief that something must be inherently wrong because I was incapable of committing to a person/activity (devotion).

I kept going — and soon enough everything transformed on my devoted path to experimenting, seeking, and not settling until it felt 100% right.

I met the right person and people for me, found the right work for me, discovered health-related practices and spiritual beliefs that worked for me, and ultimately — learnt to connect with me to access what really works for me (while severing the compulsion to act from obligation and unconscious belief that I “have to” to live according to expectations of others).

Devotion and commitment becomes natural as we naturally desire to devote more to what really works for us.

Do I get knocked off my feet in the things I’m devoted to?

Do I bounce back with more zest and a newfound depth and level of commitment?
You bet.

I believe that freedom on a core level is accessed when we are able to connect with and devote ourselves to creating a life we truly desire and envision.

Here are three ways to start off your practice of devotion:

// Practice the discipline of loving yourself.

Practice loving yourself above all. Do things that support your personal wellbeing first. Quite simply: Put yourself first.

(How many times have we heard that? How much do we actually follow-through and devote ourselves to practicing it? ;)

I personally practice self-loving discipline first thing in the morning by meditating, having a hot water with lemon, and reading my wealth consciousness before I step into other roles.

This is so powerful as you learn to connect strongly with you, which will assist you in accessing your intuition and knowing more effortlessly!

// Trust your knowing — say yes to what you desire, your visions (even if it scares you).

Back your knowing with faith, belief, gratitude, joy, and other states of positive emotion.

As you strengthen your intuition and live a more fully aligned and expressed life, this gets easier! Awesome news!

// Devote your time and energy to your vision.

Devote time, space, and energy to your vision by visualizing, meditating, journalling, creating vision boards, conscious empowered space and conversations around the vision, and more.

Regularly check in with the energy of your actually living your vision and continue to close-the-gap through the aforementioned tools — as well as action taking!

When you know something is truly significant to you, find a way to consciously cultivate continued devotion towards it.

Revel in your devotion to your vision.


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