How Your Business + Money Beliefs Are Affecting Your Results & Reality

Posted on: April 4, 2017 Category: Business & Entrepreneurship

How Your Business & Money Beliefs Are Affecting Your Results & Reality

Our thoughts and beliefs dictate our reality.

Simply put, what we think and believe in dictate what and how we perceive — and what we perceive (or don’t perceive) creates our results and our current reality.

Have you ever felt like you just can’t figure out the solution to something…
Then, someone (a friend, spouse, family, acquaintance, coach) asks, ‘Why don’t you do X’?
And it dawns on you — Why haven’t I thought of that? Could it be that easy/simple?’

Imagine if this friend never said a thing — you’d have carried out as is … not knowing any better!

That, lovely, is how powerfully our beliefs dictate our reality.

Have you *taken on* any of the following beliefs that don’t support you with your lifestyle (= how/the style you desire to live your life/business)?

Let’s examine some of the perceptions and beliefs out there…

It’s difficult to create success as an entrepreneur
You have to work really hard to be successful
You have to be willing to sacrifice your life (or put it on hold) to build a successful business
If you’re not always working on/in your business, you’re losing out on opportunities and potential income
You have to spend money to make money
You deserve success once you’ve been around long enough (age)
Success will come to you when you’ve been in this game for a long time (decades)
You need to follow X system/way to create wealth and success

Limiting beliefs have an element to them.

They’re often —

Controlling/no room for intuition and creativity.

You really can.

You can build (and grow) a business based on your intuition.

You can create success in your own way — a way that is aligned and authentic for you.

You can choose to create money in business without spending money.

You can allow things to be easy for you.

You can (________________________).
Yes, you really can.

Let’s take a stand for doing business in your own way — take what works and leave what doesn’t from what is already out there.

If it’s not already out there, you can absolutely pave your own way. (Yes, it’s a thing! And yes, you can still create success that way!)

Let’s start by dropping the beliefs and perceptions about business and money that don’t really serve us.

And let’s start to clear what isn’t ours (and what we’ve made ours that isn’t supportive); program new beliefs and perceptions; and create healthy boundaries so that we are always discerning what is someone’s beliefs/perceptions without taking it on and making it ours.

Here are a few ways I can support you in doing exactly that:

Private 1:1 coaching packages where we will tailor your sessions to your business and life goals, clear and align your energy, and start creating results in an authentic and aligned way

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It’s truly about the beautiful art of discernment + boundaries.

So wonderfully supportive in life + business.


PS : I’ve also included a training all about the tools and processes you can use right now to clear these beliefs, program new ones, and develop firm, healthy, energising boundaries so that we don’t take on other people’s beliefs and perceptions of reality! Find out more here.

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