Are your business goals driven by Ego or Desire?

Posted on: March 3, 2017 Category: Business & Entrepreneurship

Are your business goals driven by ego or desire?

Ever feel disconnected or unaligned with some of your business goals?

Have you considered whether your goals stem from a place of ego vs. Spirit and desire?

Everyone I’ve ever met in my coaching practice desires to do good work that positively influences the world.

However, unconsciously, sometimes our goals are driven by our ego.

Let’s dive into how to discern between ego-driven goals and desire-led goals!

Ego-driven goals usually …

  • Focused on the external without DEPTH
  • What you think you *should* be aiming for
  • The next ‘logical’ step for you and where you are in your business (even if you’re not genuinely excited or connected to it)
  • Blindly fuelled by what other people have created (and thinking therefore you should create it too)
  • Stemming from comparing energy
  • Involves disempowerment – placing your power outside yourself
  • Focused on the outcome to give you a sense of pride, accomplishment, worth, companionship or something else
  • Changes constantly through time, trends, seasons, and other outside circumstances.
  • Involves a lot of pushing energy that may lead to fatigue and burn out

The similarity in ego-driven goals is that we place our power outside of ourselves – whether in a false identity or expectation we’ve created in our minds or giving our power away to others.

Desire-led goals are usually …

  • What you feel deeply you are meant for/meant to experience (even if it’s HUGE or ‘silly’)
  • Inspired and soul-driven
  • Feel easeful and the natural next step for you
  • Involving a lot more flow
  • Deeply personal and individual – your desire driven goals will look completely different to someone else’s desire driven goals!
  • Internally led – these goals tend to call out to LEAD us towards them (even if we may deny the calling for awhile it doesn’t go away! ;)
  • Persistent – these goals tend to stick and stay there even if we try to talk ourselves out of it, convince ourselves we don’t need it etc.
  • Not always about the form/what it looks like – and more about the experience of who you will be when you are able to create the goal

What can we do?

The most powerful thing you can do as a business owner is get back in your own power when it comes to your business goals and practicing discernment when it comes to your goal setting practice.

A Business Driven by Desire & Spirit-led Goals

When I first started out, I remember this HUGE desire to start coaching clients on a 1:1 basis (in a high end package and large container).

I shared it with my coach at the time – who shared it was better for me to focus on other projects like smaller courses and products – as high-end private clients tend to come after you’ve been in business or out in this online world for awhile!

I was also 19 then – and didn’t have much ‘life experience’ to coach on…

But that nagging desire was that and wouldn’t go away!

So I decided to do it my own way and opened up my calendar for 2 private coaching clients at $3,500 packages.

Within a week of declaring this desire to serve 2 clients …

I booked one beautiful client who I absolutely adored working with.
The next signed up to work with me within the next 30 days.
I was ecstatic that I finally was doing what I knew I was meant for – I absolutely loved what I had created in my business.

On the other hand, I also recall chasing those external things I thought I wanted.

I kept travelling even though I knew I desired to start nesting at home.
I over-invested in programs and courses even though I knew it was time to look for different (more aligned) mentor.
I said ‘Yes’ when I knew it was time for me to lovingly say ‘No’.

This led to burning out 2 years ago, finding myself in an externally successful business that didn’t feel aligned internally.

I questioned what I had created …

It took lots of deep dives, journalling sessions and inquiry – and today I’m so happy to share that this experience has taught me how to discern beautifully between goals that nourish me and those that don’t.

When we choose desire driven goals – it doesn’t mean life is a piece of cake and a walk in the park. There’s still challenges that we may face, however when we are led by Desire there is also a lot more ease and grace in our formula.

Let’s Set Business Goals that Deeply NOURISH You

I’m holding a FREE workshop on Money & Income Goal Setting and I’d love for you to join me.

We’ll be going through each of your goals and ensuring they truly align with what you truly desire – and you’ll walk away with the important skill of discernment.

We’ll also be setting goals together that are based in Spirit and Desire (vs. ego), so that your business goals feel authentic, inspired, and easeful!

I’ll also share a process on how you can let go of those ego-driven goals (that aren’t grounded in reality, gets you stuck in spinning and so on) so that you can step back into 100% of your own power when it comes to you and your business!

When we are in this space we easily create and experience our goals – whether it’s related to our offerings, clients, sales, income or the decisions we choose to make with our time, money and other resources.

You’ll walk away knowing exactly how to set goals that you love, create a business that aligns with you, and make future decisions from a place of ease and power. :-)

See you there!

Much love,

PS: Here’s the link to join the Money & Income Goal Setting Workshop. If you’re ready to create business goals you love (and experience them!), you’ll want to be there… ;)

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