Call In a Miracle

Posted on: December 15, 2013 Category: Self Mastery

2013-12-07 14.47.33I was totally stressed out.

I was going to miss my train to Santa Barbara!

The train leaves at 12:25pm and I – being an organized person – arrived at the station at 11 am to get my tickets.

Yet here I was … an hour later … 12pm, STILL in line to get the ticket.

It also totally didn’t help that there was a huge sign staring me in the face saying ‘No more tickets will be administered 10 minutes before the train leaves.

I had 10 minutes, and it suddenly dawned on me that I was going to miss this train.

Every customer was taking 20 minutes long, and there were 4 people waiting in front of me. 4 very angry people!

Logically and mathematically I didn’t see how I would possible get in on time.

In that moment I realized I had to call in a miracle.

(A last minute miracle with a capital M…)

I also remembered that we create our own reality.

So I dialed into the 1800-miracle-now 24 hour hotline and within 10 minutes I got my ticket and I was on the 12:25pm to Santa Barbara.

In time for an enjoyable American dinner at jane's.

In time for an enjoyable early American dinner at jane’s.

How to Call In A Miracle

1. Chill out and keep calm

I could’ve joined the four angry people in front of me and started a protest at the ticket counter. I could’ve continued spinning in ‘I’m going to miss the train!!!’

Instead, I chose to keep my frequency high, keep calm, and tap into the knowing that it’s all perfect and the situation was already handled for me.

Action step: Keep your frequency high. Keep your frequency as high as possible. 

2. Go into prayer and ask for a miracle.

I immediately dialed in the miracle hotline and went ‘Hellooo anyone there? I require a miracle right about now. Thank you very much!’ I also tuned into being open to receiving the action steps I required to take.

Action step: Ask and you will receive. (Remember the kingdom of God is within you.)

3. Trust and hold the faith.

Trusting and believing it’s already done is 99% of the work already done.

Once I got into a space of complete trust, all the customers started to take 2 minutes instead of 20. It was illogical, mathematically and statistically improbable, yet it happened.

Action step: Get out of the logical mind and into the creative mind – where all things are possible.

4. Choose the reality you live in.

Looking back, I realize that there was a moment where I could see myself having different choices resulting in different realities.

I could choose and focus on, and thus manifesting the reality where I missed the train, or I could literally choose to step into the reality where a miracle happened and I got on the train and arrive at Santa Barbara in the evening. I kept consciously reminding myself ‘I live in the reality where I’m on the train!!!’

Action step: Understand you choose what reality you step into. Step into the reality you desire consciously.

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  1. Teo Wee Beng says:

    It's a GREAT sharing. … m one of those who will freak out & start cursing like the 4 in front of u.. is normal human instinct n behavior. .. BUT your teachings will definitely help me ..l shall practise them for sure. . Cheers & Thanks for sharing your true life Experience!!

  2. Beautiful Jia, your blogs are always insightful and immediately applicable, thank you! <3

  3. Glenn A Sisk says:

    Beautiful share. Thank you Jia Ni

  4. Jia Ni Teo says:

    Thank you Glenn A Sisk!!! :)

  5. Jia Ni Teo says:

    Always a pleasure my dear! <3

  6. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Jessica Nazarali says:

    Love this this (and your hair is totally gorgeous!!)