How to Stop Procrastinating in Your Business

Posted on: February 7, 2017 Category: Business & Entrepreneurship/ For Coaches

How to Stop Procastinating in Your Business

One of my clients asked me during a coaching session, ‘I procrastinated and didn’t get a lot done this week. How do you avoid procrastinating?’

What a great question!

In business, we don’t always have conventional deadlines. Being able to set our own deadlines and manage ourselves becomes a really essential trait to have as an entrepreneur who’s here to create impact and do what you love for a living.

I could hear my client feeling frustrated at herself. And guilty. That she didn’t get much done because she ‘got stuck procrastinating’. Instead of getting work done, her hours were spent scrolling mindlessly on Facebook/Instagram, watching TV, reading and ‘lazing around’.

(Sometimes when we resist work, it’s also burn out/fatigue manifesting or even not setting realistic and achievable goals for ourselves and thereby setting ourselves up for failure – however in this case, we’ll be focusing on getting through pure resistance from procrastination).

Note: PUSHING through procrastination like it’s a block to be busted with sheer will and force isn’t what I recommend. It *might* work temporarily, but it can also lead to exhaustion and feeling depleted. We’ve all been there, right?

Exploring Your Idea on Discipline (& Obedience)

When we didn’t get our work done in school, our parents/teachers would discipline us. When we weren’t performing optimally (or slacking off ;), we would get disciplined as children. Exploring your ideas around ‘discipline’ can provide us some great insight here.

Did you have a militaristic experience around discipline/being disciplined?
Were you taught to be good/follow the rules for someone else other than you?

When we rebel against discipline in our later life, this can manifest in our business as procrastination (or ‘laziness’ from resistance).

A New Perspective on Discipline

Let’s choose a new perspective around discipline.

Consider Discipline as something you ‘do’ for yourself – not your parent/teacher/coach/spouse.

Consider Discipline as something that is –

Self loving.
Self nurturing.
In integrity.

Pain Vs. Pleasure

We may tend to avoid/procrastinate when it comes to tasks in our business when it seems too much/too daunting for us. We think that it’s more pleasurable to avoid. Yes – even if we may suffer from pangs of guilt – it seems just easier than confronting what we’re avoiding/numbing against/procrastinating on.

My favourite way to procrastinate (yes … even to this date!) is having a lie down, reading a book, and ‘relaxing’ (it’s in apostrophes because I can’t really relax knowing I’m avoiding something! ;)

One day, everything shifted.

I realised being able to have a lie down, reading, and truly relaxing – knowing that I’ve completed what I required and told myself I would today – was FAR more pleasurable and peaceful. On top of that, feeling IN INTEGRITY (which is one of my core values!) that I stayed true to my word strengthened my confidence in myself – and my ability to relax. 😉

AND – feeling OUT of integrity that I didn’t do what I promised myself I would was more painful.

How can you shift your perspective around what is truly painful and pleasurable when it comes to taking action in your business (even if there’s resistance)? A shift in perspective is often all it takes to shift our energy!

As we worked on this together, my client relaxed into a new paradigm about discipline and moving through procrastination. Later on she reported having her most productive day in weeks! Incredible!!

How will you move through procrastination?

Develop a plan so you know exactly how to respond when you find yourself in that space!

Are you ready to be driven by inspiration & feel energised in your business?

I’ve created an audio training just for you.

Sometimes we might feel a little discouraged in business (whether as a result or procrastination – or when things aren’t going the way we want them to).

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Business and entrepreneurship is a long game, and what if you could turn discouragement into inspired success?

Knowing how to fuel yourself with internal drivers (and not relying on external circumstances – although those are lovely too) can help us create a long-lasting, sustainable business that is successful and here to stay.

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I know you can do it!

Much love,
Jia Ni x

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A Very Merry December Coaching Special

Posted on: December 21, 2016 Category: For Coaches

Dear heart-centered, freedom-loving coach / healer / creative woman entrepreneur,

I’ve got some VERY exciting news for you today!

This is the time of the year when we start:

  • Thinking about our goals for the next year, including what it is we are deeply yearning to bring forth (whether it’s a launch in business, develop a new offering/product/program, book in and create impact for a certain number of clients, or make a certain amount of income per month to fund our dreams/vision)
  • We also start wondering how we can experience our goals – who we require to BE, what we require to DO, and what kind of structure and support we require in place for the entire journey to be one of EASE and ALIGNMENT

Do you have the support, structure, and accountability you feel you require to CREATE & EXPERIENCE your own 2017 goals?

One of my favourite gifts is to invest in my own transformation for the next year!

I’d love to support you in 2017 – and to make it as easy as possible, I’ve opened up 5 spots for A Very Merry December Coaching Special!!

Do you feel:

  • Burnt out from operating in overdrive or overworking
  • Overwhelmed by a mountain of to-dos
  • Lack of clarity (unsure where to begin, what your message is or like you have a million things you could be doing and unsure where to even start!)
  • A battle or struggle with self-worth when it comes to your pricing, packaging, or launching new offerings
  • Confused about what to do on a daily basis to book clients and make an impact with your work
  • Paralyzed by fear and stuck in inaction


During our coaching sessions and work together, you’ll:

  • Create a business that feels really aligned and one you really love (think: messaging that feels authentic and fun, packages and pricing you are excited about, ideal clients you book with ease and who love working with you – and vice versa)
  • Dissolve limiting blocks and beliefs that may be draining you or holding you back from your goals
  • Align with your income and money goals
  • Launch new programs, offerings, and projects with confidence
  • Access and trust your own business guidance
  • Be accountable in implementing and taking action, inspired, and establish consistency in your business

Sound good? :-)


A Verry Merry Christmas Special

A Very Merry December Coaching Special

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A comprehensive welcome packet
2 x 120 minute coaching intensives over Skype
Access to business foundations workbooks (branding, pricing + packaging, time management)
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Ready? I’m so thrilled and excited to be working with you personally. I know how powerful 1:1 support is (the personalized attention and feedback on your work, really having someone know your business/why you do what you do inside and out, and having weekly accountability and support in creating your goals). I can’t wait to work with you! Click here to book in your coaching and I’ll be in touch shortly with everything you need to get started.

Questions? Please feel free to email me here with the subject line “A Very Merry December Coaching Special” and I’ll get back to your questions as soon as I can!

Jia Ni x

P.S: Know someone who might love and benefit from coaching, and this special? Feel free to share this with them. 

P.P.S: Let’s consider The Gift of Transformation (and investing in yourself) for a moment. Even if you don’t choose to invest in this coaching package, how can you invest in yourself this holiday season? Something truly incredible opens up when we say YES to our goals, dreams, and vision – so if there’s one thing you can do for yourself this holiday, consider how you can invest in your dreams – and then take action! I’ll still be cheering you on from here! ;)

5 Ways to Access A Deeper Level of Self-Worth in Business (As a coach, healer & creative entrepreneur)

Posted on: December 1, 2016 Category: Business & Entrepreneurship/ For Coaches

Having a deep, secure and innate relationship with our self-worth can greatly affect how much ease and alignment we experience on the way to manifesting and creating our goals and visions.

Being able to claim and own our worth helps us receive guidance and (of course) take action on what we truly require to do in order to reach our goals, whether that’s:

  • Launching a passive income product or offering
  • Raising our rates to reflect where we are right now
  • Creating and sharing our authentic content
  • Being visible and seen by others
  • Saying ‘yes’ to exciting opportunities
  • And more…

On the other hand, not having a solid foundation when it comes to self-worth could see us:

  • Spending too much time researching (but never taking outward action that puts us out there, in the game)
  • Get stuck trying to make our work ‘perfect’ before we feel confident launching it
  • Analysis paralysis in comparing our work with others
  • Self-sabotaging our progress (one step forward, two steps back – or creating more ‘challenges’ in other areas of our life)
  • Go into hiding and paralysis when we don’t get the feedback we desire – or perceive negative judgement from others
  • Feel burnt out, overworked, and resentful in our work
  • A lack of growth, excitement, and enthusiasm towards our work as we don’t allow ourselves to take the next step in our personal or business evolution

Here are 5 ways to start accessing a deeper level of self-worth in your business:

1 // Detach your self-worth from the performance, results, feedback (or lack thereof) of your work/actions

As a heart-centered, creative entrepreneur who’s committed to creating and living our most authentic work – it can hurt when we don’t get the feedback we expect on our latest creations/offerings/actions.

Being able to really ‘get it’ that the results and feedback you receive aren’t a reflection of how worthy you are – or how good your work is – allows you to get back out there and try again (vs. hiding in shame that ‘it didn’t work’)!

2 // Re-define your measure of success and worth.

Instead of basing it on external measures, measure your success on:

Whether you show up 100% in your business today…
Whether you were accountable to yourself (and did what you said you would do)…
Whether you dared greatly and boldly today (showing up even though it risked failing)…

Let these be the measure of your success.

3 // On that note, detach your self-worth from your pricing system

One thing that can get us stuck is pricing – I’ve definitely been there with this, and over the last 5 years of coaching entrepreneurs – I’ve seen clients struggle with this piece more times than I can count!

Your pricing is not your worth – charging X amount doesn’t mean you are less worthy than someone who charges more than you do or vice versa.

So, if you feel like you’ve attached your self-worth to how much your charge for your packages – stop.

You are worthy to begin with – no matter what your pricing dictates.

From this space of worthiness (and ease and fun and joy), is where you set your most aligned pricing.

4 // Focus on your journey, and what is right for you

Take comparison out of the equation.

If this means stopping yourself from obsessing over someone else’s packages/pricing/website/social media – do it.

If this means unsubscribing (or forwarding the email straight to ‘Archives) for the time being – do it.

No longer being in comparison mode means not feeling inadequate (or judging yourself as lazy!) when you see someone else doing something – that you aren’t. It means not feeling stressed when nobody else is doing what you’re doing, too.

Out of comparison mode, we can start discerning what is right for us, individually.

Which takes me to…

5 // Be 100% in your own energy

Quite often we scatter our energy by comparing our journey with someone else’s (see point above), or where we were in the past/where we feel we should be.

Neither of these are anchored in the present moment, which is where we are creating our goals from. Bringing your energy back to yourself means being 100% on your own path, in your own energy/power, in the Now.

Meditate, journal, invest in coaching, go out in nature – support yourself in re-aligning back to embodying 100% of your own energy in your business, and life.

I’ve put together a free 45-minute training for you, specifically on self-worth and claiming your worth in business.

We’ll dive in deeper with some of the points I’ve mentioned here, and I’ll also share more on how you can enhance your self-worth in your business today.

If this is something that you are looking to enhance – then join us on the webinar today. I really hope you do because it’s something that will absolutely change your business and life!

It’s at

Having this piece in place is the foundational piece that will support you in creating your income and money goals – and increasing your impact with your business.

See you on the webinar!

Jia Ni x

Rising Above the Fear of Judgement & What Other People Think

Posted on: November 10, 2016 Category: Business & Entrepreneurship/ Self Mastery

Rising Above The Fear Of Judgement & What Other People Think

When I first started my business, all my fears of ‘what would other people think’ came pouring back into my awareness.

The fear of feeling isolated, of being ostracised and criticised for being me.

All those fears (that I first came into contact with in high school) – it all came pouring back in.

The emotional bullying, jealousy, and criticism for standing out and achieving my goals at the time – felt SO real all over again.

It didn’t feel safe to be visible.
It didn’t feel safe to shine brightly.
It also didn’t feel safe to reach my goals.

I was in such a conflict – after all, being in business REQUIRES us to be visible with our work and marketing! And of course I wanted to manifest my goals and create the life & business of my dreams.

When we are in such a space, business can feel like a drag, a journey that is constantly uphill and against the flow.

So – What can we do?

We require to first fall deeply in love with ourselves – in such a way that we are 100% behind every decision we make, we have complete self-trust, and our worth is 100% innate (and not dependent on any external circumstances).

This means:

  • Getting out of convincing energy. When we are 100% behind our own decisions, we don’t feel this need to convince or justify why we choose what we choose. We don’t feel the need to have everyone else see why we’re doing what we’re doing, they don’t need to see and understand ‘our way’
  • Positive self-talk
  • Being kind and compassionate to yourself
  • Staying 100% on your own path. No comparisonitis. (Hint: Coaching can really help here!)
  • Continue to move forward in your own journey (no matter what is going on externally – including who is saying what). You do it, simply because – you are doing it for you
  • Forgiveness work. Forgiving the burdens, stories, and past events that continue to impact you today

This was the first shift for me.

I started feeling more confident showing up and being visible.
I embraced my love for marketing, making videos, sharing my story vulnerably.
I committed to sharing my work with my clients and community.
I showed up 100% for my business on a daily basis.

And then, it happened again.

I was reaching my goals in business, flying high (emotionally) in my life and business when I received that hate mail in my inbox.

And it threw me off, completely.

(If you have received a hate mail or response of any kind, lots of love from me to you. I know ‘hate’ can be a strong word, so I’m going to share my simple definition of it. A comment, action, email or anything that brings you and your work down – whether it makes you lose confidence, feel intimated and fearful, or puts you in a total negative downward spiral.)

It’s easy to bypass this when it’s a stranger – someone who doesn’t even have an idea on what it is we’re doing.

But in my experience – and in many of my clients too – the question remains when it’s a close friend, or someone we thought we could trust and confide in.

It was a shock to my system.

A totally, unexpected, and unnecessary one, too (I couldn’t understand why anyone would do this)!

I mean – I had invested so much into working on myself – on building my relationship with me – how did this happen?

SO how did I attract this?!

Well, this is where the second part of the lesson begins.

For awhile, I let it affect me.

I withdrew from my business, I felt scared to put myself out there again.
I felt defeated in a fight I didn’t choose to be in.
I retracted to my little corner of my world – feeling wounded.

Accepting that there will always be people who are going to ‘hate’ – who don’t understand what and why you are choosing to do what you’re doing – helped me access a whole new level of inner peace.

One day I was ready.

I was angry – which I readily embrace – because when we are angry, we can start seeking change.

Also, anger is a step forward from depression.

So, I worked on it more:

  • I gave myself permission to step away from the drama and those who create it. And I let myself trust that in doing so, I was not missing out on any opportunities (in friendship, inspiration, business etc.) I leaned further into the trust that ALL that was meant for me would still find a way to me
  • I cried it out and grieved
  • I forgave myself for letting this impact me and my business
  • I took out everything I had in my toolbox and worked through this block: EFT, journalling, reading, vibrational essences, crystals, oracle cards, audiobooks, programs and courses
  • I hired all the support I needed: Energy healing, kinesiology, coaching
  • I let go of any victim mentality that might have been going on
  • I let go of the ‘curse’ I had put on myself – that had stopped me from receiving guidance on my business vision, clients, income and more
  • I gave myself space to reflect. Is what this person said true – to any degree? Is there anything I can learn from this that will bring me closer to my vision and my goals? And then, I let go of the rest
  • I also let myself focus on the people that I AM helping – the love notes, the ‘thank you’s, the ‘you are awesome’s

Above all, don’t let someone’s hate or judgement jade you. Remain who you are – positive, expectant of the best from everyone you meet, hopeful and more.

Know that this is not a representation of people in the world at large. In fact, use this experience to fuel your determination to create a community of supportive, loving, genuine people around you who lift each other up and celebrate your success and authenticity.

On the other side of things – I can honestly say that while it isn’t a journey filled with rainbows and unicorns… 😉

It’s all worth it.

You will find the soul friends that are SO right for you.
You will find your way again – one that is so much more aligned to you.

And life on the other side?
It’s much, much more beautiful.

With love
Jia Ni x