How to Whip Up A Superfood Smoothie

Posted on: November 10, 2012 Category: Drinks/ Recipes

Dear wellness warrior,

Today, I come to you with a recipe for my superfood smoothie. Ever since we got our Vitamix, green smoothies have been our best concoction to glow and shine from the inside out. In this video, I talk about the basics of our green smoothies, as well as two of my favourite superfoods to add to give it a (super-power and nutrition) boost!

Superfood Smoothie Recipe

We thrive on this green goodness, and I know that you will experience massive benefits and glow from the inside out by incorporating green drinks into your life too. I’m a huge fan of green drinks – and you can probably tell by how excited I am with my essential superfoods. :)

Stay plant strong!

It’s also no secret that green drinks have been deemed blood builders and healing tonics. They are so alkalizing, cleansing, nourishing every cell in our body. You know – I really believe that food is medicine, health is the natural state of being, and greens are our protectors and guardians against dis-eases and illnesses. We want to incorporate as much greens as we can, – and smoothies are a great way to do this.

Bottoms up!

Glow-Green Smoothie

Posted on: June 29, 2012 Category: Drinks/ Recipes

Do you have dull, poor skin and experience break outs regularly?
Do want radiant, glowing skin?
Do you want long-lasting energy to do the things you love and enjoy?

I have just the solution for you!

Here’s my secret to glowing radiant and smooth skin and longer lasting energy.

We drink a green smoothie almost everyday in the morning. My sister used to have breakouts, but after starting this morning ritual, her skin has dramatically improved and is glowing and flawless right now! My skin used to be dull, but after starting a green smoothie ritual I’ve noticed my skin improve so much and my energy is longer-lasting as well.

Green smoothies are packed full of fiber, nutrients, minerals and enzymes!