Celebrate Your Way To Success!

Posted on: February 20, 2014 Category: Self Mastery

Celebrations used to be something I had to work for

Of course – it was always fun to celebrate!

However, it also became a breeding ground for frustration and anger when there was ‘nothing significant‘ to celebrate …. yet!

Can you relate to this or something similar?

It felt like a herculean effort was required until the next celebration.

Until one day, I completely shifted into celebrating little milestones, wins, and little things daily. Everything started to flow so much more easily, and receiving became more of a natural process.

Whether it’s law of attraction or not – I’ve found that the more I celebrate, the more there IS to celebrate.


As you can tell, it’s been quite the party here since! :P

5 Steps to Celebrate Your Way Into Your Vision

1. Celebrate the ‘little’ things

A good day’s worth of work done? Wrote a particularly awesome mailer or blog post? Did the workout for today? Ate well? How awesome – celebrate that!

Note: Celebrating myself for sticking to my goals, committing to my vision, and keeping the faith + keeping on has been thoroughly acknowledged. And it’s inspired me to take more powerful, inspired, action!

2. Celebrate the unseen

Faith = belief in things unseen. The good vibes, feelings, goosebumps, fist pump, great ideas, lightbulb moments!

Note: I must say, celebrating having faith that things will work out, no matter what, and that I’m supported has sky-rocketed my confidence in myself, and the inspiration I receive!

3. Celebrate fully, and in the Now

Whether it’s taking time to relax and nurture myself, read a good book, have a fancy drink, booking a trip overseas – celebrate it all FULLY.

Note: Immersing and revelling in the moment and experience… Ahh, that has helped me increase the pleasure I receive from each experience and keeps me feeling so fulfilled and joyful for longer periods of time. ;)

4. Celebrate the ‘big’ things

Smashed your goal for the month? Completed a big project? Finished that book you’ve been putting on hold for ages? Finally crossed something off your to do list?

Note: It’s all relative! The more I’ve allowed myself to celebrate everything in my life that makes me happy, the more seemingly ‘big’ things there are to celebrate!!

5. Plan your next celebration

This is key! As women we are mostly driven by our desires and emotions. Money flows where there’s a purpose for it. It’s no wonder that when you’re emotionally connected to that big ‘WHY’, the ’cause for celebration’ has to manifest – and does so more joyfully too!

Note: I get so psyched and thrilled just planning my next celebration – whether it’s taking a trip half-way around the world, a fabulous shopping trip etc. Allow yourself to connect with your visions and enjoy being with the energy of celebration.

Have fun celebrating!

I’d love to hear from you… In the comments below – How do you celebrate?

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Jia Ni

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