2013 Dreaming + Scheming: Celebrating 2012

Posted on: December 11, 2012 Category: Self Mastery

Today, let’s get into party mode and be celebrating 2012. 

For the next 3 weeks, we be wrapping up 2012 through a series of Tuesday posts entitled ‘2013 Dreaming + Scheming’. You cool with that? Cool! Last week, I talked about embarking on extra growth spurts before entering 2013.

This week, let’s celebrate 2012 – lessons, achievements, experiences, all of it. 

To be honest – In the past, I never really celebrated what I’ve gone through. It was all ‘Let’s plan for the year ahead! What am I going to achieve next year?‘ New year resolutions, anyone? However, I’ve come to learn how important it is to look back from time to time and appreciate what you’ve gone through to be where you are now.

Looking forward is important – you need to know where you’re going. Looking backwards is just as – if not more – important. It allows you learn what needs to be learnt and seal up everything energetically with sparkly wrapping paper and a beautiful ribbon.

Let’s roll!

My word for 2012

My word for 2012 was:

Growth. Expansion. Courage.

Boy! Did I feel expansive and growth opportunities pouring my way. My inner Gemini’s thirst for knowledge has been fully taken care of and satisfied. Dear books, courses, life experiences, and blogs I read – thank you for making growth & expansion an effortless task this year.

3 Lessons of 2012

+ Being Present

I give credit to The Power of Now & A New Earth for heightening my awareness on this topic. Anchoring myself and reeling myself back in when I find my awareness going into the future is the best feeling ever.

+ Forgiveness

Forgiving people and practicing non-reaction is a massive lesson I’ve learnt this year. Being aware of the ego in me has allowed me to see the ego in others. “Forgive and delete”, as Gabrielle Bernstein says. I pray to forgive and release.

+ I create my own reality

To date, this still blows my mind. We create our own reality – through our thoughts, words, and emotions. Invest your energy in people and experiences that bring joy – things that make you feel alive. Spending time each week reviewing the majority of how you feel. Have I been thinking mostly positively, feeling mostly expansive and graceful this week?  Yes, yes I have. Great, then I’m on the path – the path of creating the ultimate reality of happiness. (Just some of the internal dialogues I frequently have.. :)

3 Challenges Overcame

+ Boundaries

This was a huge one! (And I know you’ll probably relate.) Saying ‘No’ to people when it means saying ‘Yes’ to yourself. Resisting the urge to cave in because you just feel like you want to help so much. Going … You know what? I just ain’t up for that. Can we do something else instead? It’s defining your life in your own terms.

+ Sensitivity

To be honest, I believe that women in general are more in tune with our intuition, and thus we pick up other people’s energy and feelings easily. We’re able to sense what needs to be said next, what the other person is feeling, and perhaps even what they’re thinking. It’s a gift.

Many of the women I’ve worked with and known are sensitive, beautiful, gorgeous souls. Yet when we don’t know how to utilize this sensitivity, we get overwhelmed by the energy. TIP: Construct a toolkit to protect our energy field and anchor back into who we truly are – peaceful, loving, joyful.

+ Fear

Fear was a big theme of 2012. (And a very well deserved big theme at that.) Fear is now my friend, it’s now an indicator (and a good one too) that something mind-blowing is about to unfold. It’s a sign that what I’m about to embark on is great. Greater beyond what I am right now. So much so that I’ll be stretching and expanding so much just by embracing the fear.

3 Golden Nuggets of Self-Discovery

+ Empowerment is hard-wired into me

I’m driven, motivated, inspired to feel empowered. At an intersection, I now ask “Does this make me feel empowered? Or does it give my power away?” Decisions have been made based on that. This decision-making system is one I now happily declare to everyone (who will listen) as the best navigational tool.

+ I’m a Personal-Growth Junkie

Okay, I admit it! I’m a huge personal growth junkie. I love soaking in good reads and inspiring articles.

+ Intuition & Energy Healing

Recently, I’ve been really guided to sense the energies that people contain within their sacred space. I’ve been able to pick up on something that’s blocking them from solving whatever it is needs to be solved. That inner voice speaks louder day by day, that divine energy flows to me more effortlessly each day.

As my sensitivity heightens as the day go by, I feel even more empowered and divinely guided to show up and serve. Embracing my sensitivity (rather than shaming it) has been a huge self-discovery. Embracing this discovery has been a huge life-changing event.

3 Dreams that Came True

+ I’m Back on My Soul’s Path

How do you know if you’re fulfilling your soul’s purpose? Well, you feel… fulfilled.

It lights you up, time flies and stretches so that you can complete what you need to do. Your face brightens like a lightbulb when people ask you What do you do? Better still – your entire being lights up when people ask you So, what’s next? What are you planning for the future?

Inside your head this conversation sparks..

Holy mah-shizzle! YES! I get to answer this question and tell them EVERYTHING I’ve been working towards and planning – projects, ideas, collaborations with people who are mega awesome.

You take one long deeeeeeep breath, and then out pours words infused with maximal passion and enthusiasm.

+ This Space

Establishing and creating this space has been one of my dreams come true. Having a place to share my light and journey is such a blessing and one of my wildest dreams! Thank YOU for showing up here and providing me with support.

+ Working with & Supporting inspiring mentors, teachers, women

Thank you for soul-centered revolutionaries like Marie ForleoDanielle LaPorte, Gabby BTara Stiles. Thank you for the mega inspiring women I’ve met in BSchool such as LeonieDeniseRach & Tara.

3 Things I’m Most Grateful For

+ My Soul’s Tribe

Hello readers. Thank you for being here, for showing up, for taking on whatever you need from this space to propel you forward. Thank you.

+ Re-connecting to my Divine Guidance

Synchrodestiny. Signs, messages, dreams, divine downloads, huge waves of feeling unconditional love. Thank you guides, angels, and whoever else is up or out there providing me with divine guidance. 1111, thanks for showing up consistently to let me know I’m on the right path.

+ Life (time here now)

Dear life, thank you for showing up everyday for me. Thank you for making every day a memorable experience. Thank you for giving me all I need to propel myself forward and upward. Thank you for talking with me, for happening to me, for being there even when I sometimes take things for granted.

(Credits:  Cats Thank You Card / Striking Truths Poster )

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Major gratitude & love for all that has been.

Get your journal or create a blog post or in your heart space – I invite you to beautifully wrap up the year with the above prompts, & I highly recommend this planner.

This has been ONE amazing year. :-)

Now that we’ve celebrated 2012, next week we’ll be ready to manifest a kick-ass 2013!

Much Love,

P.S. Your time is now. Are you ready to celebrate and release 2012? Let’s dream + scheme together.

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