How to Charge Your Worth As An Entrepreneur

Posted on: September 5, 2013 Category: Business & Entrepreneurship/ For Coaches/ Self Mastery


Too many heart-centered women entrepreneurs don’t charge enough (if at all!) for their work.

This phenomenon of not charging your worth as a woman is so common with my clients and other service based entrepreneurs – I had to create this for you.

When you don’t charge your worth, you not only are at a disservice to yourself – you also create a dis-service for your clients! There has to be an equal exchange of energy for your work – so if you are undervaluing yourself, then you’re taking away the satisfaction and enjoyment that your client could have while working with you.

5 steps to Charging Your Worth as an Entrepreneur:

1. Anchor in on the value of your work

What is the value of your work? Will your clients receive the joy of financial freedom, being able to leave a soul-sucking J-O-B, and do what they truly love and live their purpose for the rest of their lives? Is it receiving their beauty, feeling fitter than ever, and more confidence that will help them find fulfilment, love, and show up even more in their lives and businesses? What is the value of that? Priceless, it’s priceless! ;)

ACTION STEP: Always remember the value of your work – and the change and transformation that your clients will RECEIVE through working with you! Your work is invaluable, and what an amazing deal!

2. Transform your money story and lack belief system

Release the old limiting beliefs and stories that are holding you back. They’re not even yours, anyway! They were passed down from your parents or society, which probably inherited them unknowingly! Do they still serve you now? Probably NOT! Time to say buh-bye and HELLO to wealth consciousness and ABUNDANCE!

ACTION STEP: Commit to reprogramming your belief system and turn up your Wealth-O-Meter!!! Study wealth consciousness or work with a business coach!

3. Offer programs and packages that are in your Zone of Genius

You’ve got to offer programs that are in your Gift Zone – your Zone of Genius. The Universe works that way – when you’re living in ALIGNMENT with your purpose and your heart, everything that you require will be provided for! This is why competition doesn’t exist, you’re unique, and your Zone of Genius is not duplicable!

ACTION STEP: Stop comparing your packages and pricing. Start finding out what your gifts are, and then offer packages, services, and programs that are in alignment with YOU. 

4. Realize that it’s all an inner game (& it’s not about you)

A lot of women entrepreneurs are afraid of increasing prices because … what will other people think/say/do? Well – What people say and how they react is truly none of your business. As Abraham-Hicks once said…


When you offer premium services, you allow your clients to invest in themselves at a higher level through you – it’s more about them than it is about you.

ACTION STEP: Release the separation and thought that your packages are about you. It’s more about your clients than it is about you, really.

5. Invest in a business mentor

When you commit to up-levelling in your business, stuff comes up from every direction! This is why business is the ultimate self-development program that you can do. Within 2 sessions of working together, one of my clients went from charging $100 to $1,000 for her services – and she was booked and busier than ever!

ACTION STEP: Invest in yourself and hire a coach that will help you clear away all those blocks that are stopping you from doubling, tripling, charging $1k – $10k or more per package easily and beautifully!

Own your worth, ladies!!!

I’m taking a STAND for your value, and it’s time you do the same too!

With Love,
Jia Ni


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