Chattin’ with Vegie Head Adele: Following Your Passion, Divine Order & Abundance

Posted on: March 13, 2013 Category: Guest Experts/ Self Mastery

Hey loves, I am so excited to introduce to you Adele from Vegie Head!

We had heaps of fun doing this one part passion, one part spirituality, and one part being a heart-centered soul video for you. :-)

adele jia ni

In this chatty video, we talk about passion, abundance, & divine order including:

+ How Adele started the H-U-G-E and awesomely successful Vegie Head

+ How to stand out and shine your unique message

+ What to do when you feel ALONE and UNSUPPORTED on your path (PSST .. You’re not alone!)

+ The #1 thing we MUST know to manifesting abundance

+ Forming energetic boundaries to sustain us while helping others

+ Special Bonus: Adele draws a juicy oracle card for us! (This is so synchronistic. Her oracle card was just the much-needed timely message from the Universe!)


Little Note: The audio is pretty loud when I played it, so you might want to turn down your volumes first before playing the video and then adjusting accordingly!


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Jia Ni x

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