A Very Merry Christmas Coaching Special!

Posted on: December 9, 2016

A Verry Merry Christmas Special

Dear heart-centered, freedom-loving coach / healer / creative woman entrepreneur,

I’ve got some VERY exciting news for you today!

This is the time of the year when we start:

  • Thinking about our goals for the next year, including what it is we are deeply yearning to bring forth (whether it’s a launch in business, develop a new offering/product/program, book in and create impact for a certain number of clients, or make a certain amount of income per month to fund our dreams/vision)
  • We also start wondering how we can experience our goals – who we require to BE, what we require to DO, and what kind of structure and support we require in place for the entire journey to be one of EASE and ALIGNMENT

Do you have the support, structure, and accountability you feel you require to CREATE & EXPERIENCE your own 2017 goals?

One of my favourite gifts is to invest in my own transformation for the next year!

I’d love to support you in 2017 – and to make it as easy as possible, I’ve opened up 5 spots for A Very Merry December Coaching Special!!

Do you feel:

  • Burnt out from operating in overdrive or overworking
  • Overwhelmed by a mountain of to-dos
  • Lack of clarity (unsure where to begin, what your message is or like you have a million things you could be doing and unsure where to even start!)
  • A battle or struggle with self-worth when it comes to your pricing, packaging, or launching new offerings
  • Confused about what to do on a daily basis to book clients and make an impact with your work
  • Paralyzed by fear and stuck in inaction


During our coaching sessions and work together, you’ll:

  • Create a business that feels really aligned and one you really love (think: messaging that feels authentic and fun, packages and pricing you are excited about, ideal clients you book with ease and who love working with you – and vice versa)
  • Dissolve limiting blocks and beliefs that may be draining you or holding you back from your goals
  • Align with your income and money goals
  • Launch new programs, offerings, and projects with confidence
  • Access and trust your own business guidance
  • Be accountable in implementing and taking action, inspired, and establish consistency in your business

Sound good? :-)


A Very Merry December Coaching Special

Just 5 ONE lucky last spot available


A comprehensive welcome packet
2 x 120 minute coaching intensives over Skype (to start in January)
Access to business foundations workbooks (branding, pricing + packaging, time management)
Access to my new program on income + money goals
Unlimited email coaching support



Click here to secure your spot!

Ready? I’m so thrilled and excited to be working with you personally. I know how powerful 1:1 support is (the personalized attention and feedback on your work, really having someone know your business/why you do what you do inside and out, and having weekly accountability and support in creating your goals). I can’t wait to work with you! Click here to book in your coaching and I’ll be in touch shortly with everything you need to get started.

Questions? Please feel free to email me here with the subject line “A Very Merry December Coaching Special” and I’ll get back to your questions as soon as I can!

Jia Ni x

P.S: Know someone who might love and benefit from coaching, and this special? Share this with them! ;)

P.P.S: Let’s consider The Gift of Transformation (and investing in yourself) for a moment. Even if you don’t choose to invest in this coaching package, how can you invest in yourself this holiday season? Something truly incredible opens up when we say YES to our goals, dreams, and vision – so if there’s one thing you can do for yourself this holiday, consider how you can invest in your dreams – and then take action! I’ll still be cheering you on from here! ;)