Claim Your Power As A Woman

Posted on: September 20, 2013 Category: Self Mastery

Feeling powerless in relationships, in health and fitness, and in many areas of my life had been the norm for me for a good 18-19 years. This is a subject that’s very near and dear to my heart, and something I feel extremely passionate about sharing with you today … why women feel powerless, and how you can re-claim this power and stand in your beauty and your truth from Now onwards.

Firstly, what the energy of ‘power’ embodies to me is a sense of real strength, confidence. It feels high frequency and a very solid knowing. It feels like the calm before the storm, and I believe that when more of us allow ourselves to BE powerful, we allow ourselves to be more of who we truly are, and our world will be transformed as a result.

There are two very fundamental things that are essential for a woman to embody when she’s journeying deeper into her power…

1. Honour your agreements

What agreements / promises have you made? When we say ‘yes’ and commit to something, it is absolutely essential to follow through and honour our agreements. When we show up late to our commitments, or not show up at all, or quit – we’ve not honoured ourselves and our words – which translates into us not valuing our time/energy/power. And we feel powerless as a result.

What do you require to follow-up with? It’s important to gift a sense of completion to all of our agreements, or else it could feel like an energetic drain or power leak. This week, allow yourself the permission of looking at the things that you’ve committed to but perhaps decided to leave incomplete. And of course, always honour the promises you make.

2. Owning (& communicating) your Truth

Taking a stand for my Truth is one of the most profound shifts I’ve ever experienced. What part of you are you not allowing yourself to fully express?

Are you hiding a part of you from fear of being judged? When you finally allow yourself to speak your truth (yes, even when it seems scary) – you stop holding your power back, and you’ll immediately feel a sense of relief rush over you as your frequency increases!

Next time you feel like you require to express your truth – let yourself and give yourself to permission to. When you feel yourself holding back, observe what’s coming up and why, rather than running from it or sticking a happy face sticker on it.

There are so many opportunities for us to be even more of who we’re here to become – more joyous, more powerful, more loving, more open. So have fun – every moment is an opportunity for healing and true transformation!


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