Close the Gap: You & Your Vision

Posted on: May 7, 2015 Category: Self Mastery


This week let’s talk about closing the gap … between you and your vision.

What are you not be/do/having that the version of you who’s living the vision is be/do/having?

One of the things I practice myself and with clients who are committed to start living their vision is to answer the question above – and start leaning into the reality of the vision.


Journal on this question: What do you know you are meant to START being/doing/having to start living your vision? And what are you meant to STOP being/doing/having?

A few of mine (at different times of my journey) include(d): 

Being only available to say ‘YES’ when it’s a 110% YES.

Eliminating coffee and adding juices/smoothies.

Studying wealth consciousness on a daily basis.

Caring less about what others think (being more connected to my truth).

A daily fitness routine including pilates/yoga.

Having high-level support in my business and life. 

Having a different types (and levels) of conversations.

Five ways you can get started in closing the gap …

1. Working on your MINDSET (including your wealth consciousness, self-worth, relationship with time, yourself, and others) through continually developing yourself personally.

2. Create structure in your schedule that allows you to live more of your philosophy and engage in activities of your desired lifestyle.

3. Start a dream (or Pinterest) board that reflects your vision and connect with both your small and big visions on a daily basis.

4. Create a plan to start living your vision, and start implementing now.

5. Journal on who you require to grow into in order to start living the vision. (Firmer boundaries, a fierce can-do attitude, replacing negativity with positivity etc.)

Closing the gap on a daily basis (by taking the smallest action steps) will start yielding you to life that you’ve always dreamed of living before you know it! Start closing the gap and see how your vision starts to show up all around you. ;)

In the comments below: Share ONE way you’re going to start closing the gap today!

Have fun!

Jia Ni x

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