Your Consistency = Your Connection to Your Value

Posted on: March 29, 2017 Category: Business & Entrepreneurship

Your consistency & how consistently you are showing up in your business is DIRECTLY related to how connected you are to your vision, your value and the impact of your work (message, services etc.)

Your Consistency = Your Connection To Your Value

Running your own business can be a journey filled with all kinds of fears, concerns and highs + lows.

Let’s talk about these fears for a moment :

The dangers of giving in to our fears is that we stay in our comfort zone, playing small, remaining safe and unseen/hidden.

When we feel overwhelmed by fear — we naturally feel the need to pull back from our business, which may lead to lack of consistency in our action-taking or showing up.

Because it feels safer and more comfortable to surrender to our fears, we can stay stuck when it comes to our goals (because we aren’t showing up consistently and playing the BIG game that we know we are meant for).

Success is all about showing up with consistency.

It’s about showing up to do the work every day, even (especially) when others are not. ;-)

There are a few options that we can see (to have consistency despite fear), one being —

We can push and convince ourselves to IGNORE the fear, to ‘not think about those concerns’.

Yet, this solution is temporary.

Not looking at our fears and making peace with them doesn’t mean they’re not there.

It’s not a long-term solution.

So, what can we do instead?

Here’s an option I propose —

We get SO connected to our value + impact that we are so LED by that — we feel compelled to show up with consistency.

In order to be consistent …

We must get deeply CONNECTED to the value of our work.

We must very clearly KNOW the impact of our Truth.

We must STAY aligned to our knowing + value + impact.

Because connecting to your value and the impact that your work creates helps you be more CONSISTENT, which helps you create and followthrough with your:

  • Goals
  • Projects
  • Launches
  • Creations & Ideas
  • And so much more…

3 prompts to help you connect to your value :

1. ‘My (body of) work is powerful and necessary because ….’

2. Why is it absolutely essential that your program reaches and helps your ideal clients NOW?

3. How does your work and message IMPACT? (Think: on a large scale)

I really saw things when I started receiving coaching. At first, I was transformed — I started to take an active participation in CREATING my life (vs. letting life happen, or just resigning to whatever showed up). Then, I witness my sister transforming her life and taking a more active participation in her life. It started with her asking me about vision boards and goal setting, and us doing our vision boards together — and now she’s got her own arsenal of tools to support her on every level. And then my parents, friends, clients ‘awakened’ to a new way of living and creating Life. It still astounds me today — as I coach my clients I know that they will take these messages and learnings and inspire those around them to do things in a different way because of our work together!

Journal out and get so clear and specific on the momentous IMPACT of your work. The astounding ripple effect that it has in this world and consciousness.

Sometimes we might think that our business is supports our clients (and us) in creating an amazing lifestyle, experiences, wealth and abundance. However, that’s also thinking *too small*.

Your work is so valuable, and it has a greater impact than just 2 people. (I’m certain of it!)

So — Reach deeper. Think bigger.

Then, show up.

The showing up with consistency part becomes so much easier when it’s about SO MUCH MORE.

(Quitting just isn’t an option when you know your unique value + impact — because, if not you then who?)

Is time management and organization stopping you from having consistency in business?

I’ve created an audio training just for you. 

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I know you can do it!


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