Creating A Life You Don’t Need A ‘Break’ From

Posted on: August 9, 2016 Category: Business & Entrepreneurship/ Self Mastery

Creating A Life You Don't Need A 'Break' From

We’ve been away on our annual winter getaway and it has been really FUN.

It’s also inspired me to reconnect deeply with a goal I had set in 2013.

“To create a life that feels like a vacation – all year round”.

Juicy, right?

Is this something that sounds really exciting to you too? ;)

Let’s start here: What about vacations do you absolutely love?

How can you (re)structure your life – so that it feels like a vacation all year round?

When I did this exercise many years back, I noted the following:

+ I love having the space to receive inspired ideas while I’m on vacation. Being on vacation meant no rigid structure. It meant being totally open to flow with Spirit, something that my regular days felt lacking of.

+ I love the sunshine, the warmth, the sun-kissed skin that vacations promise! I love feeling excited every morning as I leap out of bed – feeling so excited to be alive.

+ I love treating myself with shopping, good food, and spa treatments. I love staying in luxury hotels where everything is so considered and the service makes you feel so taken care of all the time!

Creating A Life You Don't Need A 'Break' From What has happened since then:

+ I’ve created a business that allows me to have Mondays and Friday evenings with no rigid structure, allowing myself to be moved by inspiration, guided by intuition – and many of my best ideas come from these days!

+ For the last 3 years, I’ve always travelled during the coldest months of Australian winter to somewhere warm, tropical, and sunny. My quest to chase the sunshine continues!

+ I’ve created a life and career that has me jumping out of bed every morning, excited to work with my clients, create content for my blog, develop exciting projects, and so much more.

+ Good food, self-care treatments, and shopping are no longer my “only on vacation” treats! Honestly, I used to go on a bit of a binge on massages while away because I really needed it. It was a big deal at the time to treat myself to massages (and it was a rare occasion justified only when physical impairment occurred)! Today, I no longer feel the need to binge because my body continues to be regularly tended to – whether on vacation or not.

Can you see the trend here? ;)

When we start identifying the areas we desire change in, with the intention to transform them – opportunities arise for us to make new choices. When we have the courage to make these new choices, we are able to step into a new level of being & living.

It is truly all a choice – whether we live day to day awaiting our next ‘getaway’, or live every day feeling like we are living our dream vacation!

What are you choosing?

Much love,

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