Cultivating Your Beautiful Reality

Posted on: March 1, 2014 Category: Self Mastery


Once upon a time, my mind was constantly full – with chaotic noises, thoughts, and there was always some calculus/mathematics problem solving going on (yup 8-).


It definitely felt like a restaurant in my mind – and not the classy, quiet, tranquil type. I remember just hearing conversations, questions, noises whenever I stopped to listen (which was rarely and mostly at bed time).

As within, so without.

So, of course, my life was totally full and chaotic as well. I seemed to always find myself over-committed to projects, letting someone else make choices for me, and not living my life on my own terms.

How could I – when I couldn’t even hear my own voice in the midst of the ‘noise’, right?

How To Cultivate & Create Your Beautiful Reality

1. Pause & Listen.

Right now, just pause – be still. Notice what’s being broadcasted in your mind. What’s going on between the temples? What are you occupying your mind with? How do you speak to yourself, to your body, to others?

My experience: When I first started this practice, I became aware that my mind was a chaotic restaurant kitchen, trying to balance all the stimulus happening around me. I was also surprised at how hard I was on myself. The more I pause, listen, and tune in – the more serene and tranquil it has become. And my outer reality also acts as proof to what’s going on within.

2. Empty your mind. Create space.

Get it all out on paper. The lists, things ‘on your mind’, the untold stories, all of it.

My experience: Creating mental whitespace has saved me from overwhelm (and fear of overwhelm).

3. Consciously fill your mind with beautiful things.

Positive affirmations, writing gratitude lists, meditation are some of the practices that never fail to attune my mind to beauty, truth, and love. Most times we’re pre-occupied with the outer physical reality, forgetting to tend to the inner garden – which actually dictates what manifests outside.

My experience: Increasing my frequency through a constant immersion of beautiful and kind thoughts – of me, others, and everything – has changed my entire reality (to say the least)! As always, practice makes perfect and this is one to keep practicing as you would a lifestyle (a.k.a 24/7).

4. Stay away from the not-so-beautiful things.

Or the downright nasty thoughts whether from your own self, or from your surroundings.

My experience: You get to choose what you think. On the other hand, I used to think that the only solution was to ‘suck it up’ and withstand being in these situations – as well as not “be so sensitive”. Anyone relate?

The truth is, we always have a choice – perhaps it’s removing yourself completely from a negative situation, or empowering yourself to be no longer be affected. I’ve realized that the power is always completely with you.

In the comments below – What’s your favourite practice to keep your mind filled with beauty? I’d love to hear from you!

Jia Ni

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