My Decision-Making Process

Posted on: March 15, 2017 Category: Self Mastery

Many entrepreneurs stay stuck because they get paralysed when it comes to making decisions, and the 'No stay' always feels safer than 'Yes leap'.

There IS a way to get past this paralysis... First, we must understand that paralysis happens when we choose to focus on what making a decision/investment is going to cost us (what we are losing out on by making the decision)...

I invite you to shift your focus so you can have a birds-eye view of the entire landscape!

A Self-Reflective Prompt to Help You Make Powerful Decisions

Personally, every single time I make a DECISION around investing - I take myself through the following process. It looks like this :

"What is it costing me to NOT make this investment?"
What is it costing you not feeling easeful, aligned & supported around your business goals and actions on a daily basis?

"What do I have to gain from making this investment/leap?"
What do you have to gain when you join Easeful?

Instead of focusing on what you have to lose, tune into what you have to GAIN.

When we have the entire picture, then we are able to make empowered and informed decisions that propel our business forward in a powerful way!

What You'll Receive in Easeful:

  • Easeful Core Workbook that helps you set and align to your business and income goals (and vision) that are truly authentic, joyful and meant for you
  • 30 Day Magic Money Templates to help you focus every day, week and month in your business — this is where the magic is! (Think: Being able to identify income generating actions that propel you closer to your vision every. single. day. Quantum leaps are totally possible for you.)
  • Monthly goal setting calls, plus business & mindset trainings where we will cover how to enrol clients you love, be a powerful business owner or coach/healer that changes the world with your work, sell authentically and with ease, plus more
  • I'll personally be in the group to answer your questions and support you in the journey of building and aligning to a thriving business and brand that you LOVE
  • A wonderful, supportive Easeful community filled with female entrepreneurs who are 100% committed to their journey and a place you can be seen, heard, celebrated & seek support
  • Lifetime access to Easeful (you'll get new course updates, membership site upgrades, and lock in at this current most affordable price even if the pricing goes up or pricing structure changes in the future)

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See you on the 'inside'!

Much love,

PS : When it comes to making decisions around saying 'YES' to transformation... There will always be an element of intuitive knowing + research + finally making the leap in faith. If you know there's more for you to gain than there is to 'lose' when it comes to investing in Easeful, then what are you waiting for? :-)

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