Deepen Your Relationship with Beauty

Posted on: October 18, 2013 Category: Self Mastery


“‘Beauty is truth, truth beauty,’ – that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.”
-John Keats

I first heard this quote around three months ago from one of my mentors, Tara Marino, and it continues to have an impact on me on a deeper level everyday…

As women we have such an eye for + are naturally drawn to beauty. We certainly ENJOY and appreciate beauty!


Yet I’ve seen so many women (myself included) reject beauty. Perhaps we see it as something superficial, and fear being judged if we step into it FULLY, or fear that people won’t see us for who we truly are within.

Or maybe we feel it’s additional. We think that it is something ‘extra’, not something we require in our daily life.

The truth is, allowing yourself to receive beauty is absolutely essential in your life & business.

When we reject or choose NOT to see our beauty, we are rejecting our truth.

And this not only immediately lowers our frequency, it also puts us out of alignment and leads us away from receiving.

What do we do? We compensate by striving to work harder, we try harder than ever – to no avail. Because it’s not about doing more, it’s about getting into alignment with our truth.

This week, I invite you to infuse beauty in your life & in your business!

Before you go into overwhelm and feel “OH, yet another thing to add to my to-do list!” … ;)

I want you to feel into this and read what I’ll be sharing with you next (because it WILL absolutely change your entire life)!

Start now by recognizing beauty.

Recognize beauty everywhere you go.

That’s all. (That is in fact, the first step you require to take!)

Beauty is all around us – yet most of us have our heads down while we’re walking, or we’re completely tuned out as we focus on ‘what’s next’ or ‘the destination’ – and we forget about the journey.

To be fully engaged in life we require to fully experience life. 

Action Step: Look for beauty around you this week.

Perhaps it’s the way a grandfather looks after at his grandson, maybe it’s the way a little boy’s face lights up when he sees his babycino set in front of him by the waiter in a cafe, perhaps it’s appreciating the blooming roses in your neighbourhood florist, and perhaps it’s appreciating the beauty in another woman or man.

I invite you to look for beauty around you – to see it, feel it, and receive the experience. 

Enjoy the experience!

Let me know what opens up for you down in the comments area below. I’d love to hear from you..

Love and Beauty,

P.S. This is a HUGE piece of my formula that I teach all of my private clients. I have witnessed massive healing and opening occur as a result of incorporating this piece.

Allow yourself to say YES to your beauty and be open to some big shifts within you and around you!

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  1. I see beauty when I look in the mirror, when I see my reflection and go, "Oh, how beautiful." :) I see beauty when I look at my mother's face. When I feel the sun on my cheek. When I see a little child laughing in the rain.

    I see beauty when I look at the world, because I see that everything is beautiful and everything is magical.

    Thank you for sharing this, Jia. :)

  2. Shari says:

    Love this “Beauty is all around us – yet most of us have our heads down while we’re walking, or we’re completely tuned out as we focus on ‘what’s next’ or ‘the destination’ – and we forget about the journey. I fully intend to lift up my head :) Thanks for the reminder <3

  3. I see beauty in nature, in the common tasks I complete to make my home more comfortable for my family, for the wonderful scents of meals cooking. Thank you for this nudge to notice!

  4. Liz Scully says:

    Great post! One of the things I get my clients to do is simply say out loud when something pleases them 'that makes me very happy'. Often that's clouds, or fruit, or their kids playing… over time you realise how often you say it and that is beautiful. but you could just as easily say 'that is very beautiful and that makes me very happy'. Even better result!

  5. Jia Ni Teo says:

    Wow Otiti Jasmine Ovuewhorie… I so feel you, your truth, and your beauty shining through. Truly a gift to be able to experience beauty the way you allow yourself to. What a gift…;)

  6. Jia Ni Teo says:

    Liz Scully Amazing! Beauty is such an essential piece… Your clients are blessed indeed!

  7. Jia Ni Teo says:

    Beautiful April Powell Carchietta!!Always a pleasure!!