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Posted on: January 16, 2014 Category: Self Mastery

What an introspective week it has been!

This past week I’ve returned to the drawing board – reflecting on my vision, what 2014 is meant for, and designing 2014 ahead to support me in experiencing my desires.

This stuff really works! Everything I’ve written and created around my vision in 2013 has come true in the most spectacular ways.

Take some time this week to go through the process I personally use (below) and have fun!

The Life You Love Designing Process

1. Get clear on your vision

Clarity is 99% of the work done.

What is your vision for 2014 – what does it FEEL/LOOK like? Engage in your senses. ;)

We are usually after the feeling or emotion – centred around happiness. We believe that having something will make us happier.

Go deeper – most of us have more refined core values. What makes you happy? Is it… Freedom? Love? Joy? Radiance? Sensuality? Beauty? Magic? Success? Achievement? Support?

Action step: Get clear and connect with your vision and core values. Make decisions that are centred around “will this help me experience my core desired feelings?”

2. Get clear on what you require (your non-negotiables)

8 hours sleep? Going to the gym three times a week? Daily wealth consciousness training? Bi-weekly massages and facials?

Action step: Get it all down on paper! Then schedule it into your calendar. If it’s not in the calendar, it’s not real!

3. Get clear on the environment you require to be in

Surround yourself with like-minded people who desire to design the life they love, too.

‘You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.’ So who are you surrounding yourself with?

Action step: Hire a coach or mentor, and surround yourself with people who inspire you and will 100% believe in and support you in living your true potential and greatness. Surround yourself with those who believe in you even when you may start doubting yourself. 

4. Get clear on what you require to do

Action is paramount to success.

Go deep within, or hire a mentor/coach, ask “What is it that I require to do to experience the life I love and live my vision?”

Action step: Take action that will bring you closer to your vision on a daily basis. 


You’re complete with the process – now keep the focus, take the action steps, hire the support team you require to assist you, and implement those action steps.

What a momentous and powerful year 2014 will be for all of us. ;)

Much Love,
Jia Ni

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