Let’s Detox + 5 Tips to Aid Detox

Posted on: September 4, 2012 Category: Health & Wellness

Hey guys!

I just wanted to write to you today to commit and share with you that I’m going to ‘DETOX’ this month. This post is very much inspired by Doreen Virtue’s Angel Detox Month, which I will participate in. I’m sure you’ve heard of the word ‘detox’ before, right?

The word ‘detox’ to me means giving up, releasing and letting go of toxins, negative emotions and other low vibration things that no longer serve our greater purpose and happiness. Some people go on a juice fast/detox to nourish their body through liquid nutrition, and in doing so allowing stored and accumulates toxins and wastes to be eliminated from the body.

Here’s my commitment to myself and to you.

This month, I’ll be detoxing from my negative patterns and behaviours.

My little background story

In the past, I’ve always been a very hyperactive child. I could never sit still, and I was always running up and down stairs or talking way way too quickly. I never had laser-like focus, and I very very much fit the description of a Gemini down to a T. On good days, I’d be excited, chatty and inspired. On not-so-good days, I would feel overwhelmed, anxious and my emotions would skyrocket and crash, and I’d feel all over the place (fitting the personality of The Twins).

In an attempt to control my emotions make myself more stable, I recently did a lot of deep digging work, and realized that I am engaging in a lot of self-sabotaging behaviour in order to ‘contain’ my Self instead of working with my Self.

I’ve been suppressing my emotions for the past few years. In other words, I try very hard to be less expressive so that I feel more stable energetically. Growing up, I was always called “sensitive” because I was very sensitive to energy and emotions of the people around me and would be deeply affected by them. Instead of embracing this aspect of me, I tucked it away somewhere crossing my fingers that I would forget about it.

What I failed to realize is that the life lesson was not to “forget” about it, but to nurture this part of me. Bottled up emotions are never good. The lesson was to be able to learn how to work with the never-ending energy I had and channel this energy into creative outlets. This month, I am going to relearn how to tune in with my emotions and intuition, sit and meditate on them, and use my overflowing energy positively.

I also started multi-tasking because of the tendency to have endless energy and attention. I have a huge amount of energy within me, and I really have no idea where to direct it. My mind wanders everywhere and instead of accepting this fact, and then nurturing it and working with my wandering mind to achieve greatness – I turned to a quick fix. That fix was multitasking. I picked up eating whilst working (eating mindlessly) in attempt to divert energy elsewhere when engaging in tasks.

No quick fixes work. We all know that. Stimulants like caffeine/sugar don’t work, and in the long run – it taxes you. Everything starts to crumble down because there is no solid foundation. This month, in September, I intend to do everything mindfully. I’ve been cultivating mindfulness in my life since the beginning of this year, and have found much more inner Peace. But this month, I’m taking it up a notch and bringing in more peace  to silence the chaos within. I’ll talk about how I intend to do it below! I also realize that when I do things mindfully and with intention, the outcome is always great. And I feel great because of that.

I’m not sure where I picked up this thought pattern (probably it was instilled when I was young). But I always have a false belief that life can’t be perfect. Miracles don’t happen (unless you’re a fictional character), and that if everything is going perfectly, something terrible is bound to happen next. Since life has been pretty awesome lately, I find myself relapsing into this pattern. At every corner I turn, I hold my breath and wonder if the sky is going to fall, or if some negative experience is going to happen. I’m starting to expect bad things to happen, because I keep thinking that life just can’t be a series of miracles.

Well, I have had enough of this self-limiting belief. We are the creators of our own destiny, and within us is the greatest power of all – the power of intention. When we intend something to happen, the whole Universe starts to shift to make it happen for us. I will now stand out of my own way and let life flow with ease, since that is the natural order of things. And a message to my ego – Thank you very much, but I believe in miracles.

Set Your Intention

I am a huge firm believer of setting intentions. I talk about it in my eBook, and I set intentions every day physically or mentally. Intentions are the basis and the start of everything. Everything starts with an intention. I’d love for you to take up this practice, and see it transform your life. For the purpose of this blog post, the intention will be focusing on health + wellness and benefits from detoxing. My current favourite way of setting intentions is to state it, and then give the “why” and “action steps” to them.

My intention is to free myself from my own self-limiting behaviours and beliefs.

Because I love the feeling of letting go of things that no longer serve my happiness, purpose and Self.

Because I know that I will feel great as I release these barriers and blocks.

Because I understand that I will be able to improve and be a better person.

I will take action by practicing the 5 practices below.

5 Practices to Aid the Process of Detoxing

1. A plant-based diet

I’ve been speaking to lots of health coaching buddies lately, and everyone that has been on a plant-based, cruelty-free diet always comes back with the same message. That is, they feel much more connected to the flow of life, much more aware and much more at peace. Personally, I couldn’t agree more. I am more easily inspired and I feel that I am more able to sit still and appreciate the beauty around us after embarking on this way of eating. I’m not saying you have to cut out all animal products immediately – I am simply suggesting that you opt for high-quality organic, hormone-free meat and eat more vegetables and fruits!

Food is the only form of art that we take into our body, so make sure that you prepare your food with love and with the intention of nourishing every cell of your body! We are all vibrational beings – and one of my beliefs is that when we eat foods with high vibration (like plant food and food prepared with love), we are taking into our body that energy, and they will form the basis and are the building blocks of our body.

I am sure you want to build your body with fresh, luscious, colourful whole foods (instead of building it with deep fried, processed foods)! And here’s a good post to get you jump started!

2. Lots of rest 

Rest is so important, yet we take it for granted most of the time. This month I promise myself to sleep at least 8 hours at night, and take a break when necessary. If you missed out on my newsletter this week (sign up here so you don’t miss out on the next ones), I wrote about experiencing sudden fatigue, which had been a result of saying “no” to my body’s cries for rest, and soldiering on.

I also realize that when I am not well rested, I tend to be less in tune and in sync with my intuition. I feel hungry all the time, and constant engagement in eating doesn’t fill me up. This is because what I needed was never food, it was rest!!!

3. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Water – so important to drink up to aid in flushing out the toxins that will be resurfacing.

4. Being in the state of allowing

Sometimes we hold onto negative thought patterns and behaviours as a protective mechanism. Perhaps it gives us something to be guilty about so that we don’t dig deep and find the root cause. We feel guilty for being negative, and begin a cycle of negative behaviour. Subconsciously, we may not even want to allow ourselves to remove negative behaviour because it means we NEED to confront the REAL problem!

What we need to do is be willing to look at the root cause of addictions/negative behaviour and address that. Allow yourself to be free from these behaviours. Time to let them go!

5. Replace with happy thoughts

Simply removing things and patterns don’t work (which is why many diets don’t work). Instead, replacing negative behaviours with positive and healthy ones are much more sustainable and don’t put you in a place of lack and deprivation. Nobody likes to be in a place of lack! I’m saturating my life with lots of happy thoughts, happy people and other things that uplift me. Nothing works better than taking a step away from self-limiting beliefs and taking a leap towards self-nourishing practices.

Start now.

While detoxing, some symptoms such as breakouts, irritability, tiredness and a whole lot of other resistance will resurface. Be okay with the process, keep calm, and carry on. Know that it didn’t take a few days to build a negative pattern or addiction, and thus these patterns will not be de-constructed in a day or 2.

In the comments below, let me know – what do you plan on letting go/detoxing from this month? Any addictions, dependence, self-limiting thoughts and behaviours you want to free yourself from?

I strongly encourage you to share them here, or alternatively you may email me at jiani@jianiteo.com. This is a place of non-judgement. I want you to share it because there is something magical about sharing an intention and putting your intention out in this world that sets forth a series of events. The Universe starts shifting once you share your intention with another, and before you know it – you have achieved what you wanted. :)

I’m excited to share new insights, tips, and practices that I find useful or pick up throughout this month in upcoming blog posts!

Love & Light,
Jia Ni

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  1. Maddison says:

    What a great way to start spring! I have recently started setting intentions – my favourite thing to do when I practise yoga. I love all your ideas, especially that you can’t just get rid of the negative you have to put some positive in again.
    I read a great article the other day that really reasonated with me and helped me discover what I think will be an intention I want to focus on some more, which is the pause. So instead of instantly giving into temptation that treat, facebook, or a buying splurge I want to take a moment to pause and see if these things will truly serve me. If they don’t it’s much easier to not do these things after the ‘pause’. Thanks for the great article x

    • Jia Ni says:

      That’s amazing, Maddison. Intentions are powerful stuff!

      Aww, that’s a beautiful idea – the ‘pause’. It’s like meditating and sitting with things for awhile and see if they still resonate with you after a few days. And you still feel good about it – you know that’s your heart and soul’s calling (and not your ego). Thank you for sharing and dropping by, beautiful.

      Jia Ni xx

  2. Loved this blog – as a fellow Gemini, I can identify with many of your traits. I am trying to overwrite a thought pattern of failure and have realized that I need to find my success stories to replace the old stories with.

    • Jia Ni says:

      Yay, Cindy! Hello fellow Gemini!

      Concentrate on success stories, feel them, and milk them. Law of attraction will bring you more of the like, more success your way. :)

      Thanks for dropping by!

      Jia Ni

  3. Ah, very familiar limiting beliefs; these 3 are huge for me as well. My biggie, which I take little steps towards releasing every day, is simply believing I’m enough just as I am. Worthiness. Loving the release I’m getting, although it’s slow and steady work. I have daily intentions, but I’m going to try your monthly intention; love! Looking forward to hearing about your month x

    • Jia Ni says:

      You are SO worthy, Lucie. I’ve read your blog, your writing, and your intentions – they are powerful. They are inspiring, uplifting and so positive. Thanks for dropping by darlin’. x

  4. I really loved this post Jia Ni!! I really identified with being called “sensitive” as a child and am a pisces but have gemini as my rising sign. I find I have learned to hide my sensitive side for fear of being thought of as “weak”. I’m only now learning to allow that side of myself expression and to feel some pride in it as well. Baby steps.

    I’d really like to let go of my not truly believing in myself. I’ve only noticed it lately but it runs deep. But it has been a gift to recognize this and now I can begin to rebuild that belief in me.

    • Jia Ni says:

      Aww Kelly, thanks for sharing your story with me. :) Wishing you all the best with your journey. Also got your lovely email – replying it now. xo