The beauty of doing

Posted on: November 1, 2013 Category: Self Mastery

I receive a lot of emails and comments asking me exactly HOW I DO IT. How do I complete full-time university studies with excellence, being there 110% for my clients, coaching my clients in their evolution in life + biz, travelling around the world, while continually staying committed and showing up for myself, my growth, in my relationships — while stepping into the expansive possibilities in my life and business (etc.)? 


First, are you spinning in unnecessary doing? 

By that, I mean do you constantly keep yourself ‘busy’ and feel guilty when you’re not doing? 

I used to be extremely addicted to being ‘busy’ and I was always in a state of doing. I was completely hooked AND when I wasn’t on a work-related task, I’d feel fidgety – even guilty that perhaps I was wasting my time away.

I knew there was a better way. And when I know a better way exists, I go there!

Transforming my perspective and relationship with do-ing has assisted me in expanding simultaneously into many of my desires without self-sacrifice – and with a lot of beauty and elegance. I know it will do the same for you.

Spinning in a state of over-doing is actually counter-productive because we actually require to BE more in order to fully engage and harness in the power of DOing.

It may sound counter-intuitive, but transforming my relationship with doing into one that supports and fulfils me has actually helped me to elegantly step into MORE in my life and business.

The truth is we don’t require to do more to have more. We actually require to be more…

We require to listen more intently and fully engage in life with all 7 of our senses.

In those moments of be-ing and connection, we know exactly what we require to do (minus the overstimulatory busywork).

And then when we take those inspired action steps, we create maximum impact (with maximal ease and grace).

This week I invite you – to stop saying ‘I should be doing …’ and stop the guilt.

What is your truth now? If your truth is to go and take a nap, then go take a nap.

And if a voice says “Oh, you shouldn’t be taking a nap – you should be doing _____.”

Simply remind yourself “I AM doing it…” ;)

Here are a few gems of a reminder:

Remember that simply be-ing and enjoy-ing right now is a form of do-ing.

+ Do-ing things that make you happy (dancing, singing, ice skating, decorating your home) is doing.

+ Keeping your frequency high is do-ing. 

+ Be-ing fully in the here + now is doing.

+ Feeling your feelings, emotions, and processing them is doing.

+ Living sensually is doing. ;)

This week’s action step: Slow down. Start living sensually. Remind yourself you’re already DOING it just by being here and now.

And you’re doing awesome at it, too!

Jia Ni x

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