The Enchantress & Harnessing Your Feminine Magic

Posted on: July 12, 2013 Category: Self Mastery

Calling ALL Enchantresses: Are you ready to harness your MAGIC?


This is Jia Ni and I am here to INVITE you to my upcoming training call series – The Enchantress!

Right now you’re feeling frustrated and burnt out, you are DOING so much, you are working SO HARD … and the results you see do not match up with the energy and effort you are putting in.

You feel like it’s not worth it – you want to give up… You’re angry and helpless because you KNOW that it’s meant to be easy, and QUICK – and you know that there is a way – AN EASIER, more feminine, more graceful, more MAGICAL way.


The way from of FLOW, of EASE, of EFFORTLESSNESS.

To be in your FEMININE place where you can take inspired action all the time and do what you LOVE while you RECEIVE abundance and LOVE from your business, your clients, and your Source.

So here’s one thing you must to get started…. 

+ You must Re-integrate your enchantress within you AND activate her powers.

When you re-integrate the magic that is DORMANT within, everything changes – you experience life on a WHOLE NEW DIFFERENT LEVEL.

Manifestations happen with more ease, grace, elegance & BEAUTY.

You feel inspired and ALIVE all the time. And you are on FIRE.


I am inviting you to my upcoming ENCHANTRESS preview call series where I will be covering JUICY JUICY secrets on how YOU can completely integrate your Enchantress into your being and harness her her magic to manifest your desires – AND FAST.

Magic loves speed – and I know you do too! 


Click here to receive your invitation to The Enchantress call.

And let the magic begin!!

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