Enriching Your Self Worth To Live Your Desired Life

Posted on: October 11, 2014 Category: Self Mastery

Following on the topic “What stops most women from living their desires” with last week’s post here on Tall Poppy Syndrome (and the first layer of resistance).

This week, let’s move into the second layer of resistance that holds us back from living our biggest, brightest, shiniest lives.



Self-love is deeply connected to our sense of self worth.

Most people base their self worth on the outer, tangible, materialistic achievements and belongings.

But this actually perpetuates insecurity.

“If one day, I lost everything I have accumulated materialistically (e.g. money, flashy cars, high-paying job), how would I feel about me?”

A person who has based their worth heavily on achievements and material will feel terror, fear, and even depressed that their identity is lost.

A person who has based their worth on their deep sense of self-love may feel sad, but ultimately their confidence and happiness won’t sizzle away.

Self-love allows us to cultivate self worth, which brings in what we desire to create in our lives.


How do we cultivate self-love + self worth?

By cultivating selfishness.

By loving ourselves through the good – and the bad. The beautiful – and not so beautiful.

By valuing ourselves enough (and more) to take risks, follow our truths, and putting our requirements first.

By not settling for less, or self abandoning because it’s easier to avoid the situation/problem/take the risk.

By loving ourselves so much that we invest in our growth, say ‘YES’ to our desires, and believe in manifesting our power.

This week, I invite you to journey through the layer of self-love.

Through the clarity of finding what your true desires are (last week’s post will help), and then loving ourselves through the process to have the faith in us, and the courage to stake it on us.


This week’s assignment

Where have you said avoided speaking/acting on your truth because it seemed easier to NOT? Then love yourself enough to go for it. 

We do it all the time.

Maybe it’s almost signing up for a coaching program but then backing out because the fear (excitement in disguise) seemed overwhelming, or not asking for the sale because it seemed easier to not take a stand.

Or not increasing your prices (even if you feel resentful and undervalued) because you’re afraid of what the response to be.

Self-love starts with you claiming your worth and saying that you’re worth it. ;)

Jia Ni

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