Why Everything Is Going to Be Okay

Posted on: November 13, 2012 Category: Self Mastery

Hi friends!

How’s everything going?

I wanted to pop by today to share a more personal piece of my tale – story – life. I know this blog usually encompasses more of the practical How-Tos or scientific geeky knowledge that pours out of my left brain – but today let’s take a different spin on things. You cool with that? Yeah? Cool.

A lot of my friends, family (and some strangers) tell me “Wow! You seem to have everything under control. That’s super – I’m envious, and I just think it’s great that you have the whole plan ahead figured out”. I always chuckle, say “Thanks”, and allow myself to appreciate the compliment.

Little do people know – I have NO FRICKIN’ IDEA what I’m doing (most of the time).

I don’t know what I’m going to have for dinner, or if  should watch The Walking Dead tonight (or save it till tomorrow because.. you know… zombies may appear in my dreams). Hmm… Should I open that coconut after breakfast or after dinner? Oh, choices galore!

Here’s the truth: I have no idea what’s going to happen next. And that’s okay. You know why? Because the next step always reveals itself. Life will unfold – in perfect timing. Hold unshakeable faith in knowing that.

If there’s one thing you’re stubborn about – choose to be stubborn about this : Everything WILL turn out the way it should be, and it will BENEFIT ALL.

My mom has always taught me to be a chronic planner. And I grew up living in fear of the Unknown – which was.. you know, pretty much all the time. Afterall, the future is always unknown. The next 10 minutes are unknown, the next year as well, and the next decade even more so. Maybe we’ll be able to time travel, maybe we’ll be living on Mars, maybe we’ll still be where we are.

Truthfully, living with grace comes with embracing the Unknown. Be OKAY with not knowing where you’ll be tomorrow, if you’ll have a job in 2 years, if the guy will call back, if someone else will eat that bar of chocolate or if you’ll get to it first. Be at PEACE. CHILL OUT.


This year, I’ve learnt to embrace and TRUST in the greater power. I don’t know what you call it – but some phrases that may resonate include: God, Spirit, Higher Self, Intuition, Higher Power…

I’ve learnt to trust that there is something/someone greater than all of us, that we are really part of something GREATER. In trusting that, I could live in the KNOWING that everything will unfold beautifully, in the right time, and perfectly. Everything is going to be okay.

It feels BLOODY AMAZING! Wooot.

Guess what? Things really turned out awesome-ly. And here’s an example of a miracle to prove it:

2 weeks ago, I didn’t know where I’d be moving to next year, even though I knew I had to move somewhere closer to where I studied. I didn’t want to go house hunting, because I was in the midst of exams. Everyone (my parents) were constantly texting, emailing, and reminding me to start looking at houses. That, PLUS the stress I’ve been feeling from exams – I was into overwhelm mode, almost crossing over to insanity and an outburst.

I could have been angry. But I chose not to.

I reminded myself “Outer chaos doesn’t mean inner chaos”.

Just because everyone, the whole mob, the environment around me seems to be a huge whirlwind of mess, frustration and chaos – I always have a choice. I could have chosen to be really frustrated, and start to sink into victim mode of “I’m having exams and you want me to go house-hunting? WHY? WHYYYY?” and fling my arms all around, shaking my fist – or I could choose to remain calm.

I chose to remain calm.

I chose to say “Guys, chill out. It will sort itself out, okay?” (Insert: A picture of me putting on my sunnies and walking away..)

Yes… My parents probably thought I was smoking something, that I was in lalaworld — but trust me, I wasn’t. When you know that some things are certain, that wellbeing is the only TRUTH — and that anything that isn’t well is just what we have manifested through fear, distrust, and in fear – blocking the wellbeing that’s our birthright, you too – my friend – can be as chill as me. Huzzah!

Guess what? Someone approached me after one of my exams when I was in uni, and told me that they were renting out a place. After exams, I dropped by to have a look – and it was perfect. Carpeted (which means I get to tumble around, cartwheel, do yoga in the lounge) – and the place is just what we (me and my sister) have been trying to LOOK for. Location – perfect. All the boxes – checked.

Effort – probably zero.

Frustration, anger, worry and doubt needed? None.

I chose to be still within, be the observer of my surroundings, and be the witness of the chaos. I chose not to partake in the chaos, but be still.

When we try to force things to happen, it’s because we don’t trust in the flow of life. I know it’s hard, and contradicting, because I’ve lived 20 years of my life forcing some things to happen, squeezing them out of me, and using every drop of my brain juice to will my way to make things work.

The result? Never satisfying.

And me in the end? Tired, uninspired, powerless. Le sigh.

There is a better way!

Trust. Trust in the flow of life. Trust in yourself. Trust in your inner voice.

Trust. Trust. Trust.

And eventually, that trust becomes a ‘KNOW’.

Can you imagine, living a life – just KNOWING that the next moment is going to be awesome? A life of anticipating miracles, great experiences, joy?

Yes, you can. You really can.

Are you going through rough, hectic times?
Are you in fear of what’s going to happen next?
Is everyone around you telling you that you really need to get things SORTED ALREADY?

Why not tell them (or yourself): “Chill out. Everything will be okay.”

And then put on some really cool shades and keep being awesome. Keep rockin’ it at life.


Peace & Love,



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