Fear vs. Excitement

Posted on: September 7, 2016 Category: Self Mastery

Jia-Ni-RelaxedA week ago, I committed to something very exciting. I’ll share more soon (watch this space).

Before I made the decision to commit – I was feeling all kinds of fear, nervousness, and even some anxiety!

It reminded me of an experience I had three years ago.

I’ve never shared the details of this experience in this way before, as it was one of the times where I felt fear (deeply).

That said, I know we learn effectively from each other’s experiences (and have done a lot of clearing work on this over the years), so I hope you take something from my sharing, even if it’s just a little piece of inspiration or a new idea. :-)

It was a time when I was living in a granny flat…

I was renting from a couple who lived in the main house. It was my first time living on my own – very exciting times! I had always previously lived in a room in a main house, so it was very new for me to have my own space/home and privacy.

It was all smooth sailing until they refused to fix a few things that were broken. After many months, I decided to move out as I was no longer available for it.

(To paint a picture: the internet was highly unreliable which I couldn’t do with running an online business, the hot water didn’t work early in the morning, the oven broke, they demanded extra charges that weren’t in the contract, and I found out they entered my home while I was out without permission…)

Anyway, the landlords were VERY unhappy (and did nothing to hide it).

It started to become a very energetically taxing – and toxic – place to live.

So I handed in my notice according to the rental agreement, rented a new apartment in the city, and started moving my things over bit by bit.

(To be clear, I wasn’t breaking the lease agreement. I also had been a great tenant for the during my time there, I always paid rent on time/early. And I kept the place clean and in a good state.)

One day, I came back to get more things to move over… And found out that they changed the door locks to my home so I couldn’t access it. They demanded extra rent in exchange for my entry.

Long story short, it was an experience that had me feel a lot of fear. I felt powerless a lot of the time – and the promise and vision of the other side – in this situation, a home that felt supportive – was what kept me going.


It absolutely felt easier at times to just go along with their demands, but it also didn’t feel right. Deep below my fear there was a tinge of excitement around the prospect of being out of this bind.

On days where I was feeling extra grounded, I even felt excitement around how this experience would grow me as a person. Looking back, I have learnt so much about standing my ground and holding my boundaries because of this situation!

Anyway, I’m sharing this in today’s newsletter because I know how fear can take over and paralyze us. It can make us doubt everything – especially ourselves. It can make us feel powerless.

My home is my sanctuary – it’s where I work, rest, create, dream, and ultimately where I feel safe. Going through the experience taught me A LOT about sticking my guns and navigating through the fear – no matter what. In this situation, it felt like I HAD to.

My biggest learning was this: When feeling fear in any area of your life, amp up the excitement – the positive anticipation of “the other side”.

Fear still comes up for me today.

It comes up when I work on creating a new offering, when I hire someone new to work in my business, when I have a vulnerable conversation about something that’s important to me with my man, when I renew with my coach, when I choose to create change in my life/business – to name a few.

How do I get past it?

I tune into my excitement. I amplify my vision of “the other side”. I let my level of excitement be 1% (or 0.1% even!) higher than my level of fear, and then I take the necessary action.

It’s not easy to take action in fear – I totally get it. But taking action in excitement and positive anticipation? That’s a whole different story. :-)

Much love,

PS: What are you looking to create in your life and business right now? More service? More value? More self-worth? More on-purpose work, projects, and clients? What kind of fears are coming up for you when you start thinking about going for your big goals and dreams? Tune UP the excitement right now and go for it!

PPS: Having access to my private coach throughout this ordeal was one of the biggest sources of support and grounding that I gifted myself (thank you Jia Ni! ;) – it truly helped me grow with as much grace as was available. The other side has been wonderful – I know I wouldn’t be where I am & who I am today if it were not for what I had to experience here.

Are you looking for support in navigating through challenges in your journey towards creating the life and business/career of your heart’s desires? Click here to book in a discovery call with me. Let’s explore what challenges you are facing and how I could support you in getting through to the other side, and beyond. :-)

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