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One piece I often hear from coaches who are starting out and in the beginning stages is this: “How can I feel more confident in coaching my clients?” and “How can I be more confident and grounded with my coaching packages/offering?”

In today’s post I want to share with you six shortcuts that will help boost your confidence in your coaching skills — even if you are just starting out.

I’ll preface by saying that while I certainly don’t believe that there are “shortcuts” to overnight success/confidence …. there are a few pieces that I’ve found can really assist in the process of being confident in your coaching practice — and that is exactly what I’ll be sharing in this post!


“You can start from where you are right now no matter where you are.”

When I first heard my coach say “you only need to be a few steps ahead to help someone that’s a few steps behind you” …. she illuminated something.


Where you currently are (your training, life experience, knowledge, skills) already holds the potential to assist people in their journey. While your confidence will continue to grow as you continue to invest in your training, yourself, education, programs, courses…. you can start right here, right now.

ACTION: Instead of ‘waiting’ for the right time to start and be confident, sit down and figure out who you can confidently assist with your experiences in your journey thus far. Don’t wait to put yourself in the game until you have accomplished x, y, z … when where you are today is the perfect starting point! “I can be confident now!”


Focus on delivering an INCREDIBLE experience (and results) to your current clients.

Why? At the end of the day, your results WILL speak for themselves.

In my experience, happy clients are not only a big joy to work with ….  they can also become amazing repeat clients to team up with again, and those who will lovingly share your work through genuine word of mouth ‘promotion’!

ACTION: Take your focus off your insecurities and self-doubt — instead, focus on how you can deliver high-level, high quality coaching support to your clients today.


Defining your role – as well as your client’s role – to your client can be a powerful way to start a coaching relationship.

Clarity around knowing what to expect can be created through letting them know exactly how they can max out on their coaching, what they can expect, and what the boundaries in place are (e.g. If you don’t coach or answer emails on weekends; require 24 hours to reschedule etc.) — which naturally translates to confidence in your ability, clarity around their expectations, and maxing out the coaching experience!

ACTION: Encourage your client to take responsibility by outlining how coaching with you works, what the guidelines are, and manage expectations.



One of the biggest anchors of confidence is knowing that you possess the skills, training, and qualifications in what you do.

Whether it’s having a certain number of coaching hours under your belt, or completing courses/programs to sharpen your skills …. increasing your knowledge and skill level in your area of expertise certainly brings a boost in your confidence.

ACTION: Is there an area you feel you require to sharpen your skills in / acquire new skills in? If so, are there any courses/programs on your radar that you’ve been called to research and participate in? Make movement on them!


When I first told my business coach that I desired to book in more private coaching clients, she recommended I start coaching clients immediately.

That week: I booked three pro-bono clients, and that same month sold my first high-end private coaching package when I saw that all my clients were already creating incredible results and mindset shifts!

Know that as you continue to coach more clients, your confidence will soar naturally. You’ll find your own unique coaching style, what you love coaching on, and discover your own rhythm and speed in your coaching business.

ACTION: The key to confidence here is to practice your art as much as you can!


Last but not least — my personal favourite in increasing your confidence in coaching is to allow yourself to experience it first-hand….

Investing in coaching with high-level mentors has been one of the biggest gifts I’ve gifted myself AND my business.

Through the experience, I was not only able to experience what it felt like to be supported by someone who was incredible at what they do … I was ALSO able to see exactly how I could support my clients in a deep and powerful way!

ACTION: Curious about coaching? Reach out to a coach whom you resonate with and experience what it feels like to be supported by them! You can also book in a complimentary discovery session with me here to find out if I’m right coach for you and if coaching together will support you in your life and business!

I hope you found these tips useful in growing your coaching confidence. If you know someone who might benefit from this article, go ahead and share this with me with one of the share buttons below! 

In the comments: I’d LOVE to hear what you’re committed to implementing to increase your coaching confidence this week!

Jia Ni x

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