The Four Dimensions of Wellbeing

Posted on: September 13, 2014 Category: Self Mastery

I love the word ‘wellbeing’, it literally means being well.

I also love it embodying/living wellbeing. Because I know that when I am well, and feel well both inside and out, I am able to live my best life. And from that high-flying energy and standpoint of feeling well, I can create and receive ANYTHING that I desire. Woohoo!

I’ve found that the 4 dimensions of wellbeing are essential pillars in living your best life – because when they’re strong and being taken care of, life just works. Incredibly.

Happiness. Bliss. Peace and harmony (inside + out).


Introducing the 4 dimensions of wellbeing… (& ways I nurture each one of them)


+ Moving my body. Walking. Gym time. Shaking it out. Dancing.

+ Creating space within by stretching.

+ Deep sensual breaths.

+ Eating healthful foods and drinks.

+ Staying organized.

+ Taking the effort to dress up beautifully.

+ Creating a bright beautiful inspiring space to live and work in (something I learnt from my dear friend Polly while I was in Ibiza).

+ Divine self care. (Nails, hair, massages, mmmm.)

+ 8 hours of sleep.


+ Mental dumps.

+ Writing it all out on paper.

+ Stimulating the mind through creating and implementing solutions.

+ Expanding the mind and what it thinks is possible through reading, coaching, and reading about/studying successful inspirational people (with a if they can do it, I can too! mindset).

+ Setting goals and achieving goals that bring you closer to your big, beautiful, living vision.


+ Connect deeply with someone I love.

+ Clearing out emotional clutter (forgiveness, letting go of hurt/anger/resentment).

+ Detaching from a particular outcome.

+ Surrounding yourself with positive friends and people who are here to uplift each other and committed to living the best life, ever.

+ Tears of joy. Tears of sadness. Honouring my emotions fully.

+ Telling someone how much I love them.


+ Meditation.

+ Journalling.

+ Gratitude.

+ Connecting with Source/Universe/God/Love.

+ Being and exuding love and kindness to everyone I meet.

+ Seeing the purity and the best in all things and people.

+ Always be growing and developing. 

+ Experiencing Life in awe.

+ Trusting the journey I signed up for (that I’m always supported).

+ Creating and living consciously.

+ Living in the now.

Which pillar(s) do you feel called to focus on right now? 

There are SO many things we can do to nurture our wellbeing and invite happiness to flow into our lives. Often we forget to in the midst of being ‘busy’. However, I truly believe that “slowing down” actually helps us to “speed up”, allowing us to work more productively, smartly, collapse the timelines, and plugging into what really matters. 

Watch your entire reality shift as you take divine personal responsibility for your wellbeing!

Have fun!

Jia Ni x

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