Getting Over the Fear of Making the Wrong Decision

Posted on: August 23, 2016 Category: Self Mastery

Getting Over the Fear of Making the Wrong DecisionThe fear of making the wrong decision keeps so many people from achieving their goals and living the life of their dreams.

Maybe they don’t take the action because they fear it’s the wrong action to take.

Perhaps they don’t ask for what they want because they fear it might be the wrong thing to do – and they’ll suffer the consequences.

Or they wait too long to take action, and miss out on incredible opportunities.

When in the midst of this fear, it can feel choking to take any action at all.

I get it!

“It’s better to wait.”
“Fear must mean I’m not supposed to do it yet.”
“I can’t make any decision feeling like this.”

We’ve all been there!

I’m here to share 3 steps you can take today, so that you too can drop the fear around making the wrong decisions and start making powerful decisions in your business and life!


We all have a connection to our intuition, and while developing our intuition is important, it’s not as important as developing our TRUST in our intuition …

Developing our trust in our intuition enables us to take action on the guidance we receive, take strides in faith, and continue to move forward even when we are YET to see physical evidence.


Only YOU will know the answer for you that feels most aligned. Not your coach, your colleagues, your friends, your family, or even your spouse.

Your coach can be of assistance in holding the space for you to navigate the muddy waters and seek clearer answers – that said, nobody else knows what’s feels right apart from you!


Before asking someone else what they think – first create the space to seek out your own answers and develop clarity in your decision and approach. This is so important because when we look outside ourselves for answers, we can be swayed by opinions and even feel more confused.

Take some time alone to develop your own answers before seeking out a trusted second opinion. Meditation and journaling are some great ways to create a space to connect with your own answers!

TIP: I often give myself a timeline (e.g. I will make my final decision on this by Friday this week) and go with my gut. This keeps me from procrastinating and helps me be accountable to myself!

Getting Over the Fear of Making the Wrong Decision

It’s a muscle.

Over time, as we develop this muscle, along with the faith that each decision we make is the right one for us – it gets better.

Taking action based on a feeling that something is right … Has no doubt led you to some incredible and wonderful experiences in your life!

It’s led me to manifesting my dream relationship with my man, creating a business and life that I love, exciting travel opportunities, and so much more.

What decision are you procrastinating on right now?

How can you make movement on this decision today?

To making powerful & aligned decisions,

PS: Getting over the fear of making the wrong decision making doesn’t just help you manifest more powerful results in your life … it also frees up so much mental bandwidth and helps us feel more peaceful and joyful! Try it today!

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