Entrepreneur’s Guide To Having The Money To Have It All

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I’m taking a stand for us as women, and our power to CREATE. You know, life is meant to be easy for us women! We have the power to create life within us, our power to create is literally programmed in our cells!

So you can imagine my dismay when I see some women disempower themselves and throw their power back at the Universe by saying “I can’t afford it” or “If only I had the money”.

If only I had the money … I would gladly invest in this program/retreat/experience!
If only I had the money … I would say YES and listen to my heart’s desires!
If only I had the money … I would ALREADY be living the life of my dreams!

So here’s my guide to having the money to have it all – a 5 step proven system for you to step into becoming the woman who indeed has it all! 

Guide To Having The Money To Have It All

1. Time to Upgrade Your Operating System

No more “I can’t afford it” – every time I hear someone say that I literally cringe because this is exactly what they’re doing: They are creating their present and future of lack, lack, and more lack. If you knew how powerful you were as a CREATOR, then you would be extremely careful about what you are thinking, saying, and doing. Every thought, word, and action you take literally extends into creating your reality. Let’s all be conscious creators – yes? If you truly desired it, you can afford it (read step 2).

ACTION STEP: You are a powerful creator. Your thoughts and words create your future. Time to upgrade your language system! Anchor back into the Truth of your power, and the Truth that you create every experience in your reality.

2. Be Truthful

Connect with your truth. Is it really what you desire – or not? I remember I created $15,000 within two months because I knew it was truly my Heart’s Highest Desire to be in a program, and I had to do it no matter what.

ACTION STEP: Do you really desire it? If you don’t, you can simply say ‘I actually do not desire this right now.’ – instead of making yourself a victim and trapping yourself in lack, which ultimately serves nobody. If you do, then say yes.

3. Who will you become?

Why is it important that you invest in this program/item/coach/retreat? Who will you become as a woman? How will it change your life? Why must you do this right NOW?

ACTION STEP: Connect with the emotion of who you will BECOME. Why is it important to do it now? (Not tomorrow, in a year’s time, unforseen future etc.) Connect with your emotion behind the desire.

4. Work through money blocks

When you are investing in yourself, money stuff comes up. You might feel guilt, insecurity, constriction, like you’re being stretched etc. Yet this is completely normal. What will make you the woman who succeeds and differentiates you from the women who continue to stay stuck is this: You felt the fear and did it anyway. 

ACTION STEP: Look at your fear? What is this voice talking about? And yet – what is TRULY costing you to stay stuck? And then leap. True transformation always happens when you live outside your comfort zone.

5. Commit 110%

You’ve got to do ALL that you can, with what you have, from where you are. So what can you do right now?

ACTION STEP: Create a list of EVERYTHING you can do right now, with what you have, from where you are! Could you ask for assistance, sell more high end programs, upgrade existing clients, create more marketing material, run more workshops, hire a mentor? List down EVERYTHING you can do, and then take action!

Jia Ni x


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