Posted on: December 11, 2012

Give me 6 weeks & I’ll take you from feeling lost, sluggish and unhappy to feeling HAPPY, HEALTHY, ABUNDANT!


ecourse250Hey beautiful soul,

Are you feeling lost? Do you feel like you want to have a great year – but you don’t know how to create it and where to begin? Is the uncertainty about who you are as well as where you’re going starting to feel frustrating?

Wouldn’t it be great it you had unwavering connection to your highest self, so that you’ll know that you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing? Are you starting to crave strong, convicting intuitive messages? Do you dearly want a connection to spirit? Do you want to feel supported and connected in your real-life relationships?

I know how hard it can be when you’re searching to live a more positive, spiritual, and love-filled life. You wanna trust the Universe, you want inner peace. You don’t want to feel frustrated, anxious, doubtful about life. You don’t know if you’re on your path, and you’re not sure if you’re following your heart’s true calling.

You want help, you want a solution, something that just works.

Bless you.

I know I can help. I know that I can help you make this year where all your dreams and wishes are finally fulfilled. Those promises of happiness, vitality, love, and propsperity – I know I can help you get and live them. Our life purpose can suddenly unfold beautifully and instantly when we have a guide to help us, when we have the tools to help us dive into this at-first gut wrenching, but satisfying work.

I’m here to help you do just that.

I want to invite you to say ‘YES’, and rise up to live your big beautiful life.

It’s possible – I’ve done it in such a short amount of time, and I want the same for you.

The miracles you’re yearning for, the dreams, the possibilities. They’re all waiting for you to say yes to them.

It’s time to rise up to a more fulfilled, healthy, and abundant life.

The Happy Healthy Abundant in 6 Weeks e-Course will help you glow with happiness, health, as well as attract more opportunities and magic into your life. This is a one-of-a-kind e-Course that encompasses so many essential aspects of life unknown to many. This is an incredible way to start off your life!!



Jen SaundersWho doesn’t want to feel Happy, Healthy and Abundant in Six Weeks?

This eCourse is flippin’ GORGEOUS! I was completely blown away by the amount of resources, tools and inspiration in this beautiful baby.

I can feel the love, positive energy and joy that Jia Ni put into this eCourse, it instantly makes me feel lighter and happier.

I know Jia Ni has a wealth of knowledge to offer, from health and wellness to manifestation, and I’m so excited to watch this eCourse change lives!

Jen Saunders
Wild Sister

I promise that you’ll emerge out at the end of this fully transformed. You’ll be glowing with health, happiness, and manifesting a flow of abundance and opportunities into your life.

Some Incredible Results You Can Expect in Your Happiness, Health & Life!

The Happy Healthy Abundant in 6 Weeks e-Course will propel you forward quickly into living your best life in full speed.

483488_597707420255710_1618537036_nWhat we’ll work on together:

  • how to use fear, procrastination, negativity to propel yourself forward
  • make more money and manifest opportunities
  • tune into your soul and be authentic in everything you do
  • reprogram your subconscious working for you to manifest windfalls of abundance
  • how to establish divine connection so you take inspired action all the time
  • learn how to raise your energy and attract your ideal life
  • how to fully show up in relationships

Soon, you’ll see the magic and results unfolding. You will:

  • feel irresistibly joyful and satisfied
  • be connected to source and witness instant manifestations
  • attract more love, wellness, & happiness in life
  • transform inaction into inspired action
  • manifest money + opportunities, and live the life you’ve always dreamed of
  • regain inner peace and eradicate inner turmoil and self-doubt

happyWe work on the deep stuff too. We make sure that you’ve cleared away everything that’s holding you back so you’ll be limitless. You  learn:

  • how to melt away self-destructive patterns (such as negative self-talk, self-doubt, and inaction
  • the ways to manifest miracles
  • how to create a plan to maximize your success and live your life purpose
  • ways to stay true to your inner truth and listen to your heart
  • how to always be divinely guided in life
  • how to use fear and negativity to propel you even further forward
  • feel confident and free forever

This is SO MUCH value for such a small investment!


Rachel-MagahyKeen to kickstart your wellness journey but kinda sorta not really sure where to start? Make Happy Healthy Abundant in 6 Weeks your guide.

Lovingly packed with first-hand insights, interviews and super handy resources, this gorgeous e-course will provide you with the essential know-how to develop a spiritual practice, energise your body (and your space), plow through fear and become a master manifester.

A gift for those looking to create more magic in their lives this year.

Rachel MacDonald
In Spaces Between

The Happy Healthy Abundant eCourse is an incredible way to start your life. Here’s Why:

It’s so simple – when you implement these worksheets and tools from the e-Course, you gain remarkable and instant results. My clients and participants see almost immediate results (more prosperity, happiness, increased energy, better relationships) when they’ve used these tools and watched the videos.


In this e-Course, you’ll how to melt away resistance, tap into the source of infinite intelligence, and live in the flow. I’ll teach you how to get things done – how to create time – even if you don’t have time. You’ll be given the tools, worksheets, and videos that have been proven to work with thousands of other souls.

How long more can you carry on living life, knowing that there is a better way? When do you want to finally start living the amazing life you were always meant to live?

I know the answer from your heart : Now.


Once you’ve digged into these tools, started using them, and drinking down the delicious content … You’ll see your dreams coming together – quickly, fast, and soon. It’s such a delicious, ‘Aha’ moment discovery – I can’t wait for you to experience this for yourself!

A few years ago, I was so lost.

I felt alone, I couldn’t find the tribe that I belonged in. I felt negative – no matter how optimistic I tried to be. I didn’t know what my ideal diet was – and my health yo-yo-ed along with my energy and weight.

Furthermore, I didn’t know how to change it at all.

I didn’t know any tools, any mentors, or any techniques. I felt powerless. I felt scared – my biggest fear was that I would never get out of this low.

I was afraid that life would slip me by, and by the time I realized – it would have been too late. I felt huge frustration and fear that I would never get it.

A year ago, a huge vision came to me. I saw that there was a potential much greater, grander, and that there was so much more available to all of us. I  knew I had to make it my mission to understand the best of it – so that I can help others live a happy, healthy, abundant life. I started working with some of the greatest teachers, mentors, and coaches to understand the energetics of life, health, and wellness. I studied to become a qualified holistic health coach, and then I started coaching clients on how to raise their vibrations and live a happy, healthy, and abundant life through my 1-on-1 sessions.

The results were beautiful and awe-inspiring. Massive magic resulted from using every practice I learnt and taught!! 

I knew I had to share all of these wonders – so I created this e-Course to compile ALL the tools I teach during my 1-1 sessions so that I could serve more souls, and help them live an incredible, magic-filled life.

I have always wished that someone would have compiled a library of tools, worksheets, and guides that’s instantly effective, and work. I’m glad to be able to provide you with this gift!


What you’ll get in this e-Course!

82824080618892466_UQNl4UDt_cWeek 1: Your Happy Life Story

We explore why negative experiences keep repeating in your life. You will learn how to stop repeating past mistakes, and how to start becoming the decision maker of what happens to you. We also speak to Tara Bliss, who will coach you through busting any fears and blocks you have (even subconscious ones)!

+ Rewrite Your Life Script Worksheet

My Old Life Script Video

+ BONUS! Affirmations That Will Supercharge Your Life

+ Guest Interview with Tara Bliss, Transition Coach + Fear Buster  

Guest Interview: The Art of Fear Busting: How to Live Your Dream Life Courageously

Tara Bliss

Tara Bliss is a professional fear buster, dream strategist & transition coach. She empowers women all over the world to stand in their power and embrace their fears.

One of the biggest things holding us back from our pursuing and achieving our dreams is fear.

Why do I feel this way?

What should I do?

When you truly understand what fear is, you’ll be able to show up at life confidently and live an expansive, courageous life.

Tara pulls back the curtains and gives you the answers you’ve been looking for.

You’ll learn:

+ The one simple thing that differentiates fear from intuition

+ The #1 thing you must know about fear

+ How changing your mindset will change your life – forever

+ What happens when you use fear to fuel forward (and how to do it)

+ The top 3 ways to stop fear instantly and cultivate confidence


Unagi and cucumber rolled in sushi rice and wrapped in avocado.Week 2: Eat & Breathe Health

This week, we explore the little known tips that will rejuvenate and invigorate your health journey.

After going through this week, you’ll say Adios! to poor energy, dull skin, and irritability.

You can start looking forward to glowing skin, radiance, vibrance, and feeling healthy once more.

You’ll receive a glorious guidebook with shopping guides, healthy habits, shopping lists, and even smart snacking guides!

+ A Comprehensive Guide to Your Health & Vitality

+ How to Deal with Unsupportive People (Scripts + Rituals included!)

+ BONUS! A gorgeous meal planner to help you find your ideal diet.


Week 3: Manifesting Abundance

120823202473287302_mruqpybj_cThe fun BEGINS! This week, you’ll start learning how to make your deepest desires and dreams come true.

You’ll get to learn from Denise Duffield-Thomas, manifesting coach + author of the amazing Lucky Bitch.

You’ll be guided through her secrets to manifesting, as well as a simple 5-Steps that you can use to manifest anything you want.

What’s more? You’ll receive your very own magic manifesting kit so that you can start turning your dreams and visions into reality!

+ Magic Manifesting Kit

+ How I Get Into the Zone of the Wildly Creative 

+ Guest Expert Interview with Denise Duffield-Thomas

Guest Interview: Becoming a Full-Time Lucky Bitch: Your Reality Is 100% Negotiable

Denise Duffield-Thomas

Denise Duffield-Thomas is a coach, author, and Full-Time Lucky Bitch. Denise’s luck takes over the world by storm, and she has manifested wonderful things such as a 6-month all expenses paid trip around the world with her husband. Her clients manifest their dream career, relationships, and experience outstanding results when they work with her.

Can’t seem to have any luck? Baffled and confused by the Law of Attraction? Denise Duffield-Thomas reveals a simple explanation to the Law of Attraction. Understanding this will make all the difference in your life. Finally, you’ll be able to start manifesting the results you want… and stop being caught up in unwanted situations.

You’ll also learn:

+ How to manifest ANYTHING in 5 simple steps

+ Why the common phrase ‘Ask. Believe. Receive’ is slightly flawed

+ The ONE simple word that can make all the difference in your manifestation process

+ The common mistake that’s holding abundance back (and how you can break free)

+ One simple thing you can do instantly to start manifesting

 Week 4: Rock a Spiritual Practice

This week, we’ll be nourishing your soul by devising a spiritual toolkit for you to draw on. You’ll learn how to re-connect with your soul & how to ask for guidance and wisdom whenever you need it. Be prepared for belly laughs, enjoyment, and spontaneous smiles as you re-connect with your Inner Being.

+ How to Connect with Your Higher Self 

+ Your Zen Habits + Spiritual Toolkit

+ A look into my Soulful Rituals

+ Guest Interview with Belinda Davidson, Modern Mystic 

Guest Interview: The Way of The Modern Mystic: Spirituality in the Modern World

Belinda Davidson is a medical intuitive, modern mystic and healer. She was born psychic, and today - she helps us discover and fulfill our destiny by teaching us how we can become our own modern mystic.

Belinda Davidson is a medical intuitive, modern mystic and healer. She was born psychic, and today – she helps us discover and fulfill our destiny by teaching us how we can become our own modern mystic.

Is it possible to live in the midst of technology and modernism without sacrificing our soul/spirituality?

In this illuminating guest interview, Belinda Davidson shines a light on her work as a psychic, healer, and modern mystic.

This enlightening interview unravels the mysteries of exactly what steps to take to unleash the mystical potentials in order to live your soul’s purpose.

You’ll also learn:

+ What ‘being spiritual’ really means

+ The #1 state of being we’re all seeking and how to achieve it

+ 3 essential practices to raise your vibrations

+ What to do when you’re on a spiritual path … and you have a bad day

+ How to become psychic & discover your life’s purpose

+ ONE essential spiritual practice to keep you happy, healthy, and abundant


Week 5: Move Your Booty

With this week’s material, we’ll cover how to add movement into your daily routine without aches and strains! You’ll discover how to personalize your own routine that is sustStretchainable and does not drain your body and soul. Above all, you’ll be able to keep a healthy lifestyle easily because you’ll be equipped with the tools and knowledge to do just that!

+ How to Stay Lean, Strong, Fit Effortlessly

+ 4 Crucial Steps to Keep Your Workout Schedule

+ 10 Sneaky Ways to Exercise – without even knowing it!

+ Why Measuring Your Weight Fails & What are Better Standards for Measuring Your Success

+ How to Join A Challenge (Plus my setup to take my own yoga photos for an Instagram challenge!)


Week 6: Your Beautiful Sacred Space

SpaceWe tie up everything and make sure you have the tools and environment to continue living the happy healthy abundant life you’ve achieved. You’ll learn how to attract even more abundance into your life through crystals and sacred rituals to spice up your space.

+ A Step-by-Step Guide to Manipulating Energies Of People & Spaces Around You (How You Can Brighten Up The Energy of A Room!)

+ 8 ways to Cleanse Yourself from Low Energy

+ Never before seen video of My Sacred Space

+ BONUS! Crystal Grid Templates that have changed my life and helped me attract abundance, wellness, and golden opportunities.

+ Guest Interview with Feng Shui Expert Dana Claudat on Creating A Space That Helps You Achieve Your Goals + Dreams

Guest Interview: How to Optimize Your Space with Feng Shui Expert Dana Claudat

Dana Claudat is a feng shui expert and designer. She works with clients to create a beautiful space that allows them to live to their highest potentials.

Dana Claudat is a feng shui expert and designer. She works with clients and connects with readers all around the world to create a beautiful space that allows them to live to their highest potentials.

We all know that our space and environment affects us. When we’re surrounded by negativity, we feel tired.How then, do we create a space that helps us achieve our goals, dreams and visions? Dana Claudat gives us the simple,practical and essential tips on how to raise the vibrations in your space.

You’ll also learn:

+ How our space and environment can help us or work against us in achieving our goals

+ Use feng shui to raise the vibrations in our space

+ How to create a high vibration space even if you’re surrounded by negative energy

+ 5 ways to attract a happy healthy abundant life through feng shui

+ De-mystify and navigate through the vast information out there on how to use feng shui

+ One FUN activity to do instantly that will help you assess your space objectively

+ BONUS! Dana’s Guide to Using A Bagua Map

Some of the beautifully designed worksheets, templates, and videos you’ll receive in the e-Course!


Prep BONUS: Prepping Your Ideal Life

Before diving into our deluxe six weeks together, we ‘ll jumpstart your journey by providing you with massive clarity and a bird’s eye view of how to create your life of ideal days.

+ How to Align with A Life of Ideal Days

+ Gorgeous Daily Journal with Prompts to Invoke Dreams to Reality

I’ve been using the prep week tools for a couple of weeks now! I haven’t journaled much at all in my life, I’m really enjoying it!  I’m manifesting more work and money and its already happening!


I began writing my Ideal Day + Daily Journal from Jan 4th and it is working wonders for me. Combined it with a daily card reading + planner… finding myself productive and focused!!

BONUS #1: Access to The Happy Healthy Abundant Community


Share your WINS, your HURRAHs – and we’ll put on our party hats and dance with you! Feeling lost, uncertain, setbacks? We’re here to cheer you on, give you valuable advice, and send you truckloads of good vibes and love.

Need ideas? Let’s mastermind together. 

Unlike other e-Courses, I am fully present here to give advice and offer help to you generously – anytime you need it. You don’t have to complete this by yourself, you have a large amount of access to me, as well as other like-minded souls!

Bottom line: There’s support whenever you need it. 24/7. You are NEVER alone.

There are already powerful changes and dreams being fulfilled within the group – and I’d LOVE IT (like seriously!) if you came over and joined us!

Just wanted to share that my whole world has opened up & it’s never been better!!! I feel so in the flow new opportunities & creative ideas are coming freely to me as well as people coming into my life to help & support me achieve incredible things. This course has been one of many blessings & opportunities that have flowed into my life

After Week One, 3 clients signed up for my highest paid reading within 4 days of it (I did not do anything different) and now I have money to pay for my certification!!!


Bonus #2: Becoming a Miracle Magnet e-Book!

Becoming A Miracle MagnetMy popular e-Book will help you transform your mindsets into abundance mode so you can manifest a myriad of miracles! Valued at $9.95, this e-Book is given to you as a bonus when you sign up for this e-Course. You get instant access to this powerful tool to create your own miracles and manifest your dream life!

Many people have sent in beautiful results ranging from ‘AHA’ moments to guidance that deeply resonates with them from reading this e-book. I’m so glad to have written this for you, too!

You can read more praises about the ebook below:


Becoming a Miracle Magnet is a gorgeous read filled with Jia Ni’s soulful wisdom, insight and gentle guidance.  Read it with a green juice in one hand and your favourite pen and notebook in the other for all the insights, learnings and inspiration you will gain in manifesting more miracles in your life.”

Julie Parker | Coach and Counsellor, Beautiful You

Vari-Longmuir“Becoming a Miracle Magnet is a delightful little nugget of joy and positivity! It is packed with easy to understand, actionable ways to become a miracle worker in your own life. Jia Ni’s love and positivity are infectious and leap off the page right into your heart.

So many snippets from the book have become daily affirmations for me. They are all over my house on little bits of paper – bathroom mirror, bedside, office desk – to remind me that miracles are happening RIGHT NOW! Thank you, Jia Ni, for gently guiding me back to the place where amazing things happen.”

Vari Longmuir | Online branding + graphic design expert

Melissa-Horne“Happy Healthy Abundant – Becoming a Miracle Magnet” is clever and magical all at once! It’s a clean, well thought out, easy to read eBook which guides & motivates through wisdom, love & insight in a practical step by step way, which speaks to something deep inside

of you, stirring wise truths within.  At the beginning of the book, Jia Ni’s intention is ‘to remind you of insights that you have forgotton’. This eBook does that, plus much much more.”

Melissa Horne | Soul Wellness, Kinesiologist

Emma-Pointon“Becoming a Miracle Magnet is a refreshing guide to living an abundant life.  Jia Ni has taken a huge amount of information and packed it into a clear, concise and fun book.  I have saved the ebook onto Kindle, and it is definitely my go to resource for when I feel stuck and need a spiritual pick me up!”

Emma Pointon | Photographer


About Jia Ni, creator of Happy Healthy Abundant


Hey! I’m Jia Ni and I’m 100% committed to your success.

Why? Because I believe so much that when we all live a successful soul-centered life, we start dreaming bigger. Suddenly, it ain’t just about taking care of ourselves. Our dreams become bigger – we want to start reaching out and helping others, changing more lives, and leaving good vibes and inspiration everywhere we go. That’s why.

I’m passionate about helping you live life to your fullest, and so I’ve created this e-Coure – a library of tools, prompts, and blueprints that will help you glow with radiant health, bounce with happiness, and live with abundance in your life.

This is soul-transformative work, and I’ve seen massive results and wonderful unfoldings in the lives of my private coaching clients going through this stuff. I know it works, and yet I know how limited it was when I could only serve a handful of clients at a time.

Which is why I compiled all the JUICY, DELICIOUS work from 1-on-1 coaching into this e-Course.

This way, I can serve you, I can help you transform your life, and live the incredible life of your dreams in a way that is affordable for you.

Apart from that, I’ve also been called to provide you with unlimited 1-on-1 access through the community group so that you can have access to me anytime, whenever, wherever you need it. Many people have regarded my advice to be wise, practical, and instantl result-yielding! 

Everything I’ve poured into this e-Course is wisdom, love, and beautiful energy that I’ve learnt throughout the years – from spiritual leaders, mentors and coaches. I’m truly stoked that I can pass on their knowledge to you, so that you, too, can learn get the best of everything I’ve learnt!

Are you pumped yet to dig into all the delicious and succulent content yet? I know I am!


“I highly recommend this!”

mmmJia really embodies her “Happy Healthy Abundant” name and when I see her face I just smile immediately. She is a human sunbeam who shines her light generously.

The 6 week ecourse is a very comprehensive.  She’s pulled together a great range of interviews, checklists and heart-opening prompts in the toolkit to urge you lovingly forward.

Jampacked full of healthy reminders, her passion for the subject is so evident. I highly recommend this gorgeous course that you will thoroughly enjoy.

Michelle McGrath
Sacred Self

Why You Need This

You’re here – reading this – for a reason.

Nothing happens as an accident. Everything happens for a reason.

You’re here because you’re ready for your dreams to manifest.

You’re here because you are frickin’ ready an amazing life.

You’re here because you’re ready to step up & live your dream life.

Finally, you’re here because you know that when you know it’s important for you in life to show up more fully + serve more people. And to do that – you must first live a happy, healthy, and abundant life yourself.

This is an e-Course unlike others.

You get so much support through me, because I’m committed to your success. I’ll lead you through each week and gently guide you through it all, melting away any resistance and transforming you into the successful, glowing, and beautiful person you’re meant to be.

You get unlimited access to a community of powerful women to help speed up your manifesting and creating abilities.

You get a frickin’ amazing library of tools, worksheets, videos, guest interviews that’s carefully sectioned off into weeks so that you don’t feel overwhelmed, but you get momentum in steady shifts that lead to radical changes.

You have access to this e-Course forever, it’s yours for you to keep and go through anytime any day.


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it go for?

It goes for as long as you require. When you enrol, you get FULL ACCESS INSTANTLY to all the materials, kits, videos, and downloads.

Although structured into SIX weeks, you have the ease and flexibility to dive in and out as you need to. You can learn what you intuitively need to learn each time you open your page, and go at whatever speed is comfortable and works for you.

When does it start?

You get instant access to ALL the material once you sign up. Thus, the answer is instantly – any time of the day, you can start. Now.

What if I don’t have a whole 6 weeks of free time?

Oh darling, I totally understand! You’ve got a busy schedule, but guess what? It only takes 10 minutes of implementation daily to receive massive results.

You can access the PDFs, Videos, and worksheets instantly and forever. Download and save it into your phone, laptop or tablet. You can listen to interviews and watch the videos, or even start writing on these worksheets while you commute to work or in your spare time! Due to the powerful energy behind these worksheets, the process of your magical life unfolding and deepest desires manifesting already starts the INSTANT you say YES and become a part of this e-Course!

You also get unlimited access to the Happy Healthy Abundant community the instant you sign up – so you can start interacting there right away, get the support you need in a matter of seconds!

How about accountability?

I hear ya! I know that I, too, have purchased e-Courses where I only dived into half of the materials and forgot about the others. Guess what? The Happy Healthy Abundant Community is dedicated and committed to your success. You’ll be tickled for joy to see the results from the participants here. This community will help you feel relaxed, at ease, and complete – and at the same time keep you motivated and inspired to live your best life through completing the worksheets!

What do I receive?

PDF eBooks, Videos, & Fillable Forms for you to PERSONALIZE. All the material is brimming with LOVE, GUIDANCE & WISDOM. You’ll receive an infinite amount of divine support and magic when you sign up.

Here’s a recap of all the sparkly goodness you’ll receive!

6 gorgeous weeks of worksheets and videos to help you MOVE forward in life including: How to Rewrite Your Life Script, 10 Ways to Clear Your Sacred Space, as well as personal stories from me: my Sacred Space, my workout schedule, how I deal with negativity while remaining joyful and at peace (Worth $329.95)
Guest Expert #1: Bust through your fears with Tara Bliss, transition coach & fear buster(Worth $19.95)
Guest Expert #2: Manifesting abundance guide + super wisdom with Denise Duffield-Thomas, full time Lucky-Bitch (Worth 19.95)
Guest Expert #3: Attaining spirituality with Belinda Davidson, modern mystic (Worth $19.95)
Guest Expert #4: Optimize Your Space to Achieve Your Dreams with Dana Claudat, feng shui expert (Worth $19.95)
Bonus #1: An online forum + group of gorgeous like-minded souls to work through this course with (Worth $59.95)
Bonus #2: Becoming A Miracle Magnet eBook (Worth $10)
Extra Bonus: Happy Healthy Abundant Manifesto (Worth $9.95)


Worth: $479.65

Only $79!!

I can help you. I know this will change your life – forever.

I know how to help you be the tremendous and spectacular being that you are. You owe it to yourself!

Your Investment

The investment for this valuable package is only $79!

Which is basically how much you save from purchasing a cup of coffee instead of one for two weeks. Trust me, by the end of this e-Course, you won’t even be needing that cup of joe. You get 6 weeks of irresistible material for the price of one night’s partying and drinking (and you don’t even suffer from hangovers and memory loss)!

Trust me, it’s cheaper to do this eCourse. You will never have to suffer from lack of energy, wreck your liver, hasten your aging process, or lose your vitality trying to feel happy, healthy, abundant. This e-Course guarantees the real thing in a natural, practical, and 100% effective way!

This eCourse is a cheaper, better, and 100% natural (and effective) alternative. It’s a fabulous bargain and a gift to your soul!

Why get this e-Course?

It’s an investment that will pay off at least ten-fold in the years to come, and will profoundly change your life now, as well as the many months + years to come.

A step by step program to transform you!

Jen SaundersI have had the absolute pleasure of getting a little sneaky peak in to this practical and powerful program created by Jia Ni Teo that quite literally has the ability to change your life.

Through the Happy Healthy Abundant ecourse, you are lovingly guided week by week through a comprehensive step by step program to transform your mind, body and spirit.

Through her supportive video’s, detailed worksheets and practical guidance Jia Ni gently reconnects you with you most vibrant and empowered self.

She provides you with step by step support and super empowering practices you can apply immediately.

Jia Ni is a positive force who overflows with bubbles of love-filled energy and she is most definitely on a mission to make this world a better place.

Connie Chapman
A Life of Perfect Days

Ready to say YES?


All sales are final.

I’m so ready to help you raise your life into a whole new level and create magic and opportunities in your life. You totally deserve it.

Jia Ni x

P.S. This is it. Your moment to leave the old behind and rise up to the new, sparklier, improved. I’ve stepped up not too long ago, and I want you to experience that rush of overflowing joy and success, too. I want to see you living the life of your dreams, glowing with health, overjoyed, fulfilled, in the flow. I want you to have everything I just said and so much more – you deserve to have it all.

Your time is now. Take action now. Say yes to life now.

Don’t put off this huge gateway to accessing unlimited abundance into your life. Once you say yes, the floodgates open and you start living the life you’ve always imagined!

I’m ready to help you live an incredible life and manifest the life of your dreams. I’m so ready! Over to you  –

Are you ready?