Happy Healthy Abundant Treasures

Posted on: January 11, 2013 Category: Jia Ni Loves

Welcome to the first Happy Healthy Abundant Treasures ever!

Every week I’ll SHARE what I truly believe ROCKS, resources that have deeply inspired and shifted my perspective, and perhaps … a little personal spill of things I’ve been (and am) up to!

Without further ado …

Treasures This Week


1) Julie’s Tedx Talk gave me the shivers! She embodies the kind of self-love I wish was more widespread – especially for younger girls and women.

2) Great piece on The Wellness Warrior this week about healthy competition + understanding that the light you see in others is just a reflection of what’s within you, and what’s possible for you!

3) I listened to Tara’s affirmations yesterday, reciting them while I looked into the mirror. Happy to say, I could feel surges of energy pouring through, and so little self doubt at what I was saying. (I’m so proud of me – I’ve come so far!)

4) Kate (Chief Betty) has a gift for you called ‘Kill Overwhelm + Make Shit Happen’. Now that I have worksheets and even more tools, you BET I’ll be on top of it all this year! Haha! You can get the eBook over at Betty Means Business. Get it yo!

5) I’ve been following Dr Dain Heer’s work + free series for a few months now. Truly life changing stuff! I started off knowing his teachings were powerful, but not knowing if I’d actually apply them in my daily life. Guess what? I’ve been using his tools almost daily and I highly recommend you get the free series here!

Highlights This Week

♥ Coming back from Bangkok, already crossing off one biggie on my 100 Things to Do in 2013 featured in my own Incredible Year planner.

♥ Connecting with the deva of my business, and healing myself energetically with the wise Leonie.

Self-love. Which looks like: Positive affirmations, smiling at my reflection, and having conversations with my higher self.

Amping it up by coaching with Rach. (P/S: She is just as graceful, elegant, and full of ideas in real life!)

♥ Meeting up with friends. And albeit not having seen them for a year, catching up like we just saw each other yesterday. True friends, indeed!

Re-writing my ‘About’ page, and spilling the little known facts of my life! (And feeling like my life is one big comedy teehee.)

What about you? What are you up to this weekend?

Planning ahead + counting back at the wonderful things that have been happening = creating your own reality!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Sending you lots of love,
Jia Ni x

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