Happy Healthy Abundant Treasures

Posted on: January 18, 2013 Category: Jia Ni Loves

Welcome to the plant based diet recipes edition (what a mouthful!) of Happy Healthy Abundant Treasures!!

I share many of my healthy, plant-based recipes over here – but I know you creative foodies crave for more.

So this week, I’ve decided to share with you some of my absolute favourite places on the interweb to get inspired to cook!

Treasures This Week


1. Vegie Head : Adele is an amazing person, and so talented in what she does. Once, I whipped up her mushroom curry and it was gone gone gone before I could go back for seconds! Pa pow!

2. Tara Stiles : It’s no secret that I was first introduced to yoga and meditation through Tara, and I love her food philosophy as well! (She’s the coolest – seriously). Her simple, fuss-free, back to basics yummy recipes will reset your body back to balance + health! These almond butter cookies, oh yes.

3. My New Roots : Sarah’s high quality images, paired with beautiful way of writing and explaining the benefits of food really gets me inspired to  understand how our food nourishes us and how I can add great ingredients into my everyday cooking.

4. Kris Carr : I love the wellness message Kris shares – that it’s all about self-love, self-care, and nothing about restriction. Her recipes will get you healthy and glowing in no time (without sacrificing taste)! Check out Crazy Sexy Kitchen while you’re at it!

5. The Wellness Warrior : Every Friday I keep my eyes peeled for Foodie Friday over at The Wellness Warrior. Her recent post on favourite healthy comfort foods also got me nodding throughout, I dig it!

Highlights this week

♥ Seeing my aunt after one whole year + catching up eating organic yummy food.

♥ Two ladies who greatly inspire me, Connie + Tara singing praises for the Happy Healthy Abundant eCourse.

♥ Collaborating with this woman + doing guest interviews.

♥ Receiving loving guidance, peace & wisdom from the beautiful Karina.

♥ Self-declaring that it’s time for some self-love + self-care and taking 3 days of spiritual retreat this week.

♥ Catching up with my soul sister Mel + declaring our dreams for 2013.

So much to be grateful for and celebrate this week.

Are you taking time off for self-care + and some self-lovin’?

Make sure you schedule that into your weekend!

Happy weekend!

Jia Ni x

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