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Posted on: September 6, 2012 Category: Health & Wellness

Detox update! (As you probably know, I’m on a detox from negative emotions, thoughts and patterns.)

One thing I’ve learnt is that the only way to remove stored away toxins and low vibrations is to allow them to resurface. Bring them up, sit with them, and then ask a higher Power/Self/God/the Universe/Angels to take them away from you.

Please take away these burdens that have been weighing me down. Remove them from my heart, and please transform the energy and use it for a greater good.

When you ask, it is always given. Ask to be removed and released from all that is eating away at your soul. Ask to be removed from things that are hurting your heart. Ask to be removed and healed.

The law of free will states that we are free to choose our actions in this physical plane. No higher power should force help upon us – unless we ask for it.

So ask.

And then allow yourself to cry. Let the tears flow freely. Cry more.

Be free.

Free yourself. Free everything that you’ve been holding onto of which no longer brings you happiness, or those of which are hurting your Inner being.

It doesn’t matter how you ask – there is no wrong way to do it. Your ego may tell you that you are doing it wrong, but know that when your intention to be healed is there – then the healing process has already started.

You can write it out, just think about it, set an intention, or create art with it.

Let the fear and negativity resurface. And then hand them over to a higher power. It is never your responsibility to carry and live a life of hurt. Remember that unconditional love and guidance is always given to you as long as you are willing to accept it.

Feel the sense of freedom wash over you once you surrender your negative thoughts.

Inner chaos is gone.

Peace, love, and stillness remains –as this is your natural state of being.

Are you ready to let it go?

Jia Ni

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  1. Catherine says:

    What a beautiful post Jia Ni! It brought tears to my eyes, and was something I really needed to hear today. Thank you.