Holiday season ease & peace (yes – it’s possible!)

Posted on: December 12, 2016 Category: Self Mastery

I used to feel so much angst and stress during the holiday season.

The rush, the self-inflicted pressure to make sure everything was in place perfectly to welcome in a new year.

The (hello again) self-inflicted pressure to make sure this precious season was filled with quality moments.

And before I knew it – it was all over.

In the midst of the rush, the entire 2 weeks had flown by, now beyond my grasp.

In the midst of playing keep up, I had missed the opportunity to carve out space for what’s truly important – to me.

I was so swept up last year that I only started writing down my goals and intentions for the year in late January/early February. (Of course, better late than never! But most importantly – it didn’t really feel of service for me.)

I didn’t get to sit with my love – curled up on our comfy couch – to discuss our individual and couple’s goals.

In fact, I felt a tinge of misery for being away from him for 2 weeks during Xmas time. (I had a great time away, but I also missed him terribly!)

This year I knew I desired a different experience – and I knew that things needed (and required) to be different, so this weekend we’ve created our holiday intentions together.

Before we get swept up by the parties …
You know… The decisions, the expectations, the hugeness of it all.

Here it is! Sharing my intention with you ;)

“My intention is to experience ease – and comfort – during this holiday season. I intend to consciously experience (and remember, and FEEL) the moments that count:

The smell of our favourite Christmas candles burning, the warmth of cuddles on our luxurious couch, how each vision board cut-out feels as I run my hand through them – arranging my board with that detail-oriented discernment that I bring to every experience I show up in, curling up with a good book, conversations with Steve on our individual and shared visions, belly laughs with the best kind of company, dipping my toes in the ocean water, the refreshing whole body sensations from diving into the waves, laying on the soft white sand in the Australian summer…

I intend to invest in, say yes to, indulge in and ENJOY space, quality, true alignment – and make aware decisions based on what is truly important to me.

This or something even better for the highest good of All concerned.”

Upon setting my intention, a few things happened:

♥ An opportunity that would keep me busy in December fell through, which created a lot of SPACE for me

♥ During a session with my coach, I realized I didn’t want to launch my new offering in December. So we’ve decided to launch it in mid/late January 2017 instead (keep your eyes peeled! :)

♥ Because I decided not to launch in December, I was guided to more information that would make said offering even more valuable and powerful

♥ I made the decision not go to Melbourne for 5 days next week, because it wouldn’t have aligned with SPACE, quality, comfort, ease, or alignment (and I didn’t experience major FOMO – fear of missing out – because I knew what I deeply required and desired to experience)

Furthermore, I already know that December is going to be a peaceful, easy, and enjoyable month – which (honestly) is something I have dearly missed for the last 2-3 years!

December 2013 – I had just moved out of a toxic, energetically draining rental situation. I packed everything I owned within the afternoon (with the help of my cousin) and moved to my new beautiful apartment in Perth city. I received a few threatening emails over the holiday season (and thank the angels) my cousin is a lawyer and was available to support me at this time! I felt uneasy – but grateful that I had care and support around me. It was just the two of us (and we had pizza).

December 2014 – we were organizing our move to Sydney from Perth (me) and Brisbane (my love), and on the search for our Sydney home from Langkawi, a beautiful coastal town in Malaysia!

December 2015 – I took a spontaneous 2.5 week trip to visit my family (with my sister – it was so significant as she had just finished university and we knew that it might be more difficult to coordinate long holidays once she started working) … and a girl’s trip in Bali!

December 2016 …
Yes to space.
Yes to keeping things simple.
Yes to asking for (and then taking action on) exactly what we desire to experience, now.

Over to you:
– How do you desire to FEEL this holiday season?
– What kind of experience do you desire to HAVE during the holidays?
– What do you desire for this holiday MEAN to you?

Create an intention – and feel free to share it with me, or even better – your family, friends and partner!

To a JOY-filled December,
Jia Ni x

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