The One Key To Finding Strength In Life Easily

Posted on: July 24, 2012 Category: Self Mastery

“The less I pushed and forced, the more I became open to receive. The more I continue to seek out the ease, the stronger I become.” – Heidi Kristoffer

The lovely, amazing Heidi Kristoffer wrote a piece of article filled with inspiring words about finding strength in ease. Every word of her writing resonated so deep within me, especially about pushing your body over the limits. Read the article here! Heidi also writes heaps of amazing posts so be sure to keep your eyes for her posts on the Strala Yoga blog.

I have to admit – in the past, I never sought to accomplish things in ease. Whatever task seemed to be the hardest, I would pursue that task. Whatever everyone said I couldn’t do, that’s the thing I would do. I was on a never-ending quest to pursue ‘the challenge’, but in doing so I cast aside whatever that seemed to flow easily and naturally to me.

It wasn’t until I started practicing yoga, breathing consciously and meditating that I realized that we should never force ourselves into something that doesn’t feel right, or feels too difficult at that point in time. Whatever is supposed to come will come. Nothing good ever gets away.

You can force yourself into a pose or to do something that doesn’t seem natural to you on the day, but at what cost? Forcing yourself to do something your intuition is telling you isn’t right leads to injury, aches and pain.

Here’s a personal story: When I was cheerleading back in high school, our coaches used to push us beyond our limits. They used to push into further splits or more advanced stunts, they pushed us to do our routines faster, cleaner and sharper.

As a result, there were many of us (me included) who suffered from injuries ranging from torn muscles and ligaments to broken and fractured limbs. I had to go through a knee surgery, and as a result of surgery I lost all the strength and flexibility I had in both my legs. I had to learn how to walk steadily, without wobbly knees.

We used to joke that these misfortunes were inevitable for us cheerleaders, but in all honesty – is it really?

On the other hand, there are situations where you find yourselves doing something – it could be something new or something you’ve been doing for ages. But when you’re doing that one thing, you feel flow, sense of timelessness, excitement.

Strength comes naturally and easily when you are doing what you are meant to do.

If it doesn’t feel natural or doesn’t flow to you easily, it is probably not the right thing to do right now. The right time will come, and when that perfect time comes, in the midst of everything unfolding perfectly, you will know that it was worth the wait.

And you will be right.

When it is the right moment, you will know it – Every cell in your body and your heart will tell you so. You will feel the inspiration, the urge, and the excitement to do it.

You will be able to find strength with so much flow and ease.

Be prepared for that moment, for when it happens it may catch you off guard. The Universe surprises us in so many amazing ways. Till then, enjoy the flow of what already is, and know that what you are doing right now was once something you probably thought would require herculean effort – but now you perceive it as an easy task.

The key is this: You have to be prepared. At the moment of inspiration, you have to ACT on it. When you feel inspired to do something, it’s a universal nudge that the time is NOW.

Strength isn’t about pushing yourself to your limits.

Strength is being able to show, accept, and love your vulnerability.

Strength is being able to be happy with wherever you are right now, and living in the knowing.

Is there something that you are doing in life right now that requires tremendous amount of effort? Are you doing something with a lot of resistance, or something your heart/soul/self/intuition does not agree with?

Perhaps it is not the right thing for you, right now.

Strength is meant to be easy.

Have you ever pushed yourself too hard to do something?

To finding your ease and flow,
Jia Ni

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  1. Tabitha says:

    I’m reading this going “ooooh” Thanks for the wonderful reminder. For so long I thought that things needed to be difficult and I would push, push, push against things. It took me a long time to realise that everything is meant to be easy. I’d be really uncomfortable with allowing things to come to me. As I get ready to film my upcoming video coaching program your words are going to stay with me. Strength is easy and so will the filming of this program because I’ve listened and trusted despite being uncomfortable. If it’s not working it means I need to do something else.

    • Jia Ni says:

      Yup! Work with inspiration, always. And from a place of love, honesty and with the intention of ‘how can I serve’. Thank you gorgeous!

  2. An absolutely beautiful post and a timely reminder for us all. Thank you. xxx

  3. You have such a grace in life Jia Ni! I agree with you that life is meant to have a beautiful flow…but for me it’s been a nice balance between riding that flow and also noticing when things are difficult simply because my ego is making it so. Sometimes that “thing” I want to do is still the right thing at the right time – but I just need to recognize where I am making it more difficult on myself than I have to :).

    • Jia Ni says:

      Definitely! The ego makes things confusing, and being able to recognize when the ego is appearing is possibly one of the greatest achievements. :) xoxo