How To Connect with Your Inner Wisdom

Posted on: September 11, 2015 Category: Self Mastery

How To Connect with Your Inner Wisdom

If you’re here reading this post, I know that you know you have an innate wisdom. One that – when you form a connection and relationship with – you can access to receive the guidance you require to create your beautiful life and make your wildest goals and dreams a reality.

A big part of my work with my coaching clients is providing the space for them to not only recognise their own inner wisdom, but re-establish the connection – so that they may receive their next steps in making aligned decisions and momentous movement towards the business and lifestyle of their dreams.

Imagine having your very own navigational system that points you towards the manifestation of your wildest dreams! Your inner wisdom is your innate navigational system.

When you access it and deliberately ask for directions, it gives you exactly what you require to move into (whether it’s out of fear into faith, your next creative project as an entrepreneur, or even what to focus on for the day).

8 Steps to Connect with Your Inner Wisdom

1. Carve out the time and space to be undistracted. Eliminate any chaos, clutter, or distractions that may take your focus away from being still and connecting within.

2. Select ONE guiding word/phrase you desire to embody and experience. Whenever you find my attention drifting away into the abyss, bring yourself back to this word/phrase.

My personal favourites: ‘at peace’ in moments of frustration, ‘aligned’ when I’m in making decisions, ‘completely in love’ when it comes to relationship, ‘abundant / expansive’ when it comes to finances etc.

3. Connect with your intuition by paying attention to your senses.

How do I feel right now? What feels right? What do I know right now? What am I receiving

4. Pour out what’s on your mind (without censoring) onto the blank pages of your journal. This is an incredibly effective way to start clearing out the way for inner wisdom to speak clearly to through you.

5. Stay with the process (this is the mindset piece)!

Let the words flow out on the page, dig deeper, stay open and keep using your intuition as your compass. Feel your way through it. Sometimes the process of connecting with your inner wisdom involves eliminating what you know isn’t your inner wisdom!


6. Aspire to live in accordance to your truth at all times. Start by de-cluttering!

Yup. You might be thinking, ‘how did home organisation become a part of this?’ When we are surrounded by clutter and things that don’t spark joy in us anymore, we are actually allowing our space to be occupied by stuff that is no longer in alignment with our truth now.

As we de-clutter and consciously surround ourselves with only pieces that we love, we are actually self-honouring and self-loving. Last week, this looked like swapping my old, oversized T-shirts (that I was keeping because ‘they could be PJs’) for beautiful soft ones that I knew was what I truly desired! It might sound simple but it can be so powerful when you allow yourself to do it!

7. Ask for support. This might look like hiring a coach, or calling up a friend to ask for support with the purpose of receiving your answers through your inner wisdom.

Remember: “You don’t have to do it alone (even though you can)”!

8. Remain open to the possibilities and honour what comes through.

When we desire to tune in to our inner wisdom, remaining completely open speeds the process up. This means allowing the answer whatever it may be – AND especially when the answer we receive isn’t what we think we want to hear! (We’ve all been there! ;)

Honour the answer that you receive and start making movement. For example, if you are getting a strong hit about being in a certain place at a certain time, start researching and booking those flights in! I recall one of the most incredible things I’ve done in my life was when I said YES to going to Paris when I got an intuitive message to be there! 

Often a leap of faith is required at this point, and the other side of it is where you’ll find your dreams and goals manifested. ;)

1… 2… 3… Leap!


P.S. The good news is this is a skill you build continually, and the more often you connect with your inner wisdom, the easier and quicker you recognize it each time!

P.P.S. I’d love to hear from you! What are your favourite ways to connect with your inner wisdom? 

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