How to Create a Beautiful Visual Representation of Your Vision

Posted on: April 19, 2016 Category: Self Mastery

Creating a visual representation of your vision can be a really POWERFUL tool when it comes to manifesting and consciously creating your life and business!

(In fact, it’s an exercise I encourage all my clients to take part in after they’ve filled out their welcome packet!)

One of the traits of successful people is they have goals and consistently track their goals – and this is WHY creating a visual representation of your vision can be very powerful!

Image via theeverygirl

Image via theeverygirl



1. FEEL into what you’d love to create in your beautiful life – what experiences you desire to have, pieces you desire to invest in, words and phrases you desire to embody

2. Decide on the medium or platform – I love Pinterest!

3. Select emotive visuals, the sort of photos that spark emotion when you come across it (the ones your eyes linger on for that extra little moment)


4. Craft specific captions – think “the addition of a rustic full-length mirror” to “a beautiful home”, “selling out my program with 20 incredible women whose lives are forever changed” to “make monies”! Our brain thrives on specific information, and with crystal clear ideas of exactly what we desire to call in – we start focusing and calling in those specific experiences.

5. Track them! Sometimes tweaking is necessary, diving even more specific, or simply finding a better visual image to represent the desire.

My board continues to grow and expand throughout the year, and I absolutely LOVE watching how it evolves! This is also where you edit your captions as you manifest these experiences! I love adding a little [x] in the front and the date/description of how it came into existence at the end of the caption. Additionally, this helps me immerse the board in high vibing gratitude!


Here are some real life examples that I’ve manifested from my 2016 Pinterest board. The second one was initially “find a french bulldog breeder we love for Hugo to meet us through” and is now followed with “found (Breeder Name) on 16th April 2016 right before heading out to a friend’s house party!”

6. Check In Daily. As part of my mindset practice, I’ve bookmarked the page to my board and every morning I have a 2-minute look at it where I just immerse myself in the knowing that it’s done and on its way to me, and what it would feel like to experience that! It’s also super fun!

7. Stay with the process! (I’ve manifested close to 50% of my board – 40% of which I started living in April!! Never give up!)

Over to you: What are your favourite ways to create a visual representation of the life you’re creating?

I’d love to hear from you! (And learn a thing or two!)

Jia Ni

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  1. Lauren says:

    Hello Jia Ni, thanks for this gorgeous post! I am such a big fan of creating vision boards. I usually make an afternoon of it… put on some tunes, pour a glass of wine and enjoy the process of selecting images that represent my vision for the next few months. It’s such a powerful practice! x

  2. I love this post Jia and you’ve inspired me to update my vision board. I particularly love the idea of editing the caption on Pinterest once it’s a reality, really awesome idea! :-)

    • Jia Ni Teo says:

      Awesome! I’m glad you’re running with the caption idea, I’ve found that it keeps the board really alive, moving, and fresh with energy/intention every time I tweak the captions! <3

  3. Alex says:

    Checking in with your goals is certainly powerful! Setting goals in small achievable steps can also make you happy because you are working towards something and are in the flow of things. Thank you for your wonderful words.


  4. Moonsparkle says:

    Great post! I also like the idea of editing the caption once it’s manifested. :) I have a board called My Wishlist and another one called Wishes Fulfilled, so once they’ve manifested I move them from one board to the other but I also have a Life Creation board which I could edit the captions on.

    • Jia Ni Teo says:

      Oh! I love the idea of having the different boards, and seeing both of them grow as you create and manifest more…. Totally, I edit the captions on my 2016 Vision + Creation Board, which is perfect for the purpose of it!! xx