How To Create Space for Magic To Happen

Posted on: December 27, 2012 Category: Self Mastery


I hope you enjoyed a wonderful Christmas – with family, or friends, or by yourself. Whilst I’m back visiting family right now, we didn’t actually celebrate Christmas with a tree and huge amounts of food this year. Instead, we chilled out by the beach, desire-mapped and I sipped on one too many coconuts. (Heee)

No presents, no frills, just another amazing day. Lately, I’ve also realized that by being present, every moment turns out to be the best time ever. I’ve been having a lot of those. Yay!

The past two weeks, we celebrated 2012, and then created a vision for an ideal year ahead. Yesterday/Boxing Day, I wanted to jump right back into dreaming and scheming. So – me and my mom – we went through a major de-cluttering session. An hour and 5 garbage bags later, I felt nauseous and really sick.

That’s when I knew we were on the verge of something.

How To Create Space for Magic To Happen


I strongly feel that clutter holds so many of us back from our big, bright, beautiful vision.

It’s the attachment towards things that stops us from living in faith.

For example, I used to have a hard time throwing out gifts from friends and family even after YEARS because I feel like it was ungrateful to do so. Worse, what if they asked about it? What would I even say?! Over time, my room became a museum of collectibles and gifts. I could barely work on my table because the desk was filled!

One day, I had had enough of it, and put everything into a garbage bag. I still couldn’t get myself to throw it out so I stored the garbage bag in a cupboard.


Guess what happened?

I felt like something had lifted from my mind. Like I was always living in a daze and trying to see between fog, and now suddenly everything was crystal clear. (Probably the lack of dust, now that I had less clutter!)

Nobody asked about the gifts for a year. I didn’t miss them. And so — after that period of trial, I finally threw them out. Wooosah!

The results were astounding. I had more focus. This meant my productivity increased, and I could now accomplish even more in less time! I stopped sneezing and having blocked sinuses and actually started breathing through my nose again instead of my mouth (always fun!)

SO – my friends, I want to urge you to create space. Release things, let go, and then have faith that better things are to come.

NOTE: One of the main mistakes I made when creating space was that I would NOT let go until I was 100% sure that something better AWAITED me. For instance, I wouldn’t leave an abusive relationship until I was sure that I had another person to move to. I wouldn’t throw out my favourite pair of jeans which was really torn until I was sure that I had found my new favourite pair of jeans.

That, my friends, has held me back so much.

The thing is, when we are unwilling to let go and live in faith for awhile, we live in doubt. We doubt everything and by doing that, we ultimately doubt ourselves. Am I good enough to deserve what I truly want?

Nope, no more.

Shifting your mindset from doubt to confidence means living in faith.

When you live in faith, you allow the Universe/God/Hello whoever’s up there to CONSPIRE FOR YOU. You allow what you want that’s waiting to enter your life ENTER. Don’t you just love knowing that? That whatever you want is already done and just WAITING to come into your life? :-)

Today, I invite you to embrace LIVING IN FAITH. That’s like taking the first step even when you don’t see the staircase yet. It’s leaping before even seeing the net that’s gonna catch you. It’s trusting that when you’re ready, the Universe responds. And then, it’s making yourself believe that you were born ready! (Cause you were.)


Whatever it is, create space this week. You may like to de-clutter physically like my mom (donating away 20kgs of just old clothing alone), releasing memories like me (this weekend I’m giving away all my old soft toys from my childhood – we have boxes of them). Perhaps you’ll embrace a minimalist life.

After creating space, the next step is to supercharge it with your intentions.

Do you now want to attract more wealth, health, abundance? What do you want?

With space right now, the possibilities are ENDLESS.

How do you supercharge your space? We talk about this in the Happy Healthy Abundant in 6 Weeks eCourse, where we go through the importance and How-Tos of creating a space that breeds magic. Tools, techniques, kits, and guides – all for you to indulge in.

We talk about how to create the space that’s personalized for YOU. Afterall, we’re all unique individuals. The way you’ll create a positive and high vibration space that works for you will be different to the next person. We address all of this here.

Here’s another quick story o’ mine (don’t you LOVE stories?!). I knew I dreamed about and knew I really needed to work with this woman here. I’ve seen her change lives and create massive amount of amazing shit happen.


That very weekend, I did a major de-cluttering, and then used the Manifesting Worksheets+ Creating A Sacred Space Kit to set my intention and maximize my vibrations. A month later, I now have her as my mentor, and I am the luckiest person in the world!

Everyone says that I’m a dreamer. And I know that you’re a dreamer, too. “I have HUGE dreams, but HOW do I achieve them?” is probably one thought that goes through your mind A LOT.

Guess what? I’m here to tell you this — All you need is a toolkit, a blueprint, a map — and then all those dreams will fall into place.

Your dreams will become your reality.

I know it because I’ve been where you are right now, and I want to help you get to the fun part. The fun parts start when you’re on the path of your dreams, you know you’re on the right path, and you start seeing manifestations of proof and milestones on the way!

Remember: Those who dream during the day with their eyes wide open are dangerous men; they act out their dreams to make them reality.

Stay dangerous, stay real dangerous!

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Jia Ni x

P/S: Whatever dreams, goals, aspirations you have – I can help you achieve them. Get the tools from the Happy Healthy Abundant in 6 Weeks eCourse right now + START MAKING YOUR DREAMS REAL!

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