How To Have It All

Posted on: August 7, 2013 Category: Self Mastery

One of my FAQs is this: ‘Jia Ni, how do you do it ALL?’

How did I choose to step into becoming a woman who has it all? The travel, the fun, the adventures, the full-time study, the coaching, the business growth, the soulful relationships, the love and light in my life … and more!

So I decided to share how I do it – the process that is an essential part of it all!

(In other words, no more sacrificing. Not for me, not for you.)

Let me tell you how you can have it all, too…

Step 1) Have crystal clear clarity around what it is that you actually desire.

In order to do this, I invite you today to get clear on your true desires so that you can start experiencing them with beauty and elegance right away.

Action Step: Write down a list of what you desire to experience within the next 6-12 months.

Step 2) Ask yourself the following questions.

These questions are designed to connect you with your Enchantress, the energy within the heart-centered woman that is responsible for manifesting her desires with beauty and elegance!

Action Step: Answer the following questions –

1. What is it that I truly DESIRE?

2. What is my Heart’s Highest Choice/Truth?

Step 3) Follow your Heart’s Highest Choice

Let your Heart guide you. Your Enchantress will tell you what’s the next step. Perhaps your Heart’s Highest Choice it’s saying YES to 3 things, when you’ve been feeling guilty that you’re taking on ‘too much’.

Now that you know it’s your Heart’s Highest Choice you’ll KNOW that this is the way for YOU. Perhaps your Heart’s Highest Choice is just to focus on one thing, when you’ve been trying to spread yourself in as many things as possible – and you’re feeling like you haven’t really committed to anything at all. That’s because what you require is to FOCUS.

Action Step: Know your Heart’s Highest Choice. Proceed with Faith, Conviction, and Love.

Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy life too!

Much love,


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